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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Sachana - Boom from Recession

Worldwide economic slow down has actually become a savior for Gujarat's Alang ship breaking industry. There is a new ship everyday ready to get broken, few years back there were only 4-5 ships a month.

Jamnagar's Sachana has something to cheer about as well. Alang ship breaking yard is over loaded due to incoming traffic, many small ships have preferred to go to Sachana ship breaking yard which is located in north Saurashtra, 28 km from Jamnagar.

Sachana yard is smaller than Alang. It has 15 plots. At Sachana yard, ship stands inside the sea, away from ship breaking plot. After breaking some parts inside the sea, ships are pulled towards the plots.

Sachana ship breaking yard had total six plots.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamnagar Election Coverage - 2009

Jamnagar, will be the prime place of battle between Congress & BJP in Saurashtra.

in 2004, the BJP'S five-time MP Chandresh Patel lost by very thin margin of around 5000 votes by an Ahir leader, Vikram Madam. BJP candidate of 2004, Chandresh Patel had supported Kisan Sangh to campaign against chief minister Narendra Modi, and he had to leave party for that, fearing one more loss, the CM wooed Patel was given BJP worker's card, but not the ticket to contest.

This was the first time BJP lost her seat in Jamnagar. Jamnagar seat is dominated mainly by Leva Patel and Ahir communities, BJP's trick of proposing Ramesh Mungra will make a split between Leva and Ahir communities. Adding fuel to fire, there is internal feud in the Congress and Madam might pay the price for it.

Vikram Madam is very popular in Jamnagar City due to his social work and accessibility to people, however the BJP's dominance of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation is a major roadblock for him. BJP also controls most of the Taluka panchayat like Salaya (Congress), Dwarka, Jam-Jodhpur, Dhrol, Bhanvad, Kalavad and Khambhaliya municipalities. The Jamnagar District panchayat is also dominated by the BJP.

Vikram Madam is also facing issues within the party. for e.g. Poonam Madam (his niece) was also lobbying to get the party ticket, on the other hand, this time BJP has picked up a new comer Ramesh Mungra, Ramesh was BJP general secretary and Jamnagar district panchayat member. Hailing from powerful Leva Patel community. Ex-Deputy CM Mulu Bera, who is also current Bhanvad MLA (Ahir community) will assist Ramesh to woo Ahir votebank.

Out of around 13 lakh voters in Jamnagar, Ahirs are in a majority with 16% votes. The other are Kshatriyas (14%), Patels (14%), a majority of them being Leuva Patels), Muslims (13%) and Vaniya/Jain 10%.

Jamnagar has many new issues in this election, new things like heavy industrialisation has also thrown up issues like environmental degradation. Non-availability of sufficient water for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes is a major issue in the district. Unemployment, clashes with migratory population etc. are other emerging issues.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Essar Oil Refinery Expansion Plans

Essar Oil Ltd, flagship company of The Ruia Group is planning to continue the Vadinar Jamnagar Refinery expansion.

Essar Oil Ltd, confirmed yesterday its plans to go ahead with the expansion of its Jamnagar refinery and continuing business of petroleum retail businesses spread across the country.

The company is also laying down phased plan to expand into petrochemicals, the natural progression for any refinery, till after the second stage of refinery expansion is completed in December 2011.

This expansion project would cost about $5.5 billion, is being implemented in two phases for which the company has a loan commitment of about $4.55 billion, $700 million is from commitments in foreign loans and the remaining is from Indian lenders. Essar did mentioned that they can go for more foreign lending.

Current expansion plans are needed for Essar to de-bottleneck and upgrade its existing Jamnagar refinery, Essar is hoping to increase Jamnagar refinery's annual output capacity from 13 million tonnes (mt) to 16 mt (330,000 barrels a day) in the first phase. This phase will cost Rs 7,810 crore and it will involve installation of additional processing units (such as coker and hydro-treaters), a hydrogen-manufacturing unit and revamping of some of the existing units. The company is taking Rs 4,600-crore debt for the first phase, which is expected to be completed by December 31, 2010.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Reliance Refinery Accident claims two lives

Major accident at RPL Jamnagar Refinery killed two engineers.

In a statement RIL confirmed the death of two employees due to refinery blast in the Hydrogen Area. statement also confirmed that all refining-related operations at the 580,000-barrel-a-day new refinery and an adjacent existing 660,000-barrel-a-day refinery remain normal.

The accident was at hydrogen unit, there was a loud explosion in equipment.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Devotees offer stone for wish Fulfillment - Khambhalia

For our fulfillment of wishes, we offer many things to our gods. Like coconut, flowers, holy clothes etc.

In what could be most amazing offering, devotees are offering  Stones at a mausoleum in near Khambhalia.
The 400-year-old tomb of Ashaba Pir is famous for this extraordinary tradition.

Here devotees come to cure their illness and illness of their animals too, devotees can offer a minimum seven stones and a maximum of truckload of stones. It is said that before around 400 years, as there was nothing to be offered, people started offering stones and hence the tradition started.

This tomb is located at seven kilometers from Khambalia.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Showers Continuing in Jamnagar

Four more reservoirs in the district got overflowed today, as the rain in continued since last three days.

Here is the status of rainfall received in the season (in MM)

Jamnagar    -    670
Bhanvad        -    717
Dhrol        -    351
Jam-Jodhpur    -    608
Kalavad        -    495
Kalyanpur    -    826
Khambhaliya    -    461
Lalpur        -    854

Ranjit Sagar is overflowing today

Friday, August 8, 2008

Dubai Illegal Money Transfer Racket Busted

The 30 lakh Rs Cash case has found a huge opening, the person has admitted to be a part of a huge havala racket in the Jamnagar.

Malde Dewa Chavda of Chudeshwar (Khambalia) was arrested Rs 30 lakh in cash. He worked for an angadia firm, Malde was working for a angadia firm called Vishnu Kanti.

This Angadia firm was transferring illegal money to Dubai, the illegal money laundering amount was Rs 4 Crore in last one month.

Income Tax and FEMA authorities have started their action.


Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Father killed Son after Drinks

A father shot and killed his 35-Year-Old son at Rann village in Jamkalyanpur Taluka of Jamnagar.

Preliminary investigations found that this was a cause of a spat after a they had drinks.
The accused Kamal Mansur, from his licensed gun fired four rounds at his son Vejanand Mansur, doctors declared him brought dead when they the father bought the  Jam Khambhaliya Hospital.

The father said his son committed suicide, however the post-postmortem report revealed four wounds on the body on different parts. Jevaben (accused's wife) filed a case of murder against Kamal.

Jamnagar News

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parsvnath - Jamnagar Project Announced

The integrated group housing and commercial mall project of Parsvnath Developers Ltd (PDL) will soon start at Jamnagar

This prestigious project of Parsvnath Developers Ltd will be developed on land area of 13, 200 sq metres. Cost of the project is approx Rs 120 crore.

Rajeev Jain ( Director - Marketing) of Parsvnath Developers Ltd said that Jamnagar is the Jewel of Kathiawar, and as its emerging as the largest refining and petrochemical hub in the world, Parsvnath Developers will take this oppertunity to provide quality construction with mix of amenities to the residents of Jamnagar.

The Site of Parsvnath Precious and Parsvnath Mall is located on Jamnagar-Khambalia highway in Jamnagar and will offers residential and commercial facilities.

The site is well connected with almost all important destinations in and around Jamnagar District.

Jamnagar News

Monday, February 25, 2008

Cooking Gas - New Racket Bursts

Cooking Gas Scarcity is an ongoing complain able item in Jamnagar, however in the marriage season, the party plots / cooking party and other such suppliers do get a regular share of the cooking cylinders.

A new racket was exposed in Khambhaliya, where almost 400 forged connection were applied and the cooking gas was supplied from those connection to such suppliers, those who had their names in these connections, do not even have a Gas burner at their home.

A complain is logged and Civil supply and Police are doing further investigation.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Jamnagar - Khambhalyia Road got worst

Almost a 10 Million Rupees had been spent just a year ago to re-construct the road between Jamnagar and Khambhaliya, however in less then a year the condition is worst then it used to be, huge potholes are wide open and quality of the construction is in serious doubt.


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