Friday, June 30, 2006

Fear of Mig- JAMNAGAR

The fear of Mig On Land - JAMNAGAR

in 70-80s Mig were fearsome in air, things have not changed here in LAKHA BAVAL a small village, 16 KM from Jamnagar.
A MiG-21 had crashed in this village two years ago,  since then "MiG aavyo, MiG aavyo" (mig is coming) is an alarming sound for this small village, everyday around 200 sories are carried out by IAF, not to mention at a very very low height. an IAF MIG crash at a place in village , that place is now named as 'Viman Chowk' (aircraft square), this 'flying coffin' accident claimed five vilagers, this village comes under Sarmat flying range of IAF.

Aircrafts, sometimes fly just 50 to 100 ft above the houses. The aircraft crashed on the Anganwadi (primary school) building at 9.30 am, luckily most of the kids were late (!!!)

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