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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Privatisation of Drinking Water System

THE BJP government in Gujarat has, it seems, decided to privatise the drinking water distribution system in entire Gujarat. 


In fact, all the concerned officials and others have been alerted to remain prepared for it. They want to keep the people in dark on this issue and suddenly embark upon water supply privatisation silently. 


Four main districts selected for such sudden introduction of water privatisation are Bhavnagar, Jamnagar, Surat and Kutch.


Drinking water distributions privatisation is being suddenly taken up in the background of the idea of developing a total of 33 special economic zones (SEZs), 8 of which have already been sanctioned.


One of these SEZs to come into existence will be in Jamnagar with its hinterland, covering ten thousand acres, under the joint tutelage of Reliance and a giant multinational. One so-called Gujarat Water Infrastructure Development Company (GWIDC) had prepared a proposal and plan for Maliya Kutch area, for water distribution from Bhachau (Kutch) to Maliya. The people's guess is that the said proposal has already been sanctioned.



Thursday, December 28, 2006

Crude found from water well

it seems Jamnagar has something to do with Crude and Petrol,
Farmers of Thavaria and Moda village , which are 20kms from Jamnagar reported Crude oil is coming out of water well in their farms, nearby villages like Alia bada, Moda , theba etc do have reported the same incident.
This oil is supposed to come from a leakage in I.O.C pipeline near this farms, however Regional I.O.C. officers declined this assumption, which leads to a theory that there is crude oil deposit beneath this wells ( and that also can be extracted from normal water table level ) :)
It would be ideal to send the Oil to Laboratory and analyse the results


Jamnagar - Judge terminated

8 Fast Track Judges were terminated by State Law yesterday,
This includes Chetnaben Shah ( Jamnagar Judge - Fast Track court) , along with her Upleta, Rajkot, Kutch, Godra and Nadiad judges were also Terminated from service


Saturday, December 23, 2006

Jamnagar Refinery Glares embresses Iran

As Iran is planning a massive expansion of its refining infrastructure, it called on India's No 1 private sector company Reliance Industries (RIL) to set up a greenfield refinery complex and a gas-to-liquid (GTL) plant in the country.

Iranian delegation had a meeting with Reliance international operations president Atul Chandra. RIL , whol also operates a 33 mmtpa (metric million tonnes per annum) refinery in Jamnagar, is in process of setting up another 27 mmtpa refinery through its subsidiary Reliance Petroleum.
Iran is the second largest importer of gasoline (over 40% of its total consumption) due to refining capacity constraints.

A high level delegation from Iran led by the energy department head had visited India last month. Members of the delegation held meetings with Reliance officials to discuss the proposal. M Marvi, head of energy department, technology co-operation office, said that "We have discussed the proposal to set up a refinery complex and a gas to liquid plant with RIL. Their response was encouraging."  When asked about the capacity of the proposed refinery, Mr Marvi said, "It would be capable of processing at least one lakh barrels of crude oil per day."

Gas derived liquids being free from sulphur, aromatics and metals will help the refineries in meeting new guidelines for cleaner fuels and environmental standards.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

72yr old dies after son hits him with plank

A 72 year-old man succumbed to head injuries allegedly sustained when he was attacked by his son with a wooden plank on December 14, at the Rajkot Civil Hospital on Wednesday. His son, Vikramsinh Jadeja is absconding. His son beat up his father, Ghelubha, following a dispute over some property at their home in Balva village in Jamnagar's Jamjodhpur.
Vikramsinh had recieved 10 bigha land from his father, but wanted an additional 2.5 bigha from the land his father had kept for himself and his wife.

Nanduba, Ghelubha's wife, told police that her husband had given their two sons 10 bigha of land each, from their total property of 25 bigha, and had reserved five for himself. The couple has two sons and a daughter.


Their younger son Vikramshinh had been pressurising his father to allot him 2.5 bigha more, she says. Father and son had had a heated exchange about the issue on December 14, after which Vikramsinh attacked his father with the plank.



Monday, December 18, 2006

NRG To Invest In Jamnagar

The unprecedented interest shown by NRGs in realty back home, has real estate developers even in dusty Saurashtra towns of Rajkot and Jamnagar not just designing exclusive schemes but also opening up overseas marketing offices to woo deep-pocketed diaspora.
"Given the large number of queries we have been receiving from NRGs, we decided to launch exclusive housing schemes in upmarket areas,"
explains Kishore Kotecha of Rajkot-based DK Group, who has conceptualised 'NRGs only' schemes in Jamnagar and Rajkot.  
While Kotecha, who has marketing offices in Middlesex and Leicester, claims the Rajkot scheme is already 'house full', the Jamnagar one is booked over 50 per cent.


ADAG - Saurashtra Entertainment Industry is new Target

Anil Dhirubhai Ambani Group (ADAG) venture Adlabs Films Limited (AFL) has bought a closed cinema hall -– 'Dharam Cinema' -- of Rajkot for a price tag of Rs 7 crore, the group said on Wednesday. 

With this purchase of closed cinema hall in Rajkot, which remained non-operational for four years, the ADAG group has marked its presence across the vertical and horizontal entertainment landscape of the Saurashtra-Kutch region after its presence at Jamnagar and Gandhidham, Saurashtra-Kutch region with their spending power, he added. 

Company plans a retail venture on the ground floor of this property and three screen multiplex on its upper floor. 

The purchase of the Rajkot-based cinema hall is the third such addition to the ADAG-AFL venture in the entertainment space of Saurashtra after the group bought one such multiplex — Mehul Cinemax in Jamnagar, owned by cinema director and producer Mehul Kumar and another multiplex —Madhuban 3 Go of Gandhidham. 

ADAG and AFL have envisaged the blueprint of establishing a chain of 55 screens across 13 multiplexes in the country this fiscal and Dharam cinema hall's purchase is part of the same agenda, said an eminent figure from the entertainment sector of Rajkot. 

Dharam cinema is a prime property sprawling over 2,200 square yards and is located in the heart of Rajkot. The company plans to open two retail outlets in the ground floor and three multiplex screens in the purchased property at Rajkot. 

ADAG-AFL venture purchases prime properties for their entertainment venture and a few too, which includes Rajkot deal too.Yet no clear-cut format of operating the Rajkot-based project has been chalked out by the company, as the Jamnagar's Mehul Cinemax property purchased by the company runs on a partnership model and Gandhidham's Madhuban 3 Go property is a leased property. 

Source from ADAG-AFL venture also speculated that the property purchased at Rajkot will serve as the platform for the FM venture of the company The Big 92.7 FM, for which Rajkot has also been short-listed and requires manpower has also been recruited for the said project, as the company plans to strategically strengthen its presence in the FM Radio space of the nation by plugging its FM circuit on IP (Internet Protocol) Network across the 45 cities of country. 



Two Killed in Jamnagar Police Firing

Two people have been killed in police firing in Jamnagar. Police resorted to firing following a spat between members of two groups. Three others have been critically injured in the firing.

The row between the two groups started over acquiring of a contract. The spat became violent and the police had to intervene to control the situation. Some of the troublemakers managed to escape but police has assured that the guilty will soon be arrested.

The borders of Jamnagar have been sealed


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

eco-tourism site - Khijadia Bird Sanctuary - Jamnagar

 In a bid to boost eco-tourism in the Gujarat State, the State has mooted a proposal to set up interpretation centres at new wildlife and bird sanctuaries across the State. It has also started upgrading the existing centres and other facilities for prospective tourists at other eco-tourism sites.

  • The new eco-tourism sites identified are:
  • Khijadia Bird Sanctuary (Jamnagar),
  • Koteshwar-Naraya Sarovar (Kutch),
  • Thol Bird Sanctuary (Gandhinagar),
  • Ajamgadh-Keliya Dam - (Valsad district)
  • Wilson Hills - (Valsad district)
  • Pariej Wetland (Kheda),
  • Shoolpaneshwar Wildlife Sanctuary (Narmada),
  • Kevadia (Vadodara)
  • Pirotan Island (Jamnagar).


Chief Conservator of Forest (Social Forestry) Rajeeva  said that  Rs 3.25 crore project proposal is submitted to the State Tourism Department to set up interpretation centres at these sites.
The centres will provide detailed information to tourists about wildlife, birds, reptiles and bio-diversity of these sites through various mediums such as audio-visual, posters, films, three-dimensional models of birds/animals and pamphlets. These centres will also guide tourists to visit other places of interest.

Other facilities, such as drinking water, sanitation, reception centre and accommodation will be created for prospective tourists. While twin huts will be erected to provide accommodation, specially-designed tents will be set up for students who visit these places for environment education.

At the world-famous Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary, the existing centre will be revamped and expanded at a cost of Rs 40 lakh and four rest huts will be set up. Relevant information about the type and original destination of domestic as well as migratory birds visiting the sanctuary will be provided to tourists through this centre.
The installation of three observation towers at strategic points around the bird sanctuary was proposed to help tourists watch birds. These towers will also be useful to researchers who often visit the famous sanctuary to study birds. The department has also decided to purchase binoculars.
The center at Velavadar Sanctuary in Bhavnagar will also be upgraded with an estimated cost of Rs 5 lakh. A proposed 30-bed dormitory is to be constructed at the sanctuary which is famous for its black bucks.
There are also plans to totally revamp the centre at the famous Sasan-Gir wildlife sanctuary, with parking area near Devalia already undergoing construction. Similarly, centres and other facilities like accommodation, sanitation and solar lights are in the process of being developed at the Wadhwana Wetland (Vadodara) and Jambugodha Wildlife Sanctuary (the Panchmahals).


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Medical Degree and Certificates of Dr. Death are not fake

Medical Degree / Certificates of Dr. Death are not fake

CBI team verified the academic records of Jayant Patel, dubbed "Dr Death" (wanted by Australian authorities for allegedly causing 87 deaths) ,
from a college in his hometown Jamnagar and found them genuine, officials said on Friday.

Two CBI officials from Gandhinagar visited the M P Shah Medical College on Thursday at the behest of Interpol after Australian authorities made a request for information about his academic credentials.

"Interpol had asked us to provide his degree certificate and related documents. Our officials verified them and they are genuine. We have informed the concerned authorities," CBI, Gandhinagar Superintendent of Police Rahul Sharma said.

Regarding speculations that Patel may be hiding in his hometown or elsewhere in Gujarat, the official said CBI was not probing into this and the agency was only told to verify his academic records.

According to college authorities Patel holds a Masters in Surgery obtained in 1976.

Patel never practiced medicine in India and soon after getting his degree he immigrated to the US. However, alleged malpractices cost him his license in 2002 following an order from the New York board of professional medical conduct.

Patel later moved to Australia where he was appointed the head of surgery at Bundaberg hospital in Queensland.
He is accused by Australian authorities of causing deaths due to complications and negligence during surgery, accidentally severing a patient's urethra and even forgetting surgical instruments inside the stomach.



Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Now Night courts for Jamnagar and Bhavnagar

The Gujarat government has decided to open four more night courts in the state after the success of such courts in Ahmedabad and Rajkot.

In the last fortnight, the night courts in the two cities have, so far, disposed of some 6,200 petty cases. Ahmedabad rural court disposed of 2,515 cases while the metro courts disposed of 3,729 cases.

Gujarat High Court registrar general Pradeep Bhatt said the success of night courts in Ahmedabad and Rajkot prompted them to open the same in Bhavnagar, Surat, Mehsana and Jamnagar.

The government is to open four night courts in Surat and two in Bhavnagar, given the high number of pending cases there. Bhatt added that 'experimental' night courts at the taluka level at Idar in Sabarkantha and Mahuva in Bhavnagar are also to be opened.
There are nearly 32 lakh pending cases in Gujarat's lower courts of which 11 lakh deal with petty offences. Till November 29, the night courts — the first of which started functioning in the state from November 14 — had disposed of 6,392 cases.

The Gujarat High Court has also asked principal judges of all the districts to explore the possibility of starting night courts. Night courts function for an additional two hours from 6.15 pm.


Sunday, December 3, 2006

Dead man Looting Angadia Bus

Ever heard of Dead man looting? The dramatic bus loot near Gondal on
Tuesday night may have been masterminded by the infamous Rahim Sumara,
believed to have been dead.

In what appears to be a story uncannily similar to the Bollywood film
Don, the police is now investigating whether Sumara, an accused in
more than a dozen angadia loots in Saurashtra and ruthless criminal
known to have carried out attacks on the police too, is actually alive
or not.

Inactive for the past two years, he was believed to be dead after his
close aides reported that he was heavily into drugs and missing.
Rajkot rural police also expressed possibility that the latest bus
loot could have been masterminded by Sumara who hails from Jamnagar.
On the night of November 28, a Gujarat State Road Transport
Corporation bus enroute Diu-Rajkot was looted and a passenger was
injured. In the incident angadia loot to the tune of Rs 8.5 lakh was
reported. The Rajkot rural police, exploring the possibility of
involvement of Rahim Sumara after the Gandhinagar police's
investigation, now have reason to believe that Sumara is alive and
active. After the arrest of Rahim Khan, an aide of Sumara, the
Gandhinagar police has contacted its counterparts in Saurashtra to
find Sumara.

Rajkot district ASP said, Modus operandi in the bus loot is similar to
that of Sumara's. He has always targeted angadia companies. however,
he added that they are also investigating the involvement of two other
gangs active in Saurashtra.

Sumara, who is believed to be around 35 years old, has wreaked havoc
in Saurashtra in the past decade with a series of looting incidents


RIL restarts fire-hit oil processing unit

Reliance Industries Ltd - Jamnagar has restarted a secondary oil
processing unit, which had caught fire in October, at its refinery
here after repairs.

One of the refinery's vacuum gas oil units, which removes sulphur from
oil products, was shut on October 25 after a fire broke out.

Earlier, RIL had said there has been no production loss due to the
fire and the refinery was producing LPG at its normal capacity of
7,200 tonnes per day.


Thursday, November 30, 2006

Essar Starts Production After 6 Yrs

<p>After a delay of close to 6 years, Essar Oil's Jamnagar refinery
has finally begun production.&nbsp; The plant started trial production
with a capacity of 7.5 million tonnes per annum of crude and the
company expects to attain production at full capacity in the next two
quarters, a company statement said.&nbsp; "We are delighted at the
successful commissioning of the refinery at a time when India is
strengthening its presence in global markets and integrating with the
global economy," chairman of Essar Group Shashi Ruia said. </p>
<p>The company, which faced a massive cost overrun due to the delay in
commissioning _ said its project cost of Rs 10,826 crore is extremely
competitive and lower than estimated costs for a green field refinery.
</p> <p>Essar Oil had came out with one of India's biggest initial
public offer of shares in the early nineties and most of its investors
saw their capital eroding. Financial institutions, which had lent
funds to the company, had to take
a huge cut in interest to salvage the project. Both Reliance and
Essar started work at jamnagar at the same time but Reliance started
production on the scheduled date while Essar blamed a cyclone for the
delay in the commissioning of the project. </p> <div>Essar Oil's
refinery is supported by dedicated infrastructure that includes
utilities, terminals, crude intake and product evacuation facilities.
The company plans to sell its products through its 900 retail outlets
and expects to grow its 1,500 outlets by the end of March 2007.
</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <p>-- <br>Brip </p>


Jamnagar PSI Arrested for 10K Bribe

A Police sub inspector with Jamnagar police has been arrested by the Anti-Corruption Bureau for allegedly demanding bribe, The arrest was made following a complaint filed by a transport company owner.
Jamnagar ACB arrested Gulabnagar chowky PSI Nilesh Parmar for demanding bribe of Rs 10,000 from a transport company per month to get clearance from Gulabnagar highway toward the Rajkot-Ahmedabad highway.
Kirit Bhadra, a transport company owner, had registered a complaint with ACB that Parmar had been demanding Rs 15,000 per month to allow the trucks to cross Gulabnagar highway

21 Pakistani Fisherman arrested in Jamnagar

21 Pakistani fishermen strayed into Indian waters, and arrested at jamnagar, Jamnagar Coast guard officials confirmed that the fishermen were arrested on Sunday and their three boats impounded after they strayed into Indian territorial waters near Jakhau port in the Kutch district of Gujarat

The Pakistani nationals were transferred to Okha port in Jamnagar district on Monday for questioning, they added.

The Gujarat Fishermen's Association vice president, Jeevanlal Jungi, said that this latest arrest had taken to 113 the total number of Pakistani fishermen in Indian custody, while 35 boats had so far been impounded. online


Divya Bhaskar enetering in Jamnagar

Fear bells for Nobat,
Bhaskar group now has plans of launching Jamnagar edition by 1 December. Divya Bhaskar will be Jamnager's first big Gujurati Newspaper.
With the Jamnagar edition, the Bhaskar group will further consolidate its position in Saurastra-Kutch area by being the only newspaper with editions from Rajkot, Bhavnagar and Jamnargar.
In Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat- it has already established itself as a leader.
Bhaskar group expects that Jamnagar, which is seen as one of the fastest growing areas in Gujarat, will soon emerge as one of the key industrial areas in India.
The group's entry in Jamnagar as the first leading Gujarati Newspaper is a move made looking at areas for future potential, a company statement says.


Japanese ship detained at Jamnagar

Customs and Excise department personnel at Jamnagar have detained a Japanese ship, which was brought for ship-breaking, after its owners' 'failed' to provide necessary documents, sources at Customs department said on Saturday.

The ship has been detained after the Surat-based Steem Company, which had purchased it for breaking, failed to provide custom clearance certificate, sources said.

sources said that the ship was not allowed entry there duo to lack of documents


Onether Mig Crash Near Jamnagar

On Tuesday, November 21  A MiG-29 fighter of the crashed near the airbase in Jamnagar .
The pilot, Flight Lt Krishna Kant, ejected to safety.  "Barring some minor injuries, the pilot is safe and he is being taken to the IAF hospital for treatment," an official source said.

The crash occurred at around 7.45 pm (IST) in the vicinity of Sarmat village soon after the jet had taken off for a routine night sortie.

This was the third MiG-29 that crashed this year. The IAF has lost a total of five jets since January.  This was also the third crash this year at Jamnagar involving Russian-made fighter jets. On June 8, a twin-seat trainer version of the MiG-29 with two pilots had crashed on the uninhabited Pirotan island while on a routine sortie. Both pilots had ejected to safety.

On January 17, a MiG-21 crashed during target firing practice at Jamnagar. The pilot ejected to safety.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hotelier Held for Rape

Hotelier Held for Rape,
Kishor Talatia (Owner of local Suryakant Hotel), was arrested on Wednesday on the charge of abducting and raping a minor girl, The 15-year-old victim, a resident of Gulbahar village in Dahod district, had lodged a complaint on Monday with police against Talatia.

According to complainant, the accused enticed her by offering her bus fare to Dahod against a day's work at his hotel. Later, he took her on his motorcycle to the bushes near Ghanteshwar restaurant on Jamnagar highway and raped her.

The girl had come to the city with her husband Gordhan and mother-in-law to work at a construction site on Gondal Road. On November 7, she ran away after getting beaten up by her husband.
She didn't have enough money to buy a bus ticket to return to her parents' home in Dahod. It was then that she had come across Talatia. The police have framed charges against him under section 36/76, 363 and 343 of IPC as well as Atrocity Act.


Monday, November 13, 2006

Jamnagar - Reliance SEZ cleared by Supreme Court

Special leave petition of Shah Kantilal Depar and others challenging the land acquisition procedure by the district collector for Reliance Industries' Jamnagar SEZ is dismissed  by the Supreme Court.  With this order, the apex court disposed off the petition filed by farmers challenging the High Court order. The High Court had dismissed their plea against the decision allotting the land to the company in five villages of Jamnagar district.

The farmers had alleged that of the 10,000 acres of land acquired by the state government for Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Infrastructure's proposed SEZ, 9,000 acres was farm land.  The Supreme court bench headed by K G Balakrishnan dismissed the SPL subject to the rights of compensation payable to the farmers under provisions like Section 23, 24 of the Land Acquisition Act, The land is to be utilised by the company for developing an SEZ, which would also house its parent firm Reliance Industries' proposed 27 million tonne mega refinery.


Thursday, November 9, 2006

Information delayed is right denied

Information delayed is right denied

SCIC  Slaps Rs 23,000 fine on Dy Collector of Jamnagar Stamp Duty Valuation Office for 10-yr late reply
State Chief Information Commissioner (SCIC), R N Das, slapped a hefty fine of Rs 23,000 on the Deputy Collector of Jamnagar Stamp Duty Valuation Office on Thursday. This is the highest penalty so far.

The verdict was delivered on the petition of one Pruthaben Badiyani, who had applied under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, 2005, seeking to know the progress made on her application for payment of stamp duty on a property she bought in 1996. She had been applying since 1996 to know how much stamp duty she needed to pay. In 2004, the State Government came out with an amnesty scheme, and Badiyani applied again demanding a certified copy of the order that asked her to pay the stamp duty.

This time she was asked to deposit Rs 7,925, which she did on March 10, 2005. Following this, she asked for the return of the registered documents of her property, and despite repeated reminders failed to get them.

Failing to get redressal, Badiyani applied under the RTI Act on October 17, 2005. Reply came on January 18, 2006. Despite receiving the information sought, Badiyani preferred to continue with her appeal on delay and the matter came up for hearing before SCIC. Last hearing was held on November 4.

In his written reply, the deputy collector admitted that owing to his preoccupation with Jamnagar Municipal Corporation elections, his lower staff might have committed some mistakes leading to the delay.

In his verdict, Das found the explanation given by the deputy collector as unreasonable and untenable on the grounds that though the complaint under RTI Act was made only in October 2005, the grievance in fact goes back to 1996, making it a fit case for imposition of penalty.

With the delay being of 92 days from the time of submission of application to actual receiving of information by the complainant, the SCIC slapped a fine of Rs 23,000 at the rate of Rs 250 per day, to be credited by the respondent within 30 days of the order.


Thursday, November 2, 2006

Reliance to restart Jamnagar unit by Nov-end

P Raghavendran, head of the firm's refining business, on Wednesday said that the fire-damaged hydrotreater unit at its refinery to be restarted by the end of November,  this unit has been shut since October 25 after a fire at Reliance's  6.6M barrels a day refinery at Jamnagar in Gujarat.

Hydrotreaters is used remove sulphur and nitrogen compounds from oil products, and play a crucial role in upgrading refinery feedstock used to produce gasoline and olefins.

Reliance shares were up 0.15 percent at 1,228 rupees in flat Mumbai market. Raghavendran said there would be no product shortages as repairs were carried out.


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Indian Air Force base - 42 labourers injured in building collapse

At least 42 labourers were injured after a building inside the Indian Air Force base in Jamnagar district of Gujarat collapsed on Thursday, district officials said here.

Rescue teams have evacuated at least 42 people from the debris, while searches were on for those feared trapped, Jamnagar District Resident Deputy Collector (RDC) Ketan Thakker said. All the injured were labourers, he said.

The condition of three rescued persons is critical, all the injured were admitted to a hospital.

"As of now, focus of the administration is to rescue those still trapped beneath the debris. The cause of building collapse is not yet known," he said.

Fire brigade personnel and medical teams were stationed at the collapse site to assist in the rescue operation, he added.


Jamnagar refinery back on track

Reliance Industries said its Jamnagar refinery, where a fire destroyed one of its oil processing units on Wednesday, is operating at full capacity and the accident will not affect the company's financial performance and supply of products.

"All the units are running at full capacity. Only the fire-hit desulphurisation unit is out of operation," RIL's Jamnagar refinery site president P K Kapil told PTI.

A diesel hydrotreater that was shut following the fire at the adjacent vacuum gasoil hydrotreater was back in operation and all other units were operating at full capacity.

"Jamnagar refinery produces 7,500 tonnes of LPG per day. Today the refinery is producing close to that figure," he said adding it was not correct to say that the country would be deprived of LPG.

Meanwhile, one contract worker, reported missing after the fire, was found dead. Another company employee, who suffered more than 60 per cent burn injuries, has been moved to Mumbai for treatment.

Reliance officials said Jamnagar refinery, which met about one-fifth of country's LPG demand, had enough stocks to meet the requirement for the next one week.

Kapil said there would be no shortage of any petroleum products because of the fire. The fire had affected only a small section of the refinery and the rest of it was working properly.

Petroleum Minister Murli Deora, who took stock of the situation at a meeting of chief executives of oil companies, said the country had enough stocks to meet LPG requirement for more than two weeks.

"As a precaution, we have already floated tenders to import LPG," he said.

The fire damaged the vacuum gasoil hydrotreater unit No. 2 and the company as a precaution also shut down the adjacent diesel hydrotreater unit No. 2. Hydrotreaters remove sulphur from petrol and diesel.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Major fire broke out in Jamnagar refinery

Reliance Industries was likely to take a hit of almost Rs 1,200 crore due to a fire in one of the vacuum gas oil hydrotreater units at its Jamnagar refinery early today. 

A major fire broke out in the Jamnagar refinery of Reliance today. Attempts are being made to control the fire. The fire broke out in unit no. 2 of the crude section of ther refinery.  Fire tenders of the Jamnagar city, Air Force and Rajkot city are being rushed to the spot. The cause of the fire and the number of casualties are not known yet. Fire broke out around 10.30 AM.

Reliance Industries' Jamnagar refinery has a capacity of 660,000 barrels per day and with one of the two vacuum gas oil hydrotreaters out of action for 10-15 days, production was expected to come down by half, sources said, this would particularly hit Reliance Industries' export commitments of gasoline, diesel, jet fuel and of some polymer products. Diesel and gasoline comprised nearly 40-45 per cent of the company's total refined product exports of $5.5 billion during the first six months of the current financial year ending September 30. A Reuters report from Singapore says that , "Gasoline markets may firm while high-sulphur crude prices (may) slide" if the vacuum gas oil hydrotreater requires lengthy repairs, The vacuum gas oil hydrotreater unit, which is believed to have been completely gutted in the fire, removes sulphur from crude oil and passes it on to a fluid catalytic cracker unit, which in turn produces gasoline and olefins, which feed the petrochemical units at the Jamnagar refinery. 

Due to the fire, the complex may not be able to run its downstream petrochem plants of paraxylene-PTA and polypropylene. 

According to sources in Reliance Industries, imports of low sulphur sweet crude oil are being thought about, but that may not help Reliance Industries reach full capacity immediately, The removal of the damaged plant and construction of a replacement is expected take more time than predicted by the company, Reliance Industries, which posted a net profit of Rs 2,709 crore on an income of Rs 28,496 crore for the quarter ended September 30, exports diesel and gasoline mainly to SAARC countries and to countries in the north African region. 

Government is taking no chances and has asked state-owned Indian Oil Corp to tie up import of about 100,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas, The fire was not likely to result in the shortage of other fuels as the shortage might be supplemented by imports, Petroleum Secretary MS Srinivasan told a television channel. 

Though Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani told Petroleum Minister Murli Deora there would be no production loss, according to a PTI report, government sources said the shutdown of the hydrotreater unit would result in a shortfall of 120,000 tonnes of liquefied petroleum gas supplies to the domestic market, a small fraction of the overall projected demand of about 12 million tonnes this year. 


Monday, October 9, 2006

Jamnagar Village under Quake Threat

Jamnagar Village under Quake Threat,

Residents of Khankhotda village, ( Kalawad taluka)  have been spending sleepless nights since a month. The mild tremors are experienced with huge bangs people fear the repeat of the 2001 quake, they are still not ready to shift to their houses and have been living in tents erected for them by the administration.  The region experienced eleven "blasts" on Sunday and six mild tremors on Monday. this village is the epicentre, the Jamnagar District Collector Office has erected tents where around 100 people have taken shelter. In other villages like Bagha and Lalpur also, people are spending night in the open.

Purshottam Patel sarcpanch of Khankhotda says that, more than 100 people have taken refuge in around 30 tents. ''It's been more than a month that people here have not been able to sleep because of these tremors and blasts,''.

On Sunday, 11 tremors were recorded between 7 am and 1 pm. Another tremor measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale hit the region around 4 pm.

Last Friday, Dwarka in Jamnagar district also recorded an undersea tremor measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale. ''Tremors recorded were very mild. There's no reason to panic," said Jamnagar District Collector VP Patel.

Seismologist SS Gadhvi said: ''Jamnagar district is in zone number 3, which means it has less possibility of being hit by an earthquake. No fault line is active in Saurashtra region. So there could be mild tremors, but no powerful earthquake.''  the team also explained that the tremors are result of movement between two plates, located hardly 2 kms down from the surface. The team, which has set up two temporary observatories in Khankhotda and Lalpur, based on their past two days' experience said that blast will continue for another one and a half months. ''It will subside when movements between two plates will stop,'


Tuesday, October 3, 2006

New Jewellery Showroom For Jamnagar

New Jewellery Showroom For Jamnagar

Rajesh Exports Ltd (Jewellery exporter) said it has opened retail jewellery showrooms at Rajkot and Jamnagar under the brand name 'Laabh Jewellers'.

The showrooms, that were opened yesterday, is the first in a series of nation wide launches of retail showrooms, the company informed the BSE.

the brand 'Laabh Jewellers' would offer modern designs with a "life time guarantee" of purity at competitive prices and would be offered to the consumers under a definite buy back plan.

The company had issued guidance of starting retail operations by Diwali 2006.


Monday, October 2, 2006

Gujarat coastline - entry point for 7/11 terrorists?

Pakistani terrorists,who triggered Mumbai's 7/11 blasts, sail to Gujarat?
This "definite possibility" is being probed by Gujarat's intelligence agency and the anti-terrorism squad.

Mumbai police commissioner AN Roy on Saturday drew attention to the porous border in Gujarat, he added that 11 Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) terrorists from Pakistan ( who had trigged the 7/11 blasts) had crossed over illegally through international borders in Bangladesh, Nepal and Gujarat.

However, if you think this development has alarmed the state home department enough to speed up border policing, then think again. It will be at least another month before the 'promised' upgradation of Gujarat's coastal security takes place, said top police sources.  The up gradation was to include coastal police stations manned by cops armed with speed boats, surveillance gadgets and automatic weapons.

Before that, in May, the Delhi police had also pointed towards a 'porous' sea route, linking India and Pakistan, close to Gujarat coastline.

Two LeT terrorists, who were arrested in Delhi on May 8 with RDX and detonators, had told police that the explosives were smuggled in through the sea route and handed over to them at Koteshwar in Kutch.

Gujarat police sources also point out the recovery of RDX from Kutch in early 90s. Inspector general of police, Kutch range, Rajan Priyadarshi said: "Work to set up coastal police stations is underway.

We will soon commission a coastal police station at Mundra port with adequate police officers, who would be given six speed boats for patrolling." Similar coastal police stations are to come up in Jamnagar and Junagadh.

this soon seems to be a bit far now... and Innocent people are paying its price with their lives.

Ravindra Jadeja - Big dreams

He is living a dream, being a part of the same dressing room as Sachin Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid.

While he is in the 12th standard expectedly put butterflies in Ravindra Jadeja's stomach, the confidence level of the teenager — who can't think beyond cricket.

The left-hander fielded the very first ball of the match, and a few minutes later, took a marvelous catch to dismiss India Red's S Badrinath.

he sayed : "I am very happy. It was my first day, but everybody treated me as just another teammate. There is no seniority issue. I have received great support. It has been a great experience."

Watching the left-hander execute some clean, straight hits at the nets left one in no doubt that the selectors were right in giving the 17 year-old, who is yet to make his Ranji debut, a 'feel' of the big stage. Jadeja's game looks similar to current India middle-order bat Yuvraj Singh's. "He is my role model. Like him, I love to drive the ball straight, particularly through the on-side.

Like Yuvi, Jadeja is a useful left-arm spinner and, as the catch at point on Sunday showed, he is an efficient fielder. It may not be long before Jadeja rubbed shoulders with his role model.

Jadeja is fulfilling the dying wish of his mother, "She fought for her life in the hospital for five days, but kept telling me that she desperately wanted me to play for India," Jadeja said. he says, it were his neighbours and friends who were elated with his surprise 'call-up.' "The Pakistan tour with the under-19 team really helped. I performed well both with the bat, in the middle-order, and bowled my left-arm spinners well. Before that I played reasonably well with the India A team in Abu Dhabi and Australia. Everybody who saw me bat was impressed," he said.



Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jamnagar Leads in Investment Race.

Jamnagar has clearly moved Surat back in terms of industrial investments in the past five years, and Saurashtra district will be leading the growth over its north/souh gujarat counterparts in the coming years.

Jamnagar has attracted investments worth Rs 56,379 crore in the last five years. while Surat (including Hazira) has managed to bag Rs 38,906 crore.

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) stat shows that the Saurashtra and mainly jamnagar will increase this gap in coming years, Surat do have major names like ONGC, GAIL, Kribhco, NTPC, Reliance, Essar, Shell and Cairn setting up new projects / expansions in Hazira, but the main focus now will be in the small-scale sector like diamond and textiles. Surat SEZ will attarct invetment worth Rs 1,000 crore in the apparel park, Rs 4,000 crore in the gems and Jewellery Park, and Rs 5,000 crore in a multi-product park.

Jamnagar is taking a giant leap from this small figures,  Reliance's second oil refinery and SEZ will alone bring in Rs 40,000 crore from the company, Reliance is keen to bring world largest downstream players such Exxon Mobil, Dow, Lyondell, Innovene, SABIC, JSR, Goodyear, Nippon Zeon, Borealis, Huntsman, Basell, Shinetsu, Formosa, LG, Vinolit, Vestolit, Novachem and BASF for setting up facilities in the SEZ.

Adding Essar's oil refinery adventures in its proposed SEZ  at Jamnagar, which is worth Rs 15,000 crore, and you would reach a staggering figure which could well cross the Rs 1,00,000 crore, this is the total investment in Hazira till date.

There will be huge downstream effect for Jamnagar investments and Jamnagar will grow significantly, said one official at Industrial Extension Bureau, Gandhinagar.

They also point out that while the small-scale sector has contributed to the investments in Surat, this has not happened in the case of Jamnagar, which has relied heavily on the biggies.




Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moti Khavdi Tension gripped

Moti Khavdi Tension gripped.

A labour was killed when a truck ran over him near New Labour Colony off Kanalus Village, Tension gripped the Moti Khavdi industrial zone in Jamnagar district today morning, when more than 1,000 labours assembled to protest the accidental death of a 25 year old labourer, Lalla Tulsiram Bapat, he was on the rolls of RIL's contractors and his death threatened to lead to some tension in the area but since the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) platoons were deployed in nearby areas, any violent fallout was averted

The SRPF had been deployed in the industrial zone, following a scuffle in the company premises of  Essar Oil in the month of August, when labourers reacted violently and damaged security office torching two company hired vehicles, due to a similar incident, wherein a labourer was injured stamped by a four-wheeler passing from the same highway.
As such accidents have been frequently occurring in the industrial site where Essar and Reliance have their full-fledged operations, especially the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) projects, an additional police chowki facility has been erected here.


One Refinery can change India's Image

One Refinery can change India's Image.

"It is not just a refinery. We believe the refinery challenges the paradigm that China is forging ahead of India with its industry," , quotted Hital Meswani (ED - RIL), to reporters on a tour of the Jamnagar Refinery complex.

Reliance Industry, India's largest conglomerate hopes on an Arabian Sea coast oil refinery at Jamnagar, to become the world's largest refinery, and the to gave country an industrial giant status. this refinery was opened in December 1999. It has 30 sq km and has transferred India's image from from being a net importer of refined petroleum product to an exporter.

Reliance is now set to invest a further $6 bn to double output, this expansion will make refinery on top place from its current third place behind Venezuela and South Korea, This single refinery will also help to demolish some myths stating that India is good for services sector and China is best for its industrial sector. (In China, the industrial sector accounts for 46 per cent of GDP, compared to 27 per cent in India.)

Jamnagar Refinery Complex is situated in the Gulf of Kutch on the Arabian Sea, the refinery took just three years to build. The company says its 5,000 km of pipes, 1.7 million tonnes of concrete, 14,000km of cable and equivalent in steel of 16 Eiffel towers represent a record. complete work in refinery is automated and overseen by engineers working out of underground control rooms, this CR are controlled by a CCR (central control room) and all CR are decorated with the portraits of the late Reliance founder Dhirubhai Ambani.

This refinery has its own power station, fire station, medical teams and security service and a super tanker port. There are 170 km of roads and a residential area of 2,500 homes for the employees. Reliance Greens, a  green belt is also hoped to lead to the production of 3,000 tonnes of mangoes a year and this mangoes recently begged an order from British retail giant Harrods.

Currently refining capacity is 3.3 MMTPD of crude oil processing, which is used to extract refined products like petrol, diesel, kerosene and liquefied petroleum gas – plus petrochemicals.

The complex has served 5,000 ships till now and only Rotterdam is handling more refined products then this refinery.



Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lalpur - madrassa student beaten to death

A 20-year-old student of a madrassa was beaten to death by his 23-year-old teacher in Lalpur (incidently this town was my home-town) of Jamnagar district on Thursday evening following an incident of eve-teasing.

Jamnagar police said the victim :  Nazir Ahmad, belonged to a poor family of labourers from Salaya town and had taken admission for studying Urdu four years ago at Darool Ulam Madrassa.

On Tuesday, he was accused of teasing madrassa trustee Hafiz Umagul's daughter.
Angered over this, the teacher, Tanveer Ahmed Anwar Sheikh, beat the victim with a stick, causing serious injuries.

Nazir, was unconscious, rushed to a nearby hospital around 7 pm where he succumbed three hours later.
The news of Nazir's death spread like wild fire in the town and Salaya where his parents live.

Sub-inspector Patel said madrassa principal Nurkhan Usmankhan Pathan lodged a complaint against Tanveer, ( who is absconding) 
Police, after registering a murder case, had handed over the body to the boy's parents.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Water Crisis ends In Jamnagar

Junagadh and Jamnagar districts have received surplus rains this season.

In whole gujarat , The water level has risen in all the 191 irrigation dams and the storage has swelled to 11,500 million cubic meters as against the total storage capacity of 14,977 million cubic meters.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Ruskin Bond Movie Airming At Jamnagar

Urmila Matondkar, A bollywood actess is famous for its kiddy attire and her love for kids movies, she did a children's film - Chhota Chetan - it was the country's first 3D film was ( re-released in 1998 ) Urmila had a song sequence in that movie.

Now the gorgeous actress will again be seen in a children's film based on a Ruskin Bond story. which is inspired by my one of the favourite poet - writer , Ruskin Bond (who had his life connected to Jamnagar)

This movie is titled as "Non Stop Fun", the film is directed by Sunil Advani (for 9 Lives Films).

According to Urmila, "It is a wonderful story by Ruskin Bond on two boys who run away from their boarding school in Mussourie and are headed for Jamnagar. The story traces their journey through cities like Dehradun, Meerut, Delhi, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and the different kinds of people they meet along the way and their experiences with them."

She is playing a music teacher who these boys meet along their journey. And there's also a song that follows their interaction where she's talking to them about music. (Julie Andrews's in The Sound Of Music !!!) this movie also features Jackie Shroff (school coach), Govinda (truck driver), Satish Shah (police inspector) and Mukesh Tiwari (A negative role).


Check dam - the Latest Hope

Check dam across saurashtra are latest hope for Jamnagar and nearby areas.
Take a worst-case scenario. Dhrol in Jamnagar district faces water shortage throughout the year. With five check dams on the Und river, this year, it is expecting regular drinking water supply throughout. 
Minister of State for Water Supply says good rainfall combined with the enhanced storage capacity of the check dams has eased the drinking water situation. he added that where check dams were not possible, bori bunds (sandbag) have been put up to temporarily halt water flow to allow percolation. It is making a lot of impact on the water tables.

With water for at least another year secure in check dams, that's a new prayer too for Saurashtra.

District co-operative bank elections postponed

District co-operative bank elections postponed

The district co-operative banks where elections have been postponed are: Valsad, Navsari, Kheda, Anand, Bhavnagar, Surat, Bharuch, Junagadh, Jamnagar and Amreli. The elections for the board of directors of these banks were due in August and September.

The Leader of Opposition Arjun Modhvadia said the government decision was politically motivated, as the situation was becoming normal in most parts of the State. ''There is no need for postponing the elections in any of these districts as except Surat, the situation is normal everywhere,'' he said.

chairman of Gujarat State Cooperative Bank - Jayrambhai Patel ( the parent bank of all district co-op banks ) think it was strange why the government had postponed the elections.

Amreli District Collector said that the major damage due to heavy rainfall has been to roads and communication systems. Otherwise everything is under control.

It should be noted that Amreli has received the highest rainfall in Saurashtra region.

Bharuch Collector said that only some roads and buildings have been damaged and crops have been affected in some areas.

Jamnagar Collector said there is no major damage in any taluka of the district.

Monday, August 7, 2006

Jamnagar - Gujarat Flood update

• Essar group had to ask staff at its Vadinar oil Jamnagar refinery to work for two shifts
• The management of Videocon Industries is taking a close look at the situation (Bhaurauch)
• RIL, however, said operations at its Jamnagar plant are normal

Jamnagar Air-Force to help South Gujarat

Narmada is flowing above danger mark since last three days and today morning it was flowing 27 ft four feet above danger level. Surat and Bhauruch district administration are on high alert as both Narmada and Tapti rivers in South Gujarat are overflowing. Indian Air Force is helping Thousands of people on the banks of these rivers for evacuation.

Ajwa dam is also releasing water , which is likely to flood Vishwamitri river so Vadodara City has also been put on high alert.

While army help is being sought for evacuation the IAF has pressed five helicopters into service. In Surat IAF has deployed two MI-17 and in Vadodara one Chetak besides two MI-!7. These helicopters have been specially brought from Jodhpur and Jamnagar for relief operations.

Sunday, August 6, 2006

No More Ports for Gujarat

The Planning Commission has shut down Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi's proposal to develop more ports in the state. 
Modi government had proposed that the country's land-locked states can select a location (along the Gujarat coastline) for port and can invest in its development. Modi suggested this on a paper for the 11th Five Year Plan to the Planning Commission.
Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia bounced back saying that "Various ports already exist in Gujarat. What is the need to invest in developing new ports?"  , it does sound bitter but the fact is that there is need to upgrade existing port then to create new one. Gujarat's 1,600-km long coastline (longest in India) has 41 ports — 1 major, 11 intermediate and 29 minor. A host of major special economic zones (SEZs) too have already been set up along the coastline. 
Kandla, catering to various sectors, Mundra in Kutch, Jamnagar for petrochemicals, Dahej in Bharuch for chemicals and petrochemicals and Positra for Sea King Infrastructure among others. Surat will be a multi purpose SEZ are one at the top. 
Planning Commission estimated that around Rs 50,000 crore would need to be invested in the country's 12 major ports alone in order to raise their capacities to handle large vessels with less turnaround times by 2011. 
Sources say that if Modi's proposal is cleared by Parliament under the 11th Five Year Plan, it will be a win-win situation for all parties involved.

Saturday, August 5, 2006

Jamnagar - Rainbow Ring Around the Sun.

Rain finally let up on Saturday in Jamnagar,

but residents rush out , get rooted for onether splendid reason.

A rainbow ring around the sun was witnessed in several parts of the Jamnagar city.

question comes as .. whats this ringside view, Ahmedabad's Mr Pai who is a  of Astronomy Club of Ahmedabad explains that  'It is formed by a process very like that of a rainbow. Water vapour present at high altitudes scatters sunlight falling on it in all directions. This leads to the formation of a ring around the sun.'.

he also added that this is mostly seen in monsoon, and in ahmedabad this comes on each four-five years

when water vaopur in the atmosphere is high , such halo can also be seen in the lamp-post of the hill stations...

Thursday, August 3, 2006

Meteor remains being worshipped

Meteor remains being worshipped

on one side GSI (Geological Survey of India) started its excercise in meteorite shower related areas, but some villegers also started worshipping the stones.

Believing it has divine powers,  Superstitious villagers in Saurashtra and Kutch are praying the meteor remains
A Jamnagar villager Hansa bai, confirms that her son picked up this stone and later found that it was floating in the water, it also left rashes on his sons hand, she believed that this was gift from Lord Ram or some God.

Meteorite shower in this region is often seen as divine warning (akashwani) before some impending doom or misfortune


Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Wife revoked in Five days

Wife revoked in Five days

A Jamnagar resident Gordhan Patel lodged a Police complaint with Crime Branch saying he was defrauded of Rs 25,000.

It so happened that Gordhan was seeking for a bride of same caste and approach a marriage consultant named Vewai in Anklav  (Anand district),  some 10 days back he got married to "Geeta" , but just five days after the marriage, marriage consultant of that bureu came and took away geeta saying that she was already married.

it so happened that once Gordhan decided on Geeta as his prospective bride, the marriage agent asked for Rs 41,000 from him for arranging the match. Gordhan sayed he will pay the amount, later.  they both married at a Waghodia temple in Vadodara, they came back to Jamnagar.

In just five days, Vewai team came to Gordhan's house and took Geeta away with them. ''I was told that Geeta was married to another man and that they needed her to convince him for a divorce. Geeta left with jewellery and saris worth Rs 17,000 which we had bought her during the wedding and also Rs 5,000 in cash,'' Gordhan told the police.

out of the said team, two are arrested.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Modhvadia V/S Modi

Modhvadia V/S Modi:

The Congress accused Narendra Modi of encouraging terrorists in Saurashtra, it also says that no action are taken against these "professional criminals"  of villages and towns.

Arjun Modhvadia issued a statement after the murder of 16-year-old Piyush Thakkar of Rajkot, (he was kidnapped), he also mentioned more incidents of same nature like

  • Porbanders Ramesh Kucchadiya's kidnapping / killing
  • Dinesh Kanakiya's (Mithapur - Jamnagar)  kidnapping.
  • Siddharth Lakhanis (doctors son) kidnapping and killing.
  • Khushboos (a teenager from Vankaner) kidnapping.

He added that modi took 75 Hours to prepare anti-terrorism speech for Mumbai, where he declared that he would not spare any terrorist, and yest police is not acting in his own state. because criminals are, in fact, being protected by these policemen.

Jamnagar - MONSOON has arrived in its full pace

MONSOON has arrived in its full pace

It was July and it seemed there would be no rain. Things changed, and State (except Kutch) received good rainfall over the last two days. not to good news for Navsari district, 6,000 people were evacuated from low-lying areas as South Gujarat recorded the heaviest rainfall.

Back in Saurashtra, all districts except <b>Jamnagar</b> recorded significant rainfall. All 14 talukas of Junagadh district received moderate to heavy rain with Una town recording 233mm rain.

Water level at the Sardar Sarovar Dam, Kevadia Colony, at 4 pm on Saturday was a safe 114.61 meters, said authorities. Ahmedabad recorded 430mm total rainfall till Saturday morning while Gandhinagar recorded 344mm.

Though district collectorate officials in Ahmedabad claimed they were not facing a flood-like situation, fire brigade officials said they were prepared for immediate action in case need arises.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Now A Fanaa yatra

Now A Fanaa yatra,

There will be a three-day procession to immerse the mortal remains of Pravin Joshi,

The ‘asthikumbh yatra’, organised by Samast Brahmsamaj, will pass through major towns and cities of Gujarat before it reaches Kevadia Colony on Monday. the youth , Pravin Joshi immolated himslef in protest against the screening of ‘Fanaa’.

Karshan Odedara- BJP MLA from Kutiyana and Samast Brahmsamaj leader Rambhai Mokaria, flagged off the yatra at Sudamachowk in Porbandar. On Friday, the yatra was supposed to pass through Jamnagar and reach Rajkot at night.

The 30-year-old Joshi, had immolated himself at Ambar theater in Jamnagar on June 6 to protest against the screening of ‘Fanaa’. He succumbed to his burns at G G Hos pital in Jamnagar 12 days after the incident.

Additional Municipality for Jamnagar

Additional Municipality for Jamnagar

Narendra Modi never sleeps...Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), has showed its strength in the municipal corporation / panchayat elections just a few months ago.Modi has decided to consolidate his urban vote bank by merging around 70 municipalities and panchayats with four of Gujarats mega citiesnamely Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and Jamnagar.

Just to remind you all that the jamnagar is leading its way to become mega city in Saurashtra region, leaving Rajkot behind... Modi gifted Petro capital Jamnagar and industrial city Vadodara, one additional municipality each.

Sachivalay Says that, as there are larger urban development in big cities, it is almost natural to merge the nearby areas for improved urban amenities by strengthening the revenue positions.
Also it says that there is nothing called as Free-lunch, people living in the suburbs merged with the cities can have better living conditions, which also means higher taxes for them (property and octroi tax are most obvious ones).

The decision, by and large, welcomed by residents of the merged areas. “Like all big cities, Gujarat city are also bursting at their seams and all new development is taking place on the outskirtThishis will also uprise the real estate boom, real gains from this merger move will accrue to the party in power.

Wife revoked in Five days

Wife revoked in Five days

A Jamnagar resident Gordhan Patel lodged a Police complaint with Crime Branch saying he was defrauded of Rs 25,000.

It so happened that Gordhan was seeking for a bride of same caste and approach a marriage consultant named Vewai in Anklav (Anand district), some 10 days back he got married to "Geeta" , but just five days after the marriage, marriage consultant of that bureu came and took away geeta saying that she was already married.

it so happened that once Gordhan decided on Geeta as his prospective bride, the marriage agent asked for Rs 41,000 from him for arranging the match. Gordhan sayed he will pay the amount, later. they both married at a Waghodia temple in Vadodara, they came back to Jamnagar.
In just five days, Vewai team came to Gordhan's house and took Geeta away with them. ''I was told that Geeta was married to another man and that they needed her to convince him for a divorce. Geeta left with jewellery and saris worth Rs 17,000 which we had bought her during the wedding and also Rs 5,000 in cash,'' Gordhan told the police.
out of the said team, two are arrested.

Thursday, July 6, 2006

GE Compressors For Reliance Refinery

GE will supply Compressors to Reliance Refinery

General Electric Co. Announced Thursday that it has won a contract to supply compressors to Reliance Petroleum Ltd. for its upcoming refinery in Jamnagar.

Three reciprocating compressors compressors will be supplied by GE's oil and gas business arm, it will also supply Two screw compressors and spare parts for the $ 6.1 billion refinery in Jamnagar, The value of the deal was not disclosed.

The reciprocating compressors will be manufactured at GE's oil and gas facilities in Florence, Italy, while the screw compressors will be supplied from GE's plant in Oshkosh, Wis., the statement said. The equipment will be shipped during the first and second quarters of 2008, GE already supplied similar machines to Reliance for an earlier project in 1997 and 1998.

This Reliance refinery in Jamnagar, and once completed in 2008 it would make the industrial town of Jamnagar, the world's largest petroleum refining hub.

Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries Ltd already announced that the combine capacity of this the two refineries will be to process 1.24 million barrels of crude oil per day.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

It was a busy day for Jamnagar police, as many as 15 theft were reported in mere two hours, this includes 15 shops, offices and a bank, thr cash pull was reported to be around Rs 65,000 ( which includes and cash and goods), Jamnagar Police found that they were in a group of five , and were travelling in a white maruti car.

Police said that the robbers broke into commercial establishments between 3.45 am and 5.15 am, taking advantage of the downpour during this period.

Rajiv Bhagat, Jamnagar superintendent of police did add that there are few eyewitness who have seen the the robbers and as per their description , Jamnagar Police will soon draft sketches and start operating on it, Jamnagar Police did found that the robbers were outsiders. They tried break the United Bank (Town Hall). They reached the strong room, but luckily can not break the strong-room door. Infact burgled selected only those complexes, which were closed or without security men.

Brass Parts Industry Sinking in Jamnagar

Brass Parts Industry Sinking in Jamnagar


Jamnagar has only one local industry as of now... BRASS INDUSTRY.. but due to Exim policy and competition.. this is also fading away... Vagaries of the international market have taken a toll on Jamnagar's small brass units.  This industry in Jamnagar is struggling for life as there is global fluctuation in metal prices, currency and increasing tax burdens. 

In last few years with metal prices reached scorching High.
Ramnikbhai Shah, a leading industrialist in Jamnagar says that more then 500 units have shut down because of this metal price uplift, he is a leading brass importer of Jamnagar. he quoted that current price (landing price) of 1 KG brass is Rs 250, however the best rate a local unit can give is Rs. 200.

most of the brass here is imported by Europe, and copper prices are rising very high in Europe and the international market. Fluctuating exchange rates added an insult to injury. Tax structure in local government constitutes of 10% import duty on the raw material, there is also 16% countervailing duty (refundable) + 4% special duty is slammed + 2% cess, this increases the cost of brass by Rs 51 per kg, so sustaining the long term trade is a matter of much concern, adds Amrut Shah ( He is secretary of the Jamnagar Brass Parts Manufacturers' Association). 

The ray of hope can be seen if only some tax are relaxed, because small scale manufacturers and processing units cannot take advantage of the government tax schemes, traders are also demanding change in policy and providing centralised warehousing facility for brass imports.

One thing should be noted that this business is the economic lifeline of Jamnagar ( and not the near by big refineries), trade volume of this industry comprises of small players. and small players can not afford to order worth Rs 40 to Rs 45 lakh, this problem can be solved if a government provides central warehousing facility and allow to procure the required raw material from there, this is the only way of survival for the industry.

if this does not happen the industry will soon collapse in Jamnagar, and many will be left jobless in the town.

Monday, July 3, 2006

Sowing Delayed by lack of Rain

Jamnagar is worst affected as of now ..
The sowing season has been delayed in this region of Gujarat. Only 30% of land have been sowed so far. However, if the rain is due on time, this figure can increase. Also there were reports of showers and increased humidity over the last couple of days, raising farmer's hopes. According to data from agriculture department only 42,000 hectares in Jamnagar (30%) have come under sowing.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Reliance Kesar Mangoes - in harrods

Reliance Kesar Mangoes - bid export order from Harrods London
Reliance is not stopping at all, be it in refinary business to the sweet Kesar mango business. Jamnagar recently had some of the rain showers, but "Jamnagar Farms Private Limited" , Asia's largest mango orchard at Moti Khavadi was on her way for making first export order for its Kesar mangoes from retail giant Harrods from London.

This is indeed a news, The Jamnagar farm, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), struck the deal last week and opened the export doors for the famous Kesar Mangoes to hit the organised European market.

RIL is also keen to get attached with other retail giants like Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsburys along with the Harrods, they hope that export will start from next year.

Harrods confirmed this, "Harrods, London is officially stocking Reliance Kesar mangoes in flagship Knightsbridge store. We believe that placement in Harrods is testament to the quality of this prime fruit as only the best of the lot make it to the shelves of this store."

RIL horticulture division adds that  Harrods demanded 140 tonnes of Kesar mango but as the order was stuck at late season only three tonnes were exported, But they have target of more than 200 tonnes export in the next season.


Fear of Mig- JAMNAGAR

The fear of Mig On Land - JAMNAGAR

in 70-80s Mig were fearsome in air, things have not changed here in LAKHA BAVAL a small village, 16 KM from Jamnagar.
A MiG-21 had crashed in this village two years ago,  since then "MiG aavyo, MiG aavyo" (mig is coming) is an alarming sound for this small village, everyday around 200 sories are carried out by IAF, not to mention at a very very low height. an IAF MIG crash at a place in village , that place is now named as 'Viman Chowk' (aircraft square), this 'flying coffin' accident claimed five vilagers, this village comes under Sarmat flying range of IAF.

Aircrafts, sometimes fly just 50 to 100 ft above the houses. The aircraft crashed on the Anganwadi (primary school) building at 9.30 am, luckily most of the kids were late (!!!)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Monsoon Fadding in Saurashtra - Jamnagar

Monsoon Fadding in Saurashtra - Jamnagar

Saurashtra and North Gujarat, the people are a worried about rain and farmers are dying to see a drop of rain. it is clear that Monsoon is fadding in Saurashtra.

because of intermittent rains dam water levels have gone down, low water levels in dams can not cop up with scarcity of drinking water and of irrigation water both, crop failure is in the minds of the farmers.

The administration doesn't care... they think that  last years  rainwater will solve the need, the water management sayd not to fear, while agriculture dept. has enough reasons to fear, 'Long duration crops like groundnuts and unirrigated variety of cotton, which depend heavily on rain water, will be hit if monsoon is delayed in these areas beyond July 3,' said R A Saresia, director of Agriculture Department.

Surendranagar officials informed that 16 villages depend on water tankers for drinking water, and found this as a routine. Meanwhile, Banaskantha district collector confirmed some 20 villages in the district are receiving drinking water from tankers.

Districts like Jamnagar, Amreli, Surendranagar and Mehsana are depending on dam water for supply to the villages.

In Jamnagar the problem is worst... as the district is using dam water for both drinking and irrigation.
Jamnagar District Collector V P Patel explained that city does not have serious problem , Okha, Dwarka and other areas are already using Vartu dam water.

2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up Case

Jamnagar is in news again, this time in case of 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up.

The 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up was arrested from Delhi alongwith the couple and three others on June 25 on charges of prostitution, following the story a A BSF Jawan in Jammu Accused a Delhi-based couple of pushing his minor daughter into prostitution.

he said that the couple lured her to the capital with promises of making her a star / and of Model job.

"Kamal Sehgal and Muskan (a couple from Delhi), misled My minor daughter, she had met them in Delhi when she was there for a stage show. They tool benefit of her minor age , exploited her and pushed her into this racket," the father (BSF Lance Naik Vinod Kumar) said this to reportest in Jammu.

he adds that she is still a minor and this couple promised my daughter to give a modelling assignments and did not allow her to come back , Kumar had registered an FIR on April 16 saying that his daughter is missing.

Now comes jamnagar,  girls birth certificate is issued by the Commissioner of Jamnagar Mahanagar Palika in 1990, and the birth date was referred as November 14, 1988 (this proves that she is a minor )

Monday, June 26, 2006

RPL Coker Unit - Foster Wheeler USA

A US company is selected to provide new Cooking unit to Jamnagar Refinery project of Reliance

"Foster Wheeler USA Corporation" signed a contract for eight-drum delayed coking unit for Jamnagar Export Refinery Project at the Reliance Petroleum Limited (RPL) refinery in Jamnagar, India,  this new refinery will be largest single stream petroleum refinery in the world providing state of art technology and will contribute for at least 35-40% of nations total crude oil processing capability. Bechtel France, RPL's Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Advisory Services contractor, awarded this contract to Fosters.

Fosters scope includes process, detailed engineering for the new coker (cooking unit), please note that existing coker at Jamnagar refinery is also from Fosters, which is world's largest Coker ( cooking) unit commissioned in 1998 (I was there at the time of commissioning of this unit)

The technology is revolved round a s SYDEC process, which is a thermal conversion process used by refineries to upgrade heavy residue feed and process it into high value transport fuels, this technology uses a low-pressure, low-recycle design for achieving maximum liquid yields. By installing a SYDEC unit in their refinery, the owner is able to process heavier crude, which sell at a discount to the benchmark light, sweet crude, allowing the refiner to reap the benefit of significant refining margins.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tremor hits Jamnagar

A mild tremor of 4.5 - 4.6 scale hit Jamnagar , Rajokt and some areas of Kutch on Friday - 23-June-2006.

Its epicenter was at Chobari, a small village in Kutch.desert

The incident happens at around 11:00 AM, though there were no casualty reported, people who are quite experienced of this kind of tremors do not wanto to take a chance and ran from thir building.

No casualty has been reported in the incident that took place around 10.55 am.

The intensity of the tremors was 4.6 on ritcher scale and the duration was about five seconds. People of highrise buildings ran out and were shocked. There was no damage to any building.

For news in Hindi see our Hindi daily Chaupal Chronicle

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jamnagar Pipelines to generate More revenue

Jamnagar Pipelines to generate More revenue

"Increased no. of pipelines will increase revenue" says DJ Pandyan,  MD, Gujarat State Petronet 

He replied while answering to a private news channel. He quotted that in next quarter of FY-07,  one hundred and sixty-five kilometres of pipeline will be completed.

More pipelines will be layed across gujarat the major one is from Ahmedabad to Rajkot via Morvi, and two more pipelines; one is from Rajkot to Jamnagar and another from Rajkot to Kutch in Mundra.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Porbandar Brahma Samaj - Jamnagar Crisis

Porbandar Brahma Samaj - Jamnagar Crisis

The flare continous and there are many, who wanted to se this flare burning...

Porbandar Bramha Samaj filed a police complaint against Oener of Amber Theatre of Jamnagar (Mr. Madam), Yashraj Films and bollywood actor Aamir Khan on wednesday. as you might be aware that all this flare begins when AMber Cinema screen the banned movie Fanaa, and a youth Pravin Joshi from porbandar,  committed self-immolation as a protest to this screening.  Pravin dies in G.G. Hostpital on Tuesday and the flare bursts open.

Mulliana, In-charge DSP (District Superintendent Of Police) of Porbendar, confirmed that they received the complaint from Brahma Samaj and they are forwarind the complaint to Jamnagar Police.

Gujarat Cinematographer Exhibitors Association decided to withdraw screening of this movie after Aamir khan stand against Narmada dam issue and participated with the Narmada Bachao Andolan and its leader Medha Patkar in New Delhi. It was also believed that he did in order to promote his famous movie "Rang De Basanti" as the movie did had similiar kind of protest scene against the Governance, but the fact remains that a sensible actor like aamir khan should not have dig out this ghost of Narmada Bachao Aandolan. Now the situation is that even if Aamir khan did what he believes, a person had lost his life...

On the other hand Jamnagar Bramha Samaj declared Rs one lakh as a financial assistance to the family of Joshi.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Jobs from Reliance to Gujarat

More Jobs from Reliance to Gujarat

Reliance Industry Ltd, is expanding its area in Gujarat and specially in Jamnagar, its 6 Billion $ refinary upgrade is already in the starting phase, this project will give way for 2000 new job for engineers and senior executives.
Retail boom in India will increase its size as Reliance is in, this group will start its first retail sector in Ahmedabad in Oct - 2006, later new sectors in Jamnagar and Surat will start in next year. Reliance will create 10,000 jobs.
Bechtel , main contractor / consultant for Reliance Jamnagar Refinery Complex recruited 300 engineers for its upcoming work. Bechtel will need many labours for construction work, 25,000 labours will start working in the refinery by end of July-2006. This refinary work will be 24 X 7 and will give work to around 1,00,000 labours

Fanaa - Youth Dead after Ten Days

Fanaa - Youth Dead after Ten Days

fuel ia added to the controvery, Gujarat youth Pravin Joshi ( yes the wone who attempted self-immolation against the screening of Aamir Khan starrer 'Fanaa' ) , Died on tuesday around 12.30 p.m. at the Irwin Hospital ( G.G. Hospital) in Jamnagar.

Joshi poured petrol all over him in Mens Washroom at the cinema on June 11, later he was admitted to Hospital. Amber Cinema is the only cinema hall in Gujarat to screen the film. This movie is banned in whole gujarat, after Aamir supported NBA ( Narmada Bachao Aandolan) and demanded the rehabilitation of those displaced due to the construction of the Sardar Sarovar dam on Narmada river.

Some peple believed this as a sacrifice for goodwill of gujarat and collected around 1 Lakh for him from All saurashtra region.



Mangrove Marvels

One and only Marine National Park is

Pirotan Island and its near by area is the Only MARINE NATIONAL PARK of its kind in India, situated at Jamnagar Dist. Gujarat.

The Pirotan Island has Majestic view of Sunrise and Sunset, Pirotan Island is about 15 Nautical Miles from Jamnagar in Arabian Sea. Complete areas is of 3.0 square k.m., surrounded with dense Mangroves forest, The Marine Trees.

The Pirotan Island is home of many marine life-form. that includes

Various types of Crabs
King crab
Hermit crabs
Ghost crabs

Wiper- Isosceles
Sea snakes
Sea slugs and many more.

The forest is very rich in marine wild life, Marine creatures, Sea animals, and really a very good Paradise for Bird watchers.

Out of total 250 species of Mangroves, 60 species are available in India. Sundarban in West-bengal is also famous for Mangrove Forest. colorful Reeforon, Grey Heron, Avocet etc. can also be seen on sea shore.

Sea Horse
Sea Anemone
Sea Slug
Sea Warm
Mud Skipper
Sea Bonellia
Coaster Cather
Sea Urchin etc.
these are amoung other marine lives & creatures found near Pirotan Island. if you explore Deep sea , you can get a glimpse of DOLPHIN too.

Sponges make this a colourrful world, Red, Blue, Violet,and Pink sponges can be seen near the Light House and Mangroves forest,
Corals found here includes - Moon coral, Star Coral, Finger Coral, Brain Coral, etc.

In the Local Gujarati Language "Coral" is calling as "Parwada". while each Coral is a live colony of marine lives.

There are more then 250 species of Fish are seen, it includes  Brittle Star,Ray fish, Coral fish, Lobster fish, Puffer fish, Pistol shrimp, etc.
Sea-bird crys day and night in Pirotan,

Sea Gull
Haring Gull
Blackhead Gull
Crab Plover Gull

Do come to Pirotan Island

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jamnagar in Limca Book of Records

Jamnagar in Limca Book of Records


Hats Off to Kamlesh Unadkat & Vinay Gera,

Last year it was bike, this time its car

16,000 km in 20 days ,spreading the message of Visit Gujarat, it took them 19 days to cover 16000 KM long border area ( 19 days , 19 hours and 12 minutes to be precise), they sat the goal for 20 Days but finished early.

Jamnagar's Kamlesh Unadkat and Jaipur's Vinay Gera did it again 

prior to this fame, this duo pocketed credit of North-South expedition in 7 days, 8 hours and 30 minutes, that was a complete kashmir to kanya-kumari (Leh To Kanyakumari ) yatra, on a Hero Honda Karizma covering a distance of 4,249 km.

This time it was "Let's Go", a Maruti Alto car from Jamnagar on 27th May, tour ended back in Jamnagar, the motive was to mark the state's 'Tourism Year' by setting a record and bringing attention of world towards Gujarat.

They drove an avarage of 1000 KM a day and 20 hours a day,

Kamlesh, a 32 year old Computer teacher at private school in Jamnagar sayd that 'During our journey, we took the first halt after eight days of constant driving, during which we passed through six states. Our average speed was 110 km per hour'

Gera explained the biggest challenge at the hillly areas, 19,000 feet at Assam, Uttranchal, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. he is an IT officer from a bank in Jaipur.

They dis this in order to promote Gujarat Tourism. their car had the banner "Visit Gujarat".

cost came as 1 Lakh (50% was fuel cost), Essar Oil and Bank Of baroda (BOB) contributed 40 % each , rest was bore by this duo.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Fanna withdrawn from Amber Theater Jamnagar

Aamir khan starrer Fanna has been withdrawn from Jamnagar Theater Ambar,
The film was screened since one week in Jamnagar, only place in Gujarat, after a state wide protest against BJP Yuma Morcha and Congress too.
All rumble begins when Aamir Khan supported NBA ( Narmada Bacho Andolan) and also stated that rehabilitation work on the project should be implemented properly.
Mahesh Bhatt had moved to Supreme Court against banning of the film in Gujarat, though this petition is rejected
Just then, Jamnagar Theater decided to screen the film, thigs were not normal on this peacefull town on the first day, but later it came clear that all heat will be over.
However, last night incident changed everything.

Pravin Joshi of Rajkot / Porbandur came to Jamnagar to watch the cinema, he went to the toilet in the interval and burned himself with petrol / kerosene. He has 55% burnt.

Vimal Madan, the theatre owner then stopped the screening of the movie and quotted that Yash Raj also said the same in a fax, Also Yash Raj Films has confirmed that they have withdraw the film Fanaa from Amber cinema in Jamnagar to avoid further problems.

Jamnagar - Global Refinery Hub

Jamnagar - Global Refinery Hub

Most of the Jamnagari people are aware about the Expansion of Reliance Refinery, with its completion Jamnagar will become global Hub for Refinery. This expansion is likely to be complete by December 2008.

Reliance Petroleum Ltd (RPL) — a 100 per cent subsidiary of Petro Giant Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) updated that the  new polypropylene plant (PP) and refinery will reside in SEZ (Special Economic Zone), just near to  existing refinery of RPL.

Even after tapping the capital market, RIL is planning to hold at least 80% stake in RPL. IPO pre-requisite documents are already submitted to SEBI.

The heat is allover this region for this expansion, because this expansion will make this complex world's largest single location refinery arena. This is the first project that made India self-sufficient in petro-products, target markets for this products also includes Europe, U.S. and Far East. The current project has combine refinery complex, a petrochemical facility, power utilities (CPP) and port facilities (not to mention it is the world's second largest oil port).

PP Plant will have 0.9 MMT/Annum Capacity, and 5.8 MMT/Day Crude Distillation capacity will be added to this complex once the new expansion will start functioning.


Cost of Expansion : Rs. 27,000 crore (about $6 billion).
Debt component    : Rs. 15,750 crore (about $3.5 billion)
Equity            : Rs. 11,250 crore (about $2.5 billion)



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fanaa update - now a self-immolation attempt

On Sunday June 11, controversial Fanaa got new drift, a  youth allegedly tried to immolate himself at Ambar cinema ( Jamnagar ), when the show was going on.
This cinema is the only one in Gujarat screening the controversial Fanaa, after the statewide protest against Star Aamir Khan (as he is supporting Narmada agitation. )

Pravin Joshi, came all way from port town of Porbandar, (200 km from Jamnagar ), poured kerosene on his body in the toilet of the balcony of Ambar Cinema Hall. Later he was admitted to Guru Govind Singh Civil Hospital with 55 % burns) 

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jamnagar - Talkies owner being harrased

Jamnagar Talkies ( Amber) owner learnt that going against the path is not always easy.

Jamnagars Amber talkies ,  the only cinema in Gujarat to screen the controversial Aamir Khan starrer Fanaa is in news again, this time for not so good reasons. Owner of the talkies that in name of routine checkes officials are swooping in theaters, though it should not be a matter of issue.

But the is the timings of this raid were not good at all.

just the otherday when the film was released, a team from the Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) threatened to disconnect power supply if a "disputed" amount of Rs. 4.11 lakh in power bills was not paid immediately. Vikram Madam (Jamnagar Congress MP ), whose nephew is the owner, said that GEB rembers the amount after one year.

then came the Fire Department ( officials of the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation), followed by Collectorate also sent officials to check the licence and other documents but found everything in order, 
but  a Government spokesman denied of any attempt to "harass" the owner.



Friday, June 9, 2006

Jamnagar - RIL Safe from MIG CRASH


Reliance Industries Ltd ( RIL ) said the MIG crash that occurred near Jamnagar has not affected at company's refinery there. 

as you might be aware that a MIG-29 crashed on Pirotan island, ( near jamnagar ). though pilots managed to ejected from plane

RIL is upgrading its project and  additional 29 million tonnes (5.8 MMT/D ) capacity is added to refinery at a site adjacent to its existing plant (6.6 MMT/D) at Jamnagar. this is a 6 billion $ project which on standlone basis would be the sixth largest project at a single location in the world, will make the largest concentration of refining capacity at Jamnagar.

Jamnagar Reliance floating storage update

"clean oil floating storage"

It was reported that Reliance is looking for a long range tanker ( 55 to 75K ton) for clean petroleum storage, this tankers will be required at Jamnagar - Mumbai Coast ( west coast)

Reliance is India's second-biggest refiner, operates a 6.6 MMT oil plant in Jamnagar, on the Indian west coast.

Jamnagar is a streategic cost and ideal for refineries, Essar Oil is also commissioning similiar strength refinery

Thursday, June 8, 2006

MIG 29 Crash Near Jamnagar

A MiG-29 trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed 30 km north of Jamnagar into the sea, near Pirotan island, where the Marine National Park is situated, at 12.10 pm on Thursday. 

Authority are checking whether or not there was damage to the island and to marine life.

The pilots, Wing Commander A Nautiyal and Squadron Leader NK Mahal, ejected safely and were rescued. Both pilots, according to sources in Jamnagar cantonment, were admitted to Air Force hospital.

Official sources in the IAF said the aircraft was on a routine training mission from Bhuj Air Base and was returning to Jamnagar .

The sources said that no individual was injured or killed as a result of crash and an
inquiry had been ordered.

The sources said that immediately after the incident, firebrigade personnel of Jamnagar Municipal Corporati on (JMC), the Coast Guard, IAF and Naval staff were dispatched to the spot for rescue operations.


Fanna release - Gujarat ( Jamnagar )

The Aamir Khan-starrer "Fanaa'' released in only one cinema in Gujarat on Tuesday, is turning out to be a big hit.

According to the assistant manager of Jamnagar's Amber Talkies, the theatre which defied the BJP Yuva Morcha and screen the film, most of the shows on Wednesday attracted big crowds with the night show having a full house.

The talkie has a capacity of 1,164 seats.

Some movie fans from nearby cities and towns, including Rajkot, Junagadh and Morvi, have started coming to Jamnagar to watch the movie.

However, no other cinemas or multiplexes in the State have announced any plan to screen "Fanaa'' and are still reported to be waiting for a settlement between the agitators and the film producers, particularly Aamir Khan.

Unlike on the first day of the screening, there was no protest demonstration in front of the cinema.