Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jamnagar - Talkies owner being harrased

Jamnagar Talkies ( Amber) owner learnt that going against the path is not always easy.

Jamnagars Amber talkies ,  the only cinema in Gujarat to screen the controversial Aamir Khan starrer Fanaa is in news again, this time for not so good reasons. Owner of the talkies that in name of routine checkes officials are swooping in theaters, though it should not be a matter of issue.

But the is the timings of this raid were not good at all.

just the otherday when the film was released, a team from the Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) threatened to disconnect power supply if a "disputed" amount of Rs. 4.11 lakh in power bills was not paid immediately. Vikram Madam (Jamnagar Congress MP ), whose nephew is the owner, said that GEB rembers the amount after one year.

then came the Fire Department ( officials of the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation), followed by Collectorate also sent officials to check the licence and other documents but found everything in order, 
but  a Government spokesman denied of any attempt to "harass" the owner.


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