Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

It was a busy day for Jamnagar police, as many as 15 theft were reported in mere two hours, this includes 15 shops, offices and a bank, thr cash pull was reported to be around Rs 65,000 ( which includes and cash and goods), Jamnagar Police found that they were in a group of five , and were travelling in a white maruti car.

Police said that the robbers broke into commercial establishments between 3.45 am and 5.15 am, taking advantage of the downpour during this period.

Rajiv Bhagat, Jamnagar superintendent of police did add that there are few eyewitness who have seen the the robbers and as per their description , Jamnagar Police will soon draft sketches and start operating on it, Jamnagar Police did found that the robbers were outsiders. They tried break the United Bank (Town Hall). They reached the strong room, but luckily can not break the strong-room door. Infact burgled selected only those complexes, which were closed or without security men.

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