Sunday, August 27, 2006

Lalpur - madrassa student beaten to death

A 20-year-old student of a madrassa was beaten to death by his 23-year-old teacher in Lalpur (incidently this town was my home-town) of Jamnagar district on Thursday evening following an incident of eve-teasing.

Jamnagar police said the victim :  Nazir Ahmad, belonged to a poor family of labourers from Salaya town and had taken admission for studying Urdu four years ago at Darool Ulam Madrassa.

On Tuesday, he was accused of teasing madrassa trustee Hafiz Umagul's daughter.
Angered over this, the teacher, Tanveer Ahmed Anwar Sheikh, beat the victim with a stick, causing serious injuries.

Nazir, was unconscious, rushed to a nearby hospital around 7 pm where he succumbed three hours later.
The news of Nazir's death spread like wild fire in the town and Salaya where his parents live.

Sub-inspector Patel said madrassa principal Nurkhan Usmankhan Pathan lodged a complaint against Tanveer, ( who is absconding) 
Police, after registering a murder case, had handed over the body to the boy's parents.

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