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Saturday, February 9, 2013

UFO over Reliance Refinery

Multiple sitings of mysterious illuminated object is reported over Reliance Refinery Jamnagar.

This UFO appeared in the dark sky, eye witness reports talks about the UFO circling over the complex and  later disappearing in a flash,

Most recent siting, 3 days back was after dawn. Cameras at the Reliance refinery managed to take a few pictures of the object. Those who have seen this footage claims that the object was bright and spherical.

RIL has already reported the sightings to the government, along with the pictures.

Many experts believe these are drones supplied by China and used by Pakistan to survey the most important industrial installation in India. following to this, The Air Force, Navy and Coast Guard are on alert.

Recently an IB report claimed a confirmation from LeT loyalist that Reliance Refinery Jamnagar was one of their targets.
RIL ED Prasad already wrote to Petroleum Minister M Veerappa Moily about the sightings. This letter mentions a volleyball sized spherical UFO hovering over refinery.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Reliance Refinery in Worlds Top 5 Manufacturing units

Reliance Industries Ltd’s refinery at Jamnagar achieved another milestone, probably most significant till date.

Discovery Channel's selection of five of the world's largest factories includes Reliance Refinery of Jamnagar.

The other four complex are.

  • NASA’s Kennedy Space Centere
  • Posco’s steel plant
  • Volkswagen’s car plant
  • Kitt Green Foods plant 

Reliance Jamnaar Refinery was number one on many parameters such building size, complex size, annual production (tonnage), initial investment and employee strength.

These units were shortlisted from around 70 lakh manufacturing units surveyed worldwide. Discovery  channel then short-listed the world’s five largest organisations, later the channel contacted these organizations to verify the findings.

Later as a part of the program, Discovery Channel team visited Jamnagar and spent three days shooting entire Reliance Complex, this includes Reliance Central control room, Reliance jetty, main tank farms, OSBL, pipe racks and Channel captured stunning aerial views of the refinery complex.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Antilla - Exclusive Photos of Mukesh Ambani's Home

Vanity Fair, the only media till date that managed to capture the beauty of Mukesh Ambani's home has some stunning pictures of the house. 

Nita Ambani defines their 27-storey house "Antilla" as a modern home with an Indian heart.

  Ambani mansion is the costliest home in the world.
Vanity fair titled the article as "The Taj Mahal meets flash Gordon." the article will be published in the June Edition of Vanity Fair.

See more pics on -

Picture: Vanity fair.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Reliance plastic thieves arrested from jamnagar

In a combined operation, jamnagar police managed to arrest 14 member gang who confessed in stealing reliance refinery granules loaded truck near refinery. Most of these gang members were employee of the transport contractors within the refinery, jamnagar police could identify them from CCTV of reliance refinery. Most of the looted booty was sold in Gujarat or Rajasthan. Jamnagar police also found that they used to loot commodities and costly items.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

RIL Jamnagar Let Threat - Security tight

With threat to Reliance refinery from pakistan based militant group LeT, security has been tightened across refinery.

Although more details are awaited, but contractors and visitors confirmed the tightning of security around jamnagar reliance refinary complex

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RIL to start 4G Trials in Refinery

RIL is starting its grand plans of broadband revolution in India, starting with 4G trials in Jamnagar reliance refinery, read more on

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Dwarka Oceanarium Updates

One more news regarding the Dwarka Oceanarium was release to press yesterday.

Since June 2010, Reliance Industries and Govt. of Gujarat has started working on this project on PPP (Public private partnership) bases, this project is developed by Gujarat Ecology commission and Marine National Park.

The project is aimed to create new generation oceanarium with a central tunnel with 360 degree view of ocean life.

Further to this, this facility will have touch pool, 4D theatre, gaming zone, Mall, gift shop and various hotels and concert hall.

Monday, February 13, 2012

RIL - Unit under planned shutdown

Reliance Industries Ltd's Jamnagar Unit announced the planned shutdown of one of the crude unit at Jamnagar complex.

One of the CDU stream is shut down for planned maintenance since 10th Feb. This unit will undergo inspection and maintenance jobs in Reliance Unit .

Some productivity measures will also be taken during this shutdown, one of the unit will have its distillation catalyst replaced.

The stream will complete its maintenance and resume operations by early march.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Jamnagar - RIL under maintenance in Feb.

Jamnagar Reliance Petroleum Complex will go under a planned maintenance for 3 weeks this February.

This will be a first maintenance after the plant got commissioned in 2008/09. Main component of the refinery, Crude distillation unit will also be under maintenance.

Three other distillation units in Jamnagar Reliance Refinery will be operating at capacity though.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Amusement Park - Jamnagar

New Amusement park will be constructed near Mehul Nagar, read more for details

35 New Camera For Dwarka Temple

In a bid to increase security, Dwarka temple will have 35 new camera tapping on potential trouble creators, this project is approved with cost and is awaiting nod from Archaeological authority.

There will be a control room upgrade to facilitate the operations too, currently only 5 camera and a small operation control room is used for security. The transmission will be broadcasted live to Jamnagar police chief and Gandhinagar home department, this camera will be used to monitor nearby areas also.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Sadbhavna : 3500 Crore for Jamnagar

CM Narendra Modi explained his Sadbhavna mission is a 'satvic' (pious / non-violent ) answer to anti-Gujarat camps.

CM says this exercise is a silent treatment for those who are defaming Gujarat in last 10 years.

On development, he says that Gujarat and development have become synonymous.

Modi has announced a fresh development package of Rs 3,500 crore for Jamnagar city and the district.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Modi Sadbhavna Update

Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi will practice one day-long 'sadbhavna fast' in Jamnagar Today, Jamnagar city BJP will stage a 'padyatra' from nearby Dhrol town to Jamnagar city.

RC Faldu, BJP's state unit president will flag off this Padyatra.

Security has been tightened in a city, where local congress MP will be sitting in parallel fast in Jamnagar.

This will be CM Modi's his fourth fast in "Sadbhawna series", in Jamnagar.

Next Fast will be in Junagadh on December 22 and in Rajkot on December 26.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

National Record will be broken in Jamnagar

Squadron Leader Ramakant is all set to break a national record of longest Para-motor flight today,

He will start his journey from Mundra in Kutch and cover the Bay of Kutch and land in Jamnagar, will fly total distance of about 55 km.

Para-motor is an ultra light flying machine , many also calls this as powered paraglider. This machine will be mounted on the back of the pilot, who will inflates the glider run and then gets on air.
The para-motor Ramakant will uses is a small piston engine of 150 CC with propeller attached to a paraglider. Para-motor is very light that it can be attached to any Pilot or small machine, para-motors are normally used in photography, towing, petals / fertilizer dropping, and fun-flying. Para-motor can travel at the speed of 45 kmph and can claim altitude up to 10,000 feet above the sea level.
Ramakant also holds national records in powered hang gliding and has also been awarded the "Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award 2008" for his outstanding achievements in the field of aero sports.

Squadron leader is with the Directorate of Air Force Adventure.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rupee Depreciation - Jamnagar Brass Parts

Jamnagar brass parts is hit by recent depreciation in the rupee, looks like around 80% of unit are down to around 5-6 hours of work with almost no business in site, read detailed explanation at

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Brain Angioplasty on Khambhaliya Youth

Doctors at the Rajkot's Sterling Hospital did Gujarat's first brain angioplasty, on a 35 year old Rupsinh Jadeja from Jamkhambhaliya.

Rupsinh was suffering from vertigo since last three years, Rupsinh had difficulty to walk or doing any routine work with hands,

After analysis, angioplasty was the only available treatment in this condition diagnosed as Takayasu Aortoarteritis.

Although the surgery was risky, but as the patient agreed, surgery was successfully performed around six weeks back, and helped the patient to cure.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Sadbhavna Mission Updates

CM Modi will be in district on 20th Dec for Sadbhanva mission.

Recently, local MP Mulubhai Bera, Jamnagar Mayor, DSP and Collector held a meeting to check on the arrangements made, district representative Saurabh Patel emphasised on the importance onf the various mission CM is taking to help bridge the gap within the society and encourage development in all directions

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Essar Oil Commissioned new Unit

Essar Oil Limited announced the completion of new unit at Vadinar refinery, with this new unit Essar will be able to produce Euro iV grade patrol, read more at

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Muharram - five hurt during Tajiya

At least five persons were hurt during Tajiya celebrations and were admitted to hospital in the city, most of the individuals were from Bedi-Dharar nagar area, few from Jodiya and Madhapar were also hurt.

All of them were admitted to G. G. Hospital for medical attendance.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Jamnagar Tajiya Celebration

Yesterday Tajiya celebration was on full swing in Jamnagar, read more at

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