Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ancient Buildings in worst condition

Jamnagar, Once known as Paris of Saurashtra now cries for restoration of its famous ancient buildings, forts and great architectures.

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation spends millions in re-building the city circles, where it can not look for restoring famous Lakhota Lake Fort.

Take a case of Statue of Jam Raval near Lakhota Lake, this place is filled with dirt and is not cleaned since almost a year. The horse on which founder of Jamnagar seats, has lost 3 legs, this statue can fall at any moment. Lakhota Lake Fort itself is going under restoration since last 5 years with no progress.

Ironically the same department which is looking for these architecture (ASI) is spending around 32Lakh on cleaning up and painting a tower (Pancheshwar Tower) in city, building that are older then 150-200 years are completly ignored, this includes Bhujio Kotho, Lakhota Lake Fort, Khambhaliya Gate etc.

In last 5 years, JMC had spent more then 3-4 crore in gardening, plantation and slum cleanup which is though not visible here. Now only the alert citizens can wake up the JMC from its prolonged intended ignorance of the situation.

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