Thursday, November 16, 2006

Hotelier Held for Rape

Hotelier Held for Rape,
Kishor Talatia (Owner of local Suryakant Hotel), was arrested on Wednesday on the charge of abducting and raping a minor girl, The 15-year-old victim, a resident of Gulbahar village in Dahod district, had lodged a complaint on Monday with police against Talatia.

According to complainant, the accused enticed her by offering her bus fare to Dahod against a day's work at his hotel. Later, he took her on his motorcycle to the bushes near Ghanteshwar restaurant on Jamnagar highway and raped her.

The girl had come to the city with her husband Gordhan and mother-in-law to work at a construction site on Gondal Road. On November 7, she ran away after getting beaten up by her husband.
She didn't have enough money to buy a bus ticket to return to her parents' home in Dahod. It was then that she had come across Talatia. The police have framed charges against him under section 36/76, 363 and 343 of IPC as well as Atrocity Act.


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