Saturday, August 5, 2006

Jamnagar - Rainbow Ring Around the Sun.

Rain finally let up on Saturday in Jamnagar,

but residents rush out , get rooted for onether splendid reason.

A rainbow ring around the sun was witnessed in several parts of the Jamnagar city.

question comes as .. whats this ringside view, Ahmedabad's Mr Pai who is a  of Astronomy Club of Ahmedabad explains that  'It is formed by a process very like that of a rainbow. Water vapour present at high altitudes scatters sunlight falling on it in all directions. This leads to the formation of a ring around the sun.'.

he also added that this is mostly seen in monsoon, and in ahmedabad this comes on each four-five years

when water vaopur in the atmosphere is high , such halo can also be seen in the lamp-post of the hill stations...