Monday, June 26, 2006

RPL Coker Unit - Foster Wheeler USA

A US company is selected to provide new Cooking unit to Jamnagar Refinery project of Reliance

"Foster Wheeler USA Corporation" signed a contract for eight-drum delayed coking unit for Jamnagar Export Refinery Project at the Reliance Petroleum Limited (RPL) refinery in Jamnagar, India,  this new refinery will be largest single stream petroleum refinery in the world providing state of art technology and will contribute for at least 35-40% of nations total crude oil processing capability. Bechtel France, RPL's Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Advisory Services contractor, awarded this contract to Fosters.

Fosters scope includes process, detailed engineering for the new coker (cooking unit), please note that existing coker at Jamnagar refinery is also from Fosters, which is world's largest Coker ( cooking) unit commissioned in 1998 (I was there at the time of commissioning of this unit)

The technology is revolved round a s SYDEC process, which is a thermal conversion process used by refineries to upgrade heavy residue feed and process it into high value transport fuels, this technology uses a low-pressure, low-recycle design for achieving maximum liquid yields. By installing a SYDEC unit in their refinery, the owner is able to process heavier crude, which sell at a discount to the benchmark light, sweet crude, allowing the refiner to reap the benefit of significant refining margins.

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