Tuesday, August 1, 2006

Wife revoked in Five days

Wife revoked in Five days

A Jamnagar resident Gordhan Patel lodged a Police complaint with Crime Branch saying he was defrauded of Rs 25,000.

It so happened that Gordhan was seeking for a bride of same caste and approach a marriage consultant named Vewai in Anklav  (Anand district),  some 10 days back he got married to "Geeta" , but just five days after the marriage, marriage consultant of that bureu came and took away geeta saying that she was already married.

it so happened that once Gordhan decided on Geeta as his prospective bride, the marriage agent asked for Rs 41,000 from him for arranging the match. Gordhan sayed he will pay the amount, later.  they both married at a Waghodia temple in Vadodara, they came back to Jamnagar.

In just five days, Vewai team came to Gordhan's house and took Geeta away with them. ''I was told that Geeta was married to another man and that they needed her to convince him for a divorce. Geeta left with jewellery and saris worth Rs 17,000 which we had bought her during the wedding and also Rs 5,000 in cash,'' Gordhan told the police.

out of the said team, two are arrested.

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