Monday, April 19, 2010

Orkut : New Weapon of a Doctor

A doctor is working on a cleaning operation, the govt doctor is trying to expose corruption in a government hospital through Orkut. this doctor has put up around 400 photos of the hospital in his orkut page.

One Dr Ketan Ranpariya has decided to fight the local health authorities to look into the corruption at Khambhalia General Hospital (KGH) of Khambhaliya in Jamnagar district, The doctor is an MBBS and also has PG in hospital management.

As a typical reaction local health department transferred him else where, but without much benefit. Ketan continued to spread his message.

Now health ministry and Ranparia are at each other's neck, and accusing of foul play from both sides.

For you to catch the action, check out a orkut page titled "Shuruat to Karo Badlega India". The orkut page lists hospital officials sleeping on duty, poor storage facilities, mishandling of bio waste, unhygienic drinking water facility and dirty toilets.

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