Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parsvnath - Jamnagar Project Announced

The integrated group housing and commercial mall project of Parsvnath Developers Ltd (PDL) will soon start at Jamnagar

This prestigious project of Parsvnath Developers Ltd will be developed on land area of 13, 200 sq metres. Cost of the project is approx Rs 120 crore.

Rajeev Jain ( Director - Marketing) of Parsvnath Developers Ltd said that Jamnagar is the Jewel of Kathiawar, and as its emerging as the largest refining and petrochemical hub in the world, Parsvnath Developers will take this oppertunity to provide quality construction with mix of amenities to the residents of Jamnagar.

The Site of Parsvnath Precious and Parsvnath Mall is located on Jamnagar-Khambalia highway in Jamnagar and will offers residential and commercial facilities.

The site is well connected with almost all important destinations in and around Jamnagar District.

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