Monday, October 9, 2006

Jamnagar Village under Quake Threat

Jamnagar Village under Quake Threat,

Residents of Khankhotda village, ( Kalawad taluka)  have been spending sleepless nights since a month. The mild tremors are experienced with huge bangs people fear the repeat of the 2001 quake, they are still not ready to shift to their houses and have been living in tents erected for them by the administration.  The region experienced eleven "blasts" on Sunday and six mild tremors on Monday. this village is the epicentre, the Jamnagar District Collector Office has erected tents where around 100 people have taken shelter. In other villages like Bagha and Lalpur also, people are spending night in the open.

Purshottam Patel sarcpanch of Khankhotda says that, more than 100 people have taken refuge in around 30 tents. ''It's been more than a month that people here have not been able to sleep because of these tremors and blasts,''.

On Sunday, 11 tremors were recorded between 7 am and 1 pm. Another tremor measuring 2.4 on the Richter scale hit the region around 4 pm.

Last Friday, Dwarka in Jamnagar district also recorded an undersea tremor measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale. ''Tremors recorded were very mild. There's no reason to panic," said Jamnagar District Collector VP Patel.

Seismologist SS Gadhvi said: ''Jamnagar district is in zone number 3, which means it has less possibility of being hit by an earthquake. No fault line is active in Saurashtra region. So there could be mild tremors, but no powerful earthquake.''  the team also explained that the tremors are result of movement between two plates, located hardly 2 kms down from the surface. The team, which has set up two temporary observatories in Khankhotda and Lalpur, based on their past two days' experience said that blast will continue for another one and a half months. ''It will subside when movements between two plates will stop,'


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