Thursday, June 8, 2006

MIG 29 Crash Near Jamnagar

A MiG-29 trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed 30 km north of Jamnagar into the sea, near Pirotan island, where the Marine National Park is situated, at 12.10 pm on Thursday. 

Authority are checking whether or not there was damage to the island and to marine life.

The pilots, Wing Commander A Nautiyal and Squadron Leader NK Mahal, ejected safely and were rescued. Both pilots, according to sources in Jamnagar cantonment, were admitted to Air Force hospital.

Official sources in the IAF said the aircraft was on a routine training mission from Bhuj Air Base and was returning to Jamnagar .

The sources said that no individual was injured or killed as a result of crash and an
inquiry had been ordered.

The sources said that immediately after the incident, firebrigade personnel of Jamnagar Municipal Corporati on (JMC), the Coast Guard, IAF and Naval staff were dispatched to the spot for rescue operations.


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