Thursday, November 30, 2006

Onether Mig Crash Near Jamnagar

On Tuesday, November 21  A MiG-29 fighter of the crashed near the airbase in Jamnagar .
The pilot, Flight Lt Krishna Kant, ejected to safety.  "Barring some minor injuries, the pilot is safe and he is being taken to the IAF hospital for treatment," an official source said.

The crash occurred at around 7.45 pm (IST) in the vicinity of Sarmat village soon after the jet had taken off for a routine night sortie.

This was the third MiG-29 that crashed this year. The IAF has lost a total of five jets since January.  This was also the third crash this year at Jamnagar involving Russian-made fighter jets. On June 8, a twin-seat trainer version of the MiG-29 with two pilots had crashed on the uninhabited Pirotan island while on a routine sortie. Both pilots had ejected to safety.

On January 17, a MiG-21 crashed during target firing practice at Jamnagar. The pilot ejected to safety.


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