Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Porbandar Brahma Samaj - Jamnagar Crisis

Porbandar Brahma Samaj - Jamnagar Crisis

The flare continous and there are many, who wanted to se this flare burning...

Porbandar Bramha Samaj filed a police complaint against Oener of Amber Theatre of Jamnagar (Mr. Madam), Yashraj Films and bollywood actor Aamir Khan on wednesday. as you might be aware that all this flare begins when AMber Cinema screen the banned movie Fanaa, and a youth Pravin Joshi from porbandar,  committed self-immolation as a protest to this screening.  Pravin dies in G.G. Hostpital on Tuesday and the flare bursts open.

Mulliana, In-charge DSP (District Superintendent Of Police) of Porbendar, confirmed that they received the complaint from Brahma Samaj and they are forwarind the complaint to Jamnagar Police.

Gujarat Cinematographer Exhibitors Association decided to withdraw screening of this movie after Aamir khan stand against Narmada dam issue and participated with the Narmada Bachao Andolan and its leader Medha Patkar in New Delhi. It was also believed that he did in order to promote his famous movie "Rang De Basanti" as the movie did had similiar kind of protest scene against the Governance, but the fact remains that a sensible actor like aamir khan should not have dig out this ghost of Narmada Bachao Aandolan. Now the situation is that even if Aamir khan did what he believes, a person had lost his life...

On the other hand Jamnagar Bramha Samaj declared Rs one lakh as a financial assistance to the family of Joshi.

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