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Saturday, September 13, 2014

9 DAM Overflow

 Last few days of sparse rains bought new water in Jamnagar Dams, however the Ranjit Sagar dam that provide drinking water to City has almost no water.

હાલાર પંથકના અત્યાર સુધીમાં નવ ડેમો ઓવરફ્લો થઈ ગયા છે,
શહેરને પાણી પુરૃ પાડતા રણજીતસાગર ડેમમાં પાણીની આવક થઈ નથી.

ફુલઝર-૧ - રફુટ,
ડાયામીણસર - ૦.૩૩,
આજી-૪ - ૦.૩૩,
ઉંડ-૧ - ૦.ર૦,
વોડીશાંગ -  ૧.૧પ,
મીણસાર-વી - ૦.૬૬,
વેરાડી-ર - ૧.૧પ,
વેરાડી-૧ - ૧.૯૦

Monday, February 6, 2012

Special Women Cell At INS Valsura - HC Verdict

In a verdict for Navy, Gujarat high court has directed the office of the Indian navy, INS Valasrua, at Jamnagar to create a special cell to listen to women Naval staff's grievances.

This came in wake of a complaint of a woman clerk who had alleged that she was sexually harassed by a male colleague at the office. High court stated that the new cell will be useful to prevent sexual harassment of women at the workplace.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Blood Sandalwood - One more arrest

One more arrest was done for the smuggling of blood sandalwood from Jamnagar / Salaya.

DRI captured large quantity of  sandalwood log from kandala port, belonging to a salaya sip, this arrest makes three captures so far in this sandalwood smuggling scandal.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Jamnagar Real Estate Price - NRI Hand

For the recent rise in real estate price in Jamnagar, many are attributing the NRI factor, NRI Gujaratis and locals are diverting their money to real estate.

Jamnagar's banking data shows a decline in deposit since last one year, and continuous rise in real estate prices, indicating that money is being moved real estate.
NRG income which contributed to move in real estate pushes Jamnagar developers to create new high class amenity complex in Jamnagar, although due to global recession income from NRI Gujarati has fallen recently. NRI Remittance in the bank is mostly diverted to housing deals.
Jamnagar citizens now fancy big houses and are moving from traditional town places to more open places like air force / Khambhaliya road, near dared and dhuvav.
Prices in costly area like Valkeshwari, Patel Colony, Panchvati are sky rocketing, in some places construction prices are reaching around 3000-3500 Rs. psf.
Air force / Khambhaliya road price are in the range of 1000-2000 Rs. Psf, this high range is depending on building and builder's reputation.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cold sweeping in Jamnagar

Jamnagar City and district is experiencing heavy cold in recent times, the temperature went down to 9.5 in night.

Two person in Jamnagar city and one in Khambhaliya were freeze to death in last 24 hrs. In morning moisture was around 100% which created heavy fog in the morning.
Most of the citizen preferred to stay indoor and reduced outdoor activities.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marine National Park Camp

Jamnagar Marine National Park authority will be hosting a nature camp starting Nov - 10, This camp will continue till Jan-11.

As per Marine National park incharge Mr. Sata , this form is available at Marine National Park Office near Nagnath gate.

Jamnagar News

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Panchayat Election Results - BJP all the way

Needless to say, BJP made a clean sweep in District Panchayat and Taluka Panchayat elections;
In places like Alia (Aliya Bada / Alia Bada) BJP found no contestants opposing to their might.

In Khambhaliya Taluka Panchayat elections a Eunuch claimed victory over a BJP candidate by just 9 votes

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Four killed in road mishap

Four young friends were killed when their car jammed in a parked truck
near khambhaliya.

All four were resident of rajkot with age range of 25 to 30.
The impact of collision was such that car had to be cut down to pull
out mangled bodies.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

Heavy Rains Marooned Khambhaliya , Jamnagar District

Last 2 days, heavy rains marooned entire Jamnagar district, and Jamnagar city received 5 inch more rain

And Khambhaliya completed century (100 inch) of rain.

Details of total rainfall as under

Area Today's Rain (mm) Today's Rain (inch) Total Rain (mm) Total Rain (inch)
Khambhaliya 287 11.48 2547 101.88
Jamnagar 134 5.36 2031 81.24
Dhrol 84 3.36 675 27
Kalavad 93 3.72 903 36.12
Lalpur 81 3.24 1903 76.12
Kalyanpur 44 1.76 1822 72.88
Bhanvad 44 1.76 1356 54.24
Jodiya 42 1.68 1031 41.24
Dwarka 36 1.44 1054 42.16
Jamjodhpur 26 1.04 1133 45.32

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ancient Buildings in worst condition

Jamnagar, Once known as Paris of Saurashtra now cries for restoration of its famous ancient buildings, forts and great architectures.

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation spends millions in re-building the city circles, where it can not look for restoring famous Lakhota Lake Fort.

Take a case of Statue of Jam Raval near Lakhota Lake, this place is filled with dirt and is not cleaned since almost a year. The horse on which founder of Jamnagar seats, has lost 3 legs, this statue can fall at any moment. Lakhota Lake Fort itself is going under restoration since last 5 years with no progress.

Ironically the same department which is looking for these architecture (ASI) is spending around 32Lakh on cleaning up and painting a tower (Pancheshwar Tower) in city, building that are older then 150-200 years are completly ignored, this includes Bhujio Kotho, Lakhota Lake Fort, Khambhaliya Gate etc.

In last 5 years, JMC had spent more then 3-4 crore in gardening, plantation and slum cleanup which is though not visible here. Now only the alert citizens can wake up the JMC from its prolonged intended ignorance of the situation.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Khambhalia Rain Update

Jamnagar district is still experiencing heavy rain, Khambhalia received 32 inch rainfall in last two days,

This leads to a flood situation. Electricity, Transport and essentials supply is disrupted, Ghee Dam in Khambhalia is overflowing by 4 feet as we note, food packet distribution is underway from authorities.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jamnagar Heavy Rain Experienced

As we note, all dams of Jamnagar (24 in total) are overflowing.

This also includes
  • Vartu
  • Vijarakhi 
  • Ranjitsagar
  • Sarsoi
  • Rangamati 
  • Ghee
and other dams. City has experience very heavy rainfall in last 2 days, on Saturday Jamnagar City had 3 inch rain in just 45 Mins. Jamnagar's  Khambhaliya experienced 10 inch rain in 16 hours.

Jamnagar-Khambhaliya State Highway is blocked by heavy water flow. Many villages are cut off and disconnected.

State government has sent a rescue team, only 2 taluka Jodiya and Dhrol has not experienced much rain in last weekend.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heavy rain lashes Jamnagar district

Jamnagar district finally had its share of rain in last week-end, On saturday night and Sunday morning Khambhaliya received 6 inch of rain, maximum in the current season,

Jamnagar city received around 4 inch in just around one hour. Lalpur, Lamba received 3 inch, Bhanvad 2.5, Dwarka 2, Dhrol, Jamjodhpur received 1.75 inch.

Water reserviour across the district received new water. Ranjit Sagar Dam level is up by around 15 ft , UmiyaSagar dam is overflowing at 15 ft.
Total rain received in this season is as follows

Place                     : Rain in Inch
Jamnagar                : 13
Kalyanpur               : 11
Dhrol                      : 3
Lalpur                     : 8
Khambhaliya           : 9
Dwarka                  : 5
Bhanvad                 : 9
Kalavad                  : 7
Jodiya :                   : 4
Jam-Jodhpur           : 8

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Jamnagar Rain Update

Jamnagar Rain data collected as on 09-June-2010

Khambhaliya75 mm
Lalupr80 mm

Monday, April 19, 2010

Orkut : New Weapon of a Doctor

A doctor is working on a cleaning operation, the govt doctor is trying to expose corruption in a government hospital through Orkut. this doctor has put up around 400 photos of the hospital in his orkut page.

One Dr Ketan Ranpariya has decided to fight the local health authorities to look into the corruption at Khambhalia General Hospital (KGH) of Khambhaliya in Jamnagar district, The doctor is an MBBS and also has PG in hospital management.

As a typical reaction local health department transferred him else where, but without much benefit. Ketan continued to spread his message.

Now health ministry and Ranparia are at each other's neck, and accusing of foul play from both sides.

For you to catch the action, check out a orkut page titled "Shuruat to Karo Badlega India". The orkut page lists hospital officials sleeping on duty, poor storage facilities, mishandling of bio waste, unhygienic drinking water facility and dirty toilets.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Leopard sighted near Khambhaliya

A leopard is seen near Kota / Shaktinagar area of Khambhaliya since last 3 days, This leopard has already killed a goat and a calf. Residents of this area have requested Forest officials to capture the leopard

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speeding Truck Killed Four women

A speeding truck on Khambhalia road killed four women on the spot and injured around 10 people.

All victims were traveling in a jeep near the city on Tuesday morning, many who saw this accident mentioned that the truck had already collided with an ST bus before this collision..

The accident took place near Naghodi village crossroads, truck coming towards Jamnagar overtook a Dwarka-Rajkot ST bus. and as the driver could not judge , he rammed the bus and collide head-on with the jeep.

Truck driver and cleaner are under police arrest.One of the injured is in a serious condition.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Navaratri Heritage theme - Summair Sports Club Jamnagar

Jamnagar Summair Sports Club is celebrating Navaratri with a beautiful heritage theme.

All parts of the Jamnagar Summair Sports Club are decorated with a heritage touch, entrance of the Jamnagar Summair Sports Club resembles Khambhaliya Gate, dancing arena has majestic structures like the Pratap Vilas Palace entrance gates and the seating arrangements are royal as well.

Stage background has superb decorations like Jamnagar Darbargadh. Photographer Sameer Shah took pics of this places and those images were used to reconstruct the complete royal grandeur.

Jamnagar Summair Sports Club has been organizing the festival for the last 28 years.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jamnagar - Earthquake

A 3.9 on Richter earthquake jolted Kutch / Jamnagar on Saturday afternoon. No damage to property or person has been reported Yet. The quake was recorded at 12.10pm IST on Saturday. Seismologist explained the epicentre as 12km north-east of Dudhai village in Anjar taluka of Kutch district.

The tremors were felt with high intensity in Jamnagar, Jamnagar citizens experienced the sudden tremor, quake was also felt in Khambhaliya and Jodiya.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Extra marital relationship claimed two lives

The body of a six-year-old girl was found floating in an abandoned well near the Sikka town. Incidentally, the abductor was a biological father of the girl and he killed himself, fearing the police action.

The incident was the result of an affair between the victim's mother Hira and a youth Jayesh Bhambhi. Hira already complained and Police registered a case of abduction. The body was identified as Sheetal. later after the police interrogation Hira also zoomed into the list and then she confessed of having had an extramarital affair with Jayesh Bhambhi, he was the father of the Sheetal.

When Hira's husband used to torture her for this relationship and the child, Bhambhi kidnapped Sheetal and killed her by drowning in the well.

In a dramatic turn to events, police raided Bhambhi's place, Bhambhi told police that he would come from the rear door, instead he ran towards a GCC company and jumped before a speeding truck and died on the spot.

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