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Mangrove Marvels

One and only Marine National Park is

Pirotan Island and its near by area is the Only MARINE NATIONAL PARK of its kind in India, situated at Jamnagar Dist. Gujarat.

The Pirotan Island has Majestic view of Sunrise and Sunset, Pirotan Island is about 15 Nautical Miles from Jamnagar in Arabian Sea. Complete areas is of 3.0 square k.m., surrounded with dense Mangroves forest, The Marine Trees.

The Pirotan Island is home of many marine life-form. that includes

Various types of Crabs
King crab
Hermit crabs
Ghost crabs

Wiper- Isosceles
Sea snakes
Sea slugs and many more.

The forest is very rich in marine wild life, Marine creatures, Sea animals, and really a very good Paradise for Bird watchers.

Out of total 250 species of Mangroves, 60 species are available in India. Sundarban in West-bengal is also famous for Mangrove Forest. colorful Reeforon, Grey Heron, Avocet etc. can also be seen on sea shore.

Sea Horse
Sea Anemone
Sea Slug
Sea Warm
Mud Skipper
Sea Bonellia
Coaster Cather
Sea Urchin etc.
these are amoung other marine lives & creatures found near Pirotan Island. if you explore Deep sea , you can get a glimpse of DOLPHIN too.

Sponges make this a colourrful world, Red, Blue, Violet,and Pink sponges can be seen near the Light House and Mangroves forest,
Corals found here includes - Moon coral, Star Coral, Finger Coral, Brain Coral, etc.

In the Local Gujarati Language "Coral" is calling as "Parwada". while each Coral is a live colony of marine lives.

There are more then 250 species of Fish are seen, it includes  Brittle Star,Ray fish, Coral fish, Lobster fish, Puffer fish, Pistol shrimp, etc.
Sea-bird crys day and night in Pirotan,

Sea Gull
Haring Gull
Blackhead Gull
Crab Plover Gull

Do come to Pirotan Island

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