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Saturday, September 13, 2014

9 DAM Overflow

 Last few days of sparse rains bought new water in Jamnagar Dams, however the Ranjit Sagar dam that provide drinking water to City has almost no water.

હાલાર પંથકના અત્યાર સુધીમાં નવ ડેમો ઓવરફ્લો થઈ ગયા છે,
શહેરને પાણી પુરૃ પાડતા રણજીતસાગર ડેમમાં પાણીની આવક થઈ નથી.

ફુલઝર-૧ - રફુટ,
ડાયામીણસર - ૦.૩૩,
આજી-૪ - ૦.૩૩,
ઉંડ-૧ - ૦.ર૦,
વોડીશાંગ -  ૧.૧પ,
મીણસાર-વી - ૦.૬૬,
વેરાડી-ર - ૧.૧પ,
વેરાડી-૧ - ૧.૯૦

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Rain in Lalpur, Kalavad and Jamjodhpur

Recent unseasonable rain in  Lalpur, Kalavad and Jamjodhpur has created monsoon like situation in Jamnagar,

Friday, September 10, 2010

Heavy Rains Marooned Khambhaliya , Jamnagar District

Last 2 days, heavy rains marooned entire Jamnagar district, and Jamnagar city received 5 inch more rain

And Khambhaliya completed century (100 inch) of rain.

Details of total rainfall as under

Area Today's Rain (mm) Today's Rain (inch) Total Rain (mm) Total Rain (inch)
Khambhaliya 287 11.48 2547 101.88
Jamnagar 134 5.36 2031 81.24
Dhrol 84 3.36 675 27
Kalavad 93 3.72 903 36.12
Lalpur 81 3.24 1903 76.12
Kalyanpur 44 1.76 1822 72.88
Bhanvad 44 1.76 1356 54.24
Jodiya 42 1.68 1031 41.24
Dwarka 36 1.44 1054 42.16
Jamjodhpur 26 1.04 1133 45.32

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Coral Rehabilitation Project - Marine National Park

Coral Rehabilitation Project - Marine National Park

Under a conservation project for eco-diversity, Gujarat State Forest dept will get some coral from Lakshadweep, and re-plantation them in Jamnagar Marine National Park

These Acropora Corals are on the brink of extinction, earlier it was found in abundance now are a rare sight in Pirotan / Narara.

Two more coral species, Corites and Feviya, will also be replanted. Jamnagar's Marine National park is of the few parks in world where travellers can see coral in shallow water also.

This Project funded by World bank will have lifecycle of 5 years.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Khambhalia Rain Update

Jamnagar district is still experiencing heavy rain, Khambhalia received 32 inch rainfall in last two days,

This leads to a flood situation. Electricity, Transport and essentials supply is disrupted, Ghee Dam in Khambhalia is overflowing by 4 feet as we note, food packet distribution is underway from authorities.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Jamnagar Heavy Rain Images

Pics by Ramesh Bhadra

Ranjit Sagar Overflow Pics

Ranjit Sagar Dam
Ranjit Sagar Dam
River Near Ranjit Sagar
Causeway Near Ranjit Sagar

Images by Ramesh Bhadra

Jamnagar Heavy Rain Experienced

As we note, all dams of Jamnagar (24 in total) are overflowing.

This also includes
  • Vartu
  • Vijarakhi 
  • Ranjitsagar
  • Sarsoi
  • Rangamati 
  • Ghee
and other dams. City has experience very heavy rainfall in last 2 days, on Saturday Jamnagar City had 3 inch rain in just 45 Mins. Jamnagar's  Khambhaliya experienced 10 inch rain in 16 hours.

Jamnagar-Khambhaliya State Highway is blocked by heavy water flow. Many villages are cut off and disconnected.

State government has sent a rescue team, only 2 taluka Jodiya and Dhrol has not experienced much rain in last weekend.

Monday, July 26, 2010

UPDATED - Weekend Rain News

Jamnagar City received around 7.5 inch rain in the weekend,
In the city, rain started from Friday evening continued till Sunday and lashed around 7.5 inch of rainfall. flooding areas like Rameshwar nagar, Khodiya Colony, Limda-lane, Bedi gate, Jayshree Talkies etc. Lakhota lake also received fresh supply of rain-water.

Jamnagar district's Kalyanpur taluka's Bhatia lake filled completly in this rainfall, Lalpur also received 0.75 inch, Bhanvad , Dhrol received 1.25 inch. and Jodia,Kalawad received .5 inch rain in last weekend.

Image courtsey : Nobat

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Heavy rain lashes Jamnagar district

Jamnagar district finally had its share of rain in last week-end, On saturday night and Sunday morning Khambhaliya received 6 inch of rain, maximum in the current season,

Jamnagar city received around 4 inch in just around one hour. Lalpur, Lamba received 3 inch, Bhanvad 2.5, Dwarka 2, Dhrol, Jamjodhpur received 1.75 inch.

Water reserviour across the district received new water. Ranjit Sagar Dam level is up by around 15 ft , UmiyaSagar dam is overflowing at 15 ft.
Total rain received in this season is as follows

Place                     : Rain in Inch
Jamnagar                : 13
Kalyanpur               : 11
Dhrol                      : 3
Lalpur                     : 8
Khambhaliya           : 9
Dwarka                  : 5
Bhanvad                 : 9
Kalavad                  : 7
Jodiya :                   : 4
Jam-Jodhpur           : 8

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Khijadiya Bird Sanctury : Eco Tourism in Village

You need not be an University Graduate to save the planet, every little thinking helps the planet to survive.
Banking on Eco Tourism villagers around Khijadiya Bird Sanctury vowed to protect the environment and the area nearby, and Forest department is helping them to do so.

Khijadiya is known for its best wetland reservoir and heaven for migratory birds coming from Arabian sea, in Winter and early summer thousands of birds flock to this place, this is the fist resting place / wetland for birds coming from Arabian sea / Africa. This wetland with a marine national park nearby makes it best sight seeing place in Gujarat for Eco tourists.

Villagers near the Khijadia used to cut wild babool for their daily fuel needs, now solar cooker provided from the Gujarat State Forest Department is giving new life to Khijadia villagers and also to birds,

A World Bank-funded Eco-development project helps 10 villages in Jamnagar to provide solar cookers, bio gas and other vocational courses on automobiles, sewing etc. each village will receive sum of 8 lakh. village selected in first phase of the implementation are Khijadia, Jodia, Okunala, Balachai, Sachana, Khara Biraja, Parodia, Simani, Samna and Poshitra. Phase 2 will implement similiar project in Navlakhi (Kutch) and Okha (Jamnagar), after phase 2 total 97 villages will be covered under the scheme.

Khijadia bird sanctury has many birds like

  • black ibis
  • black-winged kite
  • brahminy kite
  • pheasant-tailed jacana
  • great thick-knee
  • common greenshank
  • grey francolin
  • imperial eagle
  • Indian pond heron
  • little tern
  • black-tailed godwit
  • comb duck
  • common crane
  • common teal
  • dunlin
  • garganey
  • marsh harrier
  • northern pintail
  • shoveler
  • Eurasian wigeon
  • pale harrier
  • demoiselle crane
  • sanderling
  • darters

Forest Department is looking forward to preserve the bio-diversity by adding more natural life style to nearby villages in the forest range.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jamnagar Water Reservoir - Rain Update

Jamnagar Water reservoir and rains in nearby areas in last 24hrs.

Dam Rain in last 24 hrs (mm)
Vartu Dam 75
Sonmati Dam 75
Dai Minsar Dam 50
Vanavad Dam 32
Veradi-2 Dam 152
Vartu-2 Dam 50
Veradi-1  Dam 70
Rupavati Dam 50
Kabaraka Dam 80
Vanana Dam 90
Umiya Sagar Dam 50

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cyclone Phyan : Gujarat On Alert

As Warned by MET.  

Phyan, A Cyclone of Level 3 may hit coasts of West-South Gujarat and Specially Jamnagar by tomorrow, Citizens are adviced to stay alert, Sea-shore activities are reportedly prohibited

Monday, September 14, 2009

Pulses worth 34 lakh seized

Tackling the black marketeers in saurashtra, On Sunday, Jamnagar civil supplies department captured pulses worth Rs 33.75 lakh.

Jamnagar Civil supplies department captured the pulses near Sanjay Nagar area, located in outskirts of the Jamnagar. Civil Supply Inspectors revealed that around  91,000 kg of tuver / chana dal were recovered during the raid.

Owner of the Krishna Industry are taken in police custody. It was known that large discrepancy in the storage accounts of the firm was reason behind suspecian adn the raid.

Total pusle cost is around 34 lakh.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rain , Agriculture , Shravan and more

In last 56 hrs Jamnagar recorded around 340mm of rainfall. Local government has alerted the authorities because of water logging caused by incessant rain.

Jamnagar district agriculture department claims that the district has completed 94% of sowing, more rain could wipe-off the plantation.

Along with the rain comes the Shravan month of devotion and celebration. thousands of pilgrims, including those from non-resident Gujarati community, have started flocking to various temples of Saurashtra, Somnath and Dwarka being the main attractions.

Jamnagar district collectorate of Dwarka and management board of Jagat Mandir in Dwarka have begun preparations for the Janmashthami celebrations. Devotees have already started thronging the town to attend the celebrations. In a recently convened meeting attended by Rajya Sabha MP and Dwarkadhish Devasthan Samiti chief Parimal Nathwani and collector VP Patel, preparations for the big day's events were discussed.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Water Crisis - worsening

After many years, Jamnagar Citizens will see a sight long forgotten - water tankers.

Delayed monsoon is draging reserviour levels to new lows and many people in the region will have to rely on water supplied through tankers if the monsoon gets delayed by a week or more. Of 109 / 120 reservoirs in Saurashtra-Kutch have hit rock bottom or are on the verge of it.

Cities like Jamnagar and Bhuj cities will need to look for alternative arrangements like supplying underground water to the residents through tanker services to tide over the situation.

The situation is worst in Jamnagar as only 6.31 per cent of the quantum is left in the 30 dams in Jamnagar. Over 55 villages in the district has already started water supply through tankers. This number is likely to go up, if rains don't come within a week or so.

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