Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Moti Khavdi Tension gripped

Moti Khavdi Tension gripped.

A labour was killed when a truck ran over him near New Labour Colony off Kanalus Village, Tension gripped the Moti Khavdi industrial zone in Jamnagar district today morning, when more than 1,000 labours assembled to protest the accidental death of a 25 year old labourer, Lalla Tulsiram Bapat, he was on the rolls of RIL's contractors and his death threatened to lead to some tension in the area but since the State Reserve Police Force (SRPF) platoons were deployed in nearby areas, any violent fallout was averted

The SRPF had been deployed in the industrial zone, following a scuffle in the company premises of  Essar Oil in the month of August, when labourers reacted violently and damaged security office torching two company hired vehicles, due to a similar incident, wherein a labourer was injured stamped by a four-wheeler passing from the same highway.
As such accidents have been frequently occurring in the industrial site where Essar and Reliance have their full-fledged operations, especially the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) projects, an additional police chowki facility has been erected here.


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