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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jamnagar Crematorium - New way to look at death

Jamnagar Crematorium - New way to look at death.

Whenever some one asks us visiting places in our city , We (Those who have been living in Jamnagar) name the "Crematorium" first, its iconic image of represnting death in a more acceptable and recongnised as a place for devotion and hindu mythological understanding. Many tourist finds this idean unique and respectable, as the crematorium has beautiful paintings depicting Hindu saints and spiritual leaders, many places have are following crematoria design based on Jamnagar pattern.

On the other hand, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation announce that it will cost no cremation charges for the bodies of people under 18. also will give free cremation of people living below poverty line.

This way is similiar in throughout Gujarat, people here respect death and related ceremony with utter honour.

In Ahmedabad , there is facility for the webcast of cremation at a crematorium on the SG Highway.


Friday, December 28, 2007

Jamnagar - New GSPL Pipeline

Gujarat State Petronet Ltd (GSPL) is Gujarat state's natural gas transmission company and a subsidiary of Gujarat State Petroleum Corporation (GSPC)


GSPL is now planning to invest 2,500 crore on new pipeline network, this network will be used to transport natural gas between Jamnagar, Mundra, Pipavav and Morvi.

Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) is working on plans to transport the natural gas from its Krishna-Godavari offshore (KG Basin) gas field to GSPL's facility in Bharuch, GSPL is already in agreement with RIL to transport natural gas from its Bharuch to Jamnagar refinery. This might be a big win for Reliance considering its Natural gas consumption capacity, it's a bigger win for GSPC / GSPL has these companies are will get a distribution framework ready to market Compressed Natural Gas in Gujarat and especially Saurashtra region. Reliance is eyeing on this framework to have their own PNG / CNG distribution cells across villages.

Reliance is looking a way ahead and is now interested to set up grid between its east and west refineries, RIL has a production point at Kakinada , which produced Natural Gas from Krishna-Godavari (KG Basin), once this network is build then with benefits of GSPL Gas Silo at Uran and Dahej (South Gujarat). Reliance can transfer natural gas to any of its refining areas;

  On the other hand GSPL will use this grid to move its Natural Gas from the Kakinada to landing point into Gujarat like Mundra and Pipavav.


Jamnagar - Reliance cheers for refinery

Jamnagar's Reliance refinery is a big reason to cheer again, this time for the Reliance employees.
On birthday of the founder, Mr. Dhirubhai H. Ambani, Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is announcing heavy pay rise.
Hikes will be from 22-55%, and many of this is aimed for retention in IT, engineering and marketing units, Reliance group is currently India's largest private sector enterprise with some 40,000 employees, in immediate response to counterstrike Reliance's move for grabbing employees, Govt. owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp. Ltd. (ONGC) has said that it is also planning similar pay hikes.
Well you cant take and leave, some one says that any one who leaves before October 2008 will have to pay (back) the increment with 12% interest to the company.
Hmm, interesting way of retention!!

Jamnagar - Rain in winter

In last two days, Jamnagar is experiencing change of climate, some places there has been rain and cold wind. Temperature reached as low as 11.4 degree yesterday, yesterday was coldest in the season.


Jamnagar - Heart on Right side

Dilip Sadiya, of Mithapur (Jamnagar district) has heart on right side
of hit chest.

This 22-year-old man discovered this recently when he visited a doc,
as his heart beat came from right side instead of usual left side. In
physiology this rare occurrence is called Dextrocardia.


Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jamnagar Brass Parts Owners - Rising against Chinese tide

Jamnagar is not just an alias of Reliance Petroleum Ltd. or home of Rolls-Royce's of Jamnagar's Kingship - The Jam sahibs

There is more to Jamnagar then it meets the eyes.

Jamnagar 's Major Industry is Brass Parts Manufacture, An industry which gives jobs to thousands of workers in Jamnagar and some hundred-thousands in nearby villages.

This single city serves 70% of India's demand for machine brass components. Today many tiny electrical and precision brass parts are made from Jamnagar's brass factories, some of the big names in the industry has client names ranging from BMW, GM, Toyota to many refinery equipment manufacturing companies, along with electrical and precision parts, brass parts manufacturers also produce Bicycle parts, nuts, screw, bolts, rivets, kitchen and car appliances. Currently Jamnagar Brass industry is a whooping 2,500 crore industry.

After ruling the world for 60 years, its shine is fading, one of the major problems is stiff competition from China, and China dumped low quality toys and electrical appliances, which removed many small companies which used to provide parts to Indian Toy maker companies.

However Sun has shone again, Jamnagar Brass industry is awake with Quality as new Mantra, M & A has showed these small entrepreneurs a new way of business, many of these small giants now learned the Global Impact on their small business and have decided to be Big.

Still some 2,500 SME of Brass Parts Manufacturers are facing the music, some of these started to explore unknown territory of Latin America, Africa and Scandinavian country for search of potential clients.

Check out these sites of Various Jamnagar Brass Parts  Owners
















Jamnagar - Kokilaben Ambani Visited Bhagwat saptah at Anandabawa Ashram

Kokilaben Ambani was recently in town to visit a "Bhagwat Saptah" organized by Anandbawa ( http://www.anandabawa.org )

Jamnagar was hometown of Kokilaben before she get married to Shri Dhirubhai Ambani (Reliance).


Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Jamnagar - Indian Railway's Dwarka plans

Minister of State for Indian Rrailways - R Venu. announced that Indian Railway is having big plans for Dwarka.

Soon All four Main pigrimage places in India will be joined by a continious rail network, This places are Dwarka, Rameshwar, Puri and Haridwar.
Jamnagar city will get additional trains from Jamnagar to Rameshwar (South India).


Jamnagar - Elecon re-entering Wind farm business

Elecon is back in Wind power business, at present its a wind farm in Jamnagar is in full swing, which could generate about 40 mw of electricity.

  Apart from jamnagar business, Elecon recently bagged an order from Indian Navy's First home-made aircraft carrier's gear box.



Jamnagar - Young Environmentalists Meet

If it's Marine Life Theme, it's got to be Jamnagar ,


Monday, December 24, 2007

Dwarka's Lord Krishna made Modi Win

Dwarka Math Swami, Sadanand saraswati maharaj and Jagad Guru ShankaraCharya wished Winner Narendra Modi and said that this has happened because of blessings of Lord Dwarkadhish (Krishna)


Jamnagar Election Results 2007

BJP Has secured 6 out of 8 Seats in Gujarat Elections 2007
Here  is the result declared on 23rd December for Jamnagar district.
  • Laljibhai of BJP defeated Dr Dinesh Parmar (Congress) in Jamnagar Rural
  • In Bhanwad Mulubhai Bera got maximum lead in Jamnagar and won easily.
  • R.C.Faldu of Kalavad won and created a hattrick.
  • MeghjiBhai Kanzariya won in Khabhaliya,
  • Pabubha Manek (BJP) won fifth time in Dwarka
  • Raghavji Patel (Congress) defeated ex commissioner Ghodasara in Dhrol.
  • BrijrajSinh Jadeja (BJP) defeated Chimanbhai patel for just 17 votes in Jamjodhpur.
  • Vasuben Trivedi won from a narrow margin Jamnagar City.
Not to mention that Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) acquired 117 / 182 seats in Gujarat State assembly Elections 2007 , A clear verdict by Gujarat Voters.
Chief Minister Narendra Modi will be crowned in as next chief minister on 25th Dec. in Gandhinagar.


Friday, December 21, 2007

Jamnagar Essar in news Again

Esssar Oil Ltd, Jamnagar Unit is back in news again,

On Friday near the essar refinery main gate, some residence of Zakhar village (who then were on some protest) had broke out fight with security guards of Essar Refinery, Some local leaders were hurt lightly, Police is engaged into more investigation.


Monday, December 17, 2007

Dorf Ketal Acquired 10 hectare Land In Jamnagar

Dorf Ketal Chemicals LLC ( www.dorfketal.com ) is a leading global
additives and process chemicals company,

Dorf Ketal has recently acquired 10 hectares of land in Jamnagar, this
land will be under proposed govt. established Special Economic Zone

This new facility will be an exclusive export oriented unit.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Gujarat Elections - Jamnagar Helpline No.

Gujarat Election 2007 - New Helpline No. is released today
Jamnagar Voters can dial 2552005 from their land line no.
from Mobile and out of Jamnagar city , Voters can Dial 0288 - 2552005
Happy Voting :)


Thursday, December 6, 2007

RPL Jamnagar - LPG Plant Shutdown

RPL Jamnagar's LPG Plant will be under maintenance for next 10 days


Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Jamnagar - DCC Cement sold to a Portugal Company

A Portuguese cement company Cimpor anounced that it had acquired 53.64 % of jamnagar's Shree Digvijay Cement Company.

Digvijay also known as DCC cement, with headquarters and manufacturing capacity at Jamnagar, has production capacity of 1.07 million tons, as it is located in Sikka, it can make use of port facilities.


Security Proposal Rejected - Jamnagar Reliance Refinery

I always wondered why Ambani's have chosen Jamnagar to construct
world's largest refinery base in the world, considering the strategic
defense significance of Jamnagar as first target for western enemies.

Jamnagar boasts a defense base of all three wings, INS Valsura is the
most preferred point to enter in to enemy territory, Jamnagar Airbase
has proved its importance and its strength in 1971 war against
Pakistan, Jamnagar has enough army personnel deployed and has great
setup of Air-Defense.

As the terror grows, Now Reliance realized the potential (Occupational
hazard) of the Jamnagar Refinery location.

At a time when refineries all around the world are equipped with
Anti-Aircraft guns, Indian Defense ministry rejected the proposal of
Reliance Petrochemicals to provide additional security to refinery.


Friday, November 30, 2007

Jamnagar - Muslims prefer BJP in Sikka

Congress claims that it has an added advantage against BJP's Hindu agenda, It feels muslims will favour them (as it happened in 2002).
How true is this, Everyone is benefited by economic prosperity in Gujarat, and muslims in Sikka ( Jamnagar District) has clearly tilted the scales in favour of Modi.
Note that thic town has 70% Muslims and almost every one is supporting BJP, more then this out of 19 seat in Sikka municipalty all seats are with BJP, 14 of them are muslims. Reliance and IOC has their base in this area, clearly economic freedom has wiped out images of 2002 riots here.
Cashing on this example, BJP wants to market this model across the state, but this will not be so easy,
Congress on the other hand started appealing Urban Muslims to vote in plenty, which congress missed to appeal in 2002 elections.

Jamnagar - Dhrol the image continues

Jamnagar - Dhrol the image continues

Superstitions are well alive in political world, when every effort fails superstition takes its turn.

Dhrol is always known the infamous "Samu Gaam" (Village on the opposite side) for Jamnagari's, people here do not name the town, they think its not so good feeling to utter the name of this town (Like You-Know-Who ??).

Dhrol town has earned a notorious superstitious reputation, even in political areas. Today nobody wants to campaign at Dhrol, guess -  it is supposed to be unlucky.

Locals says that in 1975, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency just after addressing a rally in Dhrol.
Later in 1985 CM Madhavsinh Solanki addressed a rally , and soon he had to make way for Amarsinh Chaudhary.

Modern day election campaing are wrapped up in Superstitions, right from timing of nomination filing, campaing kick off everything is drived by prospourous timings / Muhurta.

BJP has gone beyond beliefs, relocating offices to meet needs of Vastu Shahstra.

Let's see how Dec 23 treats the astologers.


Jamnagar - Para military Forces arrived

As Elections are approaching, 16 Platoons of BSF arrived yesterday
arrived yestrday morning in Jamnagar , More 31 platoons will arrive
within next week.

These forces will be distributed in area like Meghpar, Lalpur, Okha,
Jam-jodhpur, Jam-kalyanpur.

various Check posts are set up on state highway's and petrolling
parties are geared up to stand against anything abnormal happening
while elections are on.


Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jamnagar - Global Refininig Hub

Reliance Industries Ltd and Essar Oil Ltd, India's largest private
sector oil refiners, are set to create the world's biggest petroleum
refining hub as part of plans to expand their plants in Jamnagar,
western India.

With new 6 bn $ Expansion, this hub will be largest hub of Refining in
the world.


Jamnagar - BJP Started ElectionCampaign

BJP president Rajnath Singh kicked-off the election campaign for the
party from Kalawad town of Jamnagar district addressing an election
rally. Actress-turned-politician Smriti Irani and cricketer Navjot
Singh Sidhu are also campaigning for the party in Saurashtra.

Rajnath singh will also be addressing an election meeting in Tankara
and Rajkot.

Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi, started a public rally at Botad
town of Bhavnagar district, and fumed the controversy by invited
Bangladeshi author Taslima Nasreen to Gujarat.

Arun Jaitley (General secretary) is scheduled to address public
meetings at Jamjodhpur and Jamnagar this evening while senior leader
Sushma Swaraj is to address three pubic gatherings in Kutch district.

State BJP president Purshottam Rupala will addressed a rally in Dwarka.


Jamnagar SEZ - Gold Rush

Gujarat alone investments of US$18 bn in 2006-07 which is 25% of India's total investment in 06-07.

The Gulf of Kutch has become "Gulf of Riches", big names like Reliance , Essar Group, Adani Group (Mudra Port SEZ) and Tata Group (Mithapur Chemilcals), have invested about $30 bn along the Gulf of Kutch's 700-kilometer long coastline, note that 300-400 KM are in Jamnagar District.

In Total Ten special economic zones (SEZs) are near Jamnagar, totaly new 4000-megawatt power project and five private shipyards are coming up. And massive expansion is being undertaken of the Mundra and Kandla ports. not to mention current expansion from Reliance Refinery.

Gujarat's Mundra port is main port from where Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) and Hindustan Petroleum (HP) are setting up giant oil storage areas or Tank Farms, Currently 60% of India's coal imports enter via Mundra port.


Jamnagar - Ranjit Nagar road in worst condition

Jamnagar - Ranjit Nagar main road to Pavan chakki is in worst condition, see news...
આ રસ્તામાં પડી ગયેલા મોટા-મોટા ખાડાઓ જામપા દ્વારા માટી નાખી પુરવામાં આવ્યા હતા. જામનગરથી લાલપુર જતા મોટા વાહનો પણ પવનચક્કીથી રજીતસાગર રોડ પર થઈને પસાર થાય છે. આ મોટા વાહનો જયારે આ રોડ પરથી પસાર થાય છે ત્યારે ખાડામાં નાખવામાં આવેલી માટીની ડમરીઓ ઉડયા કરે છે.
ધુળની ડમરીઓ ઉડતા આ રસ્તા પરથી વાહન ચાલકોકે રાહદારીઓ પસાર થઈ શકતા નથી. આ રસ્તાઓને જોતા લાગે છે કે આ રસ્તા કરતા ગામડાનો ગાડા માર્ગ સારો હોય શકે.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vasuben Trivedi for BJP

In a recent news, Vasuben Trivedi has been nominated for Jamnagar Seat from BJP


Jamnagar - new 10.5 MT Essar refinery

OK, one more refinery is heading for Jamnagar,
Most Live able city of Gujarat will be crowned with one more refinery.
The marketcap will come to around Rs 16,000 crore for a 10.5 million tonne refinery. Note that Essar is already setting up a 1200 MW power plant in Jamnagar


RPL Cutting down LPG Prod.

All in order to gain EOU Status ?   Yes, RPL Jamnagar unit will be cutting down LPG Prod by 40%,
Reliance Industries plans to cut LPG production from its Jamnagar refinery in Gujarat by 40 per cent to around 1.6 million tons per annum from mid-2008.

as expected, this cut in LPG production will follow a grant of export oriented unit (EOU) status to the Jamnagar refinery, 

A leading politican said that "Even though RIL has been granted EOU status, any export of LPG has to be with the approval of the government,"


IAS Office quits to join BJP

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation Commissioner BH Ghodasara has resigned from the post to join the BJP.

He will be taking BJP flag for Jodiya constituency in Jamnagar district,

This is the place where he worked as civil servant for a long period.

Ghodasara's father-in-law, O R Pate is a well-known industrialist (founder of ORPAT) in the state and has proximity Narendra Modi.


Sunday, September 16, 2007

Jamnagar - Bholeshwar Mela Pics

Bholeshwar Mela Pics , Taken from Nobat.com

Monday, September 10, 2007

Jamnagar - 6 Killed in building collapse

Six persons, including two children, died when a two-storied building collapsed on Saturday morning. The incident occurred in Vandaphari locality of Jamnagar city.

Two families resided on the two floors of the dilapidated building. , The roof of the building, which had already weakened because of rains, collapsed around 5 am on Saturday and minutes after this, the entire structure came crashing down.

Mutilated bodies of the victims were extradited by police from under the debris and sent for post mortem

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Jamnagar - Mob burnt a city bus

Mob burnt City bus

A city bus GJ 10W 9504 was burnt down when it hit a triple rider hero Honda bike and knocked it down.This incident happened near sadhana colony area in Jamnagar. The Bike rider and his friends beat the bus driver and later burnt the bus, fire brigade staff rushed to the place and controlled the fire.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Jamnagar - Bhuchar Mori - Martyrs Foundation stone laid

Narendra Modi laid a foundation for a memorial at Dhrol in Jamnagar district in memory of those who attained martyrdom at Bhuchar Mori battle-field in 1592. This monument will revive memories of Valour shown by Jamsataji and his army in the famous battle of Bhuchar Mori near Dhrol / Jamnagar. Jamsataji was protecting all those who had approached him for shelter against the Mughal rule.

Jamsataji fought the battle of Bhuchar Mori, at a battle ground which is now at Dhrol in Jamnagar district. Even today at every shitla satam (a day before janmashthami - Krishna janma), the tradition of offering flowers to martyrs of Buchar Mori is alive as an expression of people's love for those who gave their lives.

Jamnagar - Rain Storming the city - Pics

Jamnagar is still wet, more rainfall is received by the city and district, Jamnagar Municipal Conrporation (JMC) has shifted the janmashthami ( Krishna Janma ) Fair , also known as Melo to DCC High School / Exhibition ground, and all big rides are cancelled because of the wet and muddy earth, which can cause accidents. this is one of the glimpse of what became of famous Vhora No hajiro.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Jamnagar - New Essar Power Plant

Essar Group is planning to set up a 1,200 megawatt power plant at Jamnagar.

Essar has entered into a 25-year power purchase agreement with the Gujarat government to supplying 1,000 MW of power.

Reliance Industries Ltd would sell power at 40 cents per unit.

Tata Power had quoted the rate of 42 cents per Unit.

Essar has quoted the rate of 46 cents per unit for the power it would sell to the state government.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Jamnagar - 53 tremors in last 13 days

Jamnagar city and district is experiencing a mild earthquakes shocks of a magnitude of 3 to 3.3 on Richter scale. It is believed that heavy rainfalls in the season is cause of this shocks. Many villagers have fled from their home and taken shelter in open spaces.

In Vijarkhi village 13 house has been collapsed so far, note that this village is just near to Vijarkhi dam, which provides water to district and its overflowing since last rains.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Jamnagar Brass industry affected by rain

Jamnagar's brass industry is badly hit by floods caused by heavy rains.

Due to inaccessibility and poor power supply, Since last two-days, operations at factories have been thrown out of gear in the state, the main brass foundry in the city is under water, affecting production.

Around 4000 brass units in Jamnagar are flooded with water, workers unable to reach factories, industrialists fear a huge loss on the export front.


Saturday, August 11, 2007

Jamnagar - More Rain Pictures

Some of the pics from Nobat and Jamnagar friends.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Flooded Refinery of Reliance Jamnagar

Flooded Refinery of Reliance Jamnagar

Jamnagar - 28 dead in torrential rain

Coastal city of jamnagar received 147 CM of rainfall this season,  this is the highest rainfall the city has ever received. The city is having almost uninterrupted rains for the last four days, rains have taken toll of 28 persons while the figure of the entire gujarat state is 102.

Chief Minister Narendra Modi stopped at Jamnagar in an unscheduled visit to take fuel. He was on the aerial survey of Junagadh, Porbandar and Manavadar which were very badly affected.


Jamnagar flood - rain Images

Misc town images, showing flood havoc.

rain images of Jamnagar

lalpur town is seperated

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jamnagar Rain Update

Jamnagar Rain Update

Rain is lasting for last 72 hours and the death toll is risen to 10 person in Jamnagar, Normal life is completly out of order. Famous crematorium "Manekbai Sukhdham" is under 4-5 feet deep in water, as a result bodies are cremated at the nearby crematorium, which was exclusively set up by the kings for jains of Jamnagar city.

Manekbhai Sukhdham crematorium is known for its beautiful displays narrating stories from Hindu epics and has become a picnic place for the tourists. There are many crematoriums that have come up on the pattern of Manekbai Sukhdham in the state and elsewhere.

This district is one of the worst affected districts in the state.
Gandhvi village (Harshadmata temple) is totally cut off from the rest of the world.

This Temple is on the pilgrim route between Dwarka and Veraval and most of people on this route stop here.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Jamnagar - Three drowned near Aliabada

Three youngsters were drowned near Alia river, near Aliabada, A village 20 KM from jamnagar,

So far one body of Imran habib (25) has been recovered , Fire brigade is looking for other two bodies.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Balachhadi Sainik School Students doing a Neev

Balachhadi Sainik School Students doing a Neev

Jamnagar district is in news again, Class X students of Balachhadi Sainik School are doing a Neev ( A 80's TV serial showing conflict of two groups of students in a hostel school)
Following an alleged case of ragging and the subsequent clash between students, over 40 students of class X fled the campus on Sunday night, however majority of the students are back in the school now.

Some parents staged a protest on the school premises over the alleged ragging of these students by class XII students.

Police is involved as well, Jodia PI Mr. Zala helped to track down the missing students with the help of villagers who had seen them outside the campus.

On the other side, school principal Captain B C S Bharti has another version to the whole episode and told that a student of class X had beaten up a senior and fled, he thinks that it is not a case of ragging but a fight between two groups of students.

Note that this is not just some normal hostel / school , Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Sainik School are among the best schools in India, JNV is delivering highest no. of students in IIM / IIT and even to corporate world. Sainik school on the other hand is the best defence school that provides the best army officers for the country. This kind of incidents not only ruptures the reputation of the good schools but also affects the quality of the students.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

A youth tried to immolate himself , Protesting against Collectorate

Protesting against the delay in the removal of garbage and damage to his property after monsoon, a youth in Jamnagar today tried to immolate himself at the collectorate here.

''The youth named Kripalsinh Jhala (30) went to the collectorate and doused himself with petrol. However, his attempt to set himself ablaze was foiled and he was arrested,'' a senior police official told UNI.

Jhala was angry over the delay in the garbage removal work and restoration to his damaged house that was not initiated in his area after heavy rainfall on the July 2.

He said that he had decided to take the drastric step of self-immolation as there was no response to his repeated pleas to the collectorate.


Middle aged couple drowned in the Nagmati river

A middle aged couple drowned in the Nagmati river with their bullock-cart near Navi-Veraval village in Lalpur taluka.

The incident took place late last evening when the couple- Keshubhai Devabhai Ghaghiya (38) and his wife Ramiben (35) drowned in the flood waters while crossing the river using a low-level bridge.

However, three others in the bullock-cart managed to swim to safety. One of the bullocks also drowned in the mishap.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Modi makes issue out of attack on Jhala

Narendra Modi has picked on the alleged murderous attack on JMC Mayor Manharbhai Jhala to counter-attack the Congress.

Modi chose to convert this issue into a political platform. the BJP units all over the State have started taking out processions and rallies “in sympathy” of Mr Jhala.

Mr Jhala, who had come out unscathed after some crude oil was thrown at him, apparently to “blacken his face” and not to burn him alive as being alleged by the BJP, is attending his routine work.

Friday, June 29, 2007

This year more groundnut from Jamnagar

The experts believe cultivation of groundnut will increase in Rajkot, Jamnagar, Bhavnagar and Junagadh district in the current season.

Whereas the cultivation of Bajari will decline in all the districts barring Bhavnagar, the cultivation of cash crops like sesame, castor will increase.

Jamnagar - First hoarding Free city in Gujarat

Municipal authorities in Jamnagar, have launched a drive against roadside hoardings, posters and billboards.

This will convert Jamnagar into Gujarat's first hoarding-free city.

Kaushik N.Bhatt, Jamnagar's Municipal Commissioner, said: "For the period of 2005-06 and 2006-07, the Corporation has decided 52 places for hoardings and 350 for kiosks."

however, few believe that both hoardings and kiosks give a modern look to a commercial city like Jamnagar.

Monday, June 25, 2007

Jamnagar - Strike against Octroi

The half-day bandh call in the three municipal corporation areas of Rajkot, Jamnagar and Junagadh on Saturday received a mixed response.

The rally received a similar response in Junagadh and Jamnagar.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Jamnagar Washed with first rain

Heavy rains slashed in gujarat,

Along with major city Ahmedabad rain lashed parts of Anand, Jamnagar, Kutch, Valsad, Dahod, Rajkot, Surat, Patan, and Dangs.

Jamnagar artist showcasing his works in Hartlepool exhibition.

Jamnagar artist showcasing his works in Hartlepool exhibition.

A Jamnagari Artist, Suresh Vagadiya, 67, is exhibiting a section of his paintings at Foggy Furze Library, in Hartlepool.

Suresh is from Jamnagar but has moved to Hartlepool in 2003 with his wife, to be nearer their family. Suresh is the first Indian member of the Hartlepool Art Club and has won several prizes.

He held his first landscape display in 2004 and now holds exhibitions every year.

Suresh explained that "Up until this time, I gave all my paintings as gifts and many of my friends have my paintings in their houses."

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Jamnagar Leading Wind power generation in Gujarat

The Gujarat Energy Development Agency (GEDA), Director J M Acharya explained that private companies had installed their WTGs (wind turbine generators) on wind farms mainly located in the coastal districts of Jamnagar, Kutch, Rajkot and Bhavnagar,

Jamnagar has reported highest wind power generation till now (311.37 MW), second is Kutch (190.55 MW), Rajkot third (53.19 MW) , followed by Bhavnagar (13.20 MW).

As the wind electricity generation reaches 1,192 MW by this year end, there would be a total investment of over Rs 5,300 crore in this sector, he said.

The electricity generated from the WTGs will be metered on a monthly basis, jointly by GEDA and GETCO at the sending sub-station of 66 KV or above located at wind farm site. Under the new policy, the supervision charges being paid to GETCO at 15 per cent of the cost of power evacuation has been reduced to 7.5 per cent.

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jamnagar Water Crisis surfaces again

Water crisis is back in jamnagar,
now a days, water is supplied just once in three days
(Amreli is the worst hit place is where taps run dry for 10-12 long days)
The central reason is that in all these places, all local water resources have dried up and government had not planned for the Narmada water supply through Saurashtra canal, although canal is working but it is not efficient.
Ranjitsagar dam , which provides drinking water for jamnagar has just now hit the rock bottom, Sasoi dam which is second biggest for jamnagar city has reached to dead level,
Inadequate Narmada water supply has forced the JMC (Jamnagar Municipal Corporation) to supply water once in three days, instead of alternate day.
the onnnly dam , Und-2 has quantum of water but that too will be dried up in the end of July.

as a last resort, the JMC is now planning to draw water from Aji-III dam.

To maintain alternate day water supply, the JMC required around 150 lakh gallons. At present it has been facing deficit of around 40 lakh gallons per day. "The required quantum would be either drawn from Aji-III or Narmada to resume to alternate day supply,'' said Jamnagar Mayor Manhar Zala.


Saturday, June 2, 2007

Indian Air Force's single engine microlight expedition Round the World will kick off ,

This expedition will be flagged off by the Air Chief Marshal, F H Major, from the Hindon air base at 8 in the morning.

Wg Cdr Rahul Monga and Wg Cdr Anil Kumar will log a total of 40,806 kilometres in an attempt to beat the existing world record and create a new one in circumnavigating the world in a single engine aircraft.

The expedition will head off eastwards on June 1 and will make the first stop at Allahabad. After a few hours of rest, it will take off again towards Bagdogra. From there the duo will head out to Myanmar, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Russia United States, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Denmark, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Iran, Oman and will finally return to India from the Western region into Jamnagar and to Delhi via Udaipur.
If all goes well, the expedition plans to end in Delhi on August 4.

The expedition, which has been in the planning stage for over a year with the Directorate of Air Adventure cell working at it, had to be put off at the last moment last year in order to allow it to commemorate the platinum jubilee of the Indian Air Force.

Jamnagar - Reliance's Mango Throughout year

Reliance greens, the green belt for Orchard mango farming in Jamnagar refinery is soread across 500 acres.

Even during winters last year, mangoes were produced successfully in the orchard, but the production was not enough to be marketed.

this year however Reliance employed horticulture experts who are now conducting research to produce sufficient quantity of mangoes during winters,

Nathwani said that the mangoes produced in Reliance orchard would be available in the country through Reliance fresh outlets, its retail chain stores, and would also be exported to Europe, United States of America and Japan, its to be noted that Harrods has already ordered 300 Tons of Mangoes from Reliance, around 450 tonnes of mangoes were produced in orchard this year. The researchers are also working on increasing the quality and quantity of the fruit.

Jamnagar - Ashapura Minechem gets approval for EOU

Jamnagar based Ashapura Minechem Ltd has announced that on applications made to the Development Commissioner, Kandla SEZ, Gandhidham, Kutch, the Company has received approvals vide their permission dtd. May 21, 2007 and dtd. May 17, 2007 to set up 100% Export Oriented Units (2 nos.) for Processed Bauxite at Jamnagar.

The said permissions are valid upto May 20, 2012 and May 16, 2012 respectively.

The grant of EOU status and operation of the said Units is likely to have a materially positive impact on the profitability of the Company.

Jamnagar - Human Bones found in Lakhota Lake

Large number of human bones, unearthed near Lakhota lake in Jamnagar city. Police investigation revealed that bones were dumped following medical research, however the local medical college denied throwing research waste in the open.

But panic set in among residents of Jamnagar when a large number of human bones were unearthed during a cleanliness drive conducted by the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation on Lakhota lake front on Friday.

MP Shah College, the only medical college in Jamnagar district, identifying the bones as used for study purpose,but denied throwing them out in the open.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

DRI Examined RIL Jamnagar premise

Directorate of Revenue Intelligence Officials reached Jamnagar unit RIL on Monday to "examine" some accounts,
"It is a fact DRI officials are at the refinery. It is also a fact that they are examining some books of accounts. But it is too premature for me to say in what context the books are being examined," the spokesperson said here.


Thursday, May 24, 2007

Jamnagar - Traffic Policeman killed in a road Mishap

Traffic Policeman killed in a road Mishap

Jayvirsinh Jhala, An A.S.I. in Jamnagar traffic branch was crushed to death yesterday by a Coal Truck from N.R.E. Coke Ltd. a local Coal mining co. A FIR is filed against the driver and investigation is underway

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Jamnagar - L&T to builds world's largest FCC Regenerators & Combustors

L&T builds one of the world's largest FCC Regenerators & Combustors

Larsen & Toubro Ltd (L&T) has announced that the Company's Heavy Engineering Division-Hazira Works, has successfully built one of the world's largest FCC Regenerators & Combustors for Reliance Petroleum Ltd's (RPL) export oriented refinery coming up at Jamnagar, Gujarat.

The equipment is considered to be the heart of the RPL's refinery, which is billed as the fifth largest in the world. The Company had previously built a similar FCC regenerator and combustor for Reliance Industries Ltd's (RIL) refinery in Jamnagar in the year 1998.With the completion of the current project, the Company has successfully constructed the most critical components of Reliance's Jamnagar Complex, which is the world's single largest refinery complex in the world. The project is a testimony to the Company's ability and the faith reposed in it by RIL.The project, completed 6 weeks ahead of schedule, is a repeat order placed on the Company by Reliance for the Jamnagar Export Refinery Project (JERP). The contract was won by the Company under global competition.The Company received the order for this equipment in November 2005 and the delivery date was July 2007. The Company manufactured this equipment in a record time and is delivering it 6 weeks ahead of schedule.The main features of this equipment are a 16.3 metre diameter, an overall length of 40 metres and weight of 1320 MT. The material of construction for equipment is carbon-manganese steel with more than 170 MT of stainless steel internals.The process licensor for this equipment is UOP-USA, Mechanical Design (including the critical finite element analysis), detailed engineering and fabrication were done by the Company's Hazira Works. Transportation to this mammoth equipment will also be carried out by the Company.The flag-off ceremony took place at the Company on May 21, 2007 and the equipment will sail to Jamnagar and will reach JERP by end May 2007.The seamless execution of the project once again proves the Company's capability in fabricating such large equipment utilizing hi-tech fabrication techniques. The Company improved its own track record by delivering the equipment ahead of schedule and is now geared to fabricate more challenging and critical equipment for refineries around the world.Incidentally, the Company's Hazira Works is in the final stage of its capacity expansion project with which the shop capacity is doubled including a super-heavy bay which can handle 2000 MT plus weight equipment.

Monday, May 21, 2007

More Bride - Fleeing in Jamnagar

More Bride - Fleeing in Jamnagar

Seems that Jamnagari brides are bit confused about choices and are making decision at 11th Hour,

recently a patel girl escaped a night before marriage in bhavnagar district, and now a similiar incident is followed in Jamnagar as well,

Jamnagar's Sindhi girl escaped with a Khoja boy, just a night before the marriage.
it seems that Jamnagar girls needs more time on deciding "I, do".

Jamnagar - Protest in support to Datar victims

Junagadh came out in strength to support the bandh to support the victims of brutal Datar Hill incident.

By late evening, the protests spread to Jamnagar and Rajkot.

In junagadh, Congress and BJP joined hand in hand to protest against in-capability of police and demanded that the arrest should me made at earliest

Jamnagar - Nobat Celebrates 50 Years

Jamnagar's own Nobat an afternoon paper is in the 50th year of its publication.

Ratilal Madhwani started this paper in 1957 as a weekly in Rajkot, it graduated as a daily in 1964.

Ratilal had already shifted to Jamnagar in 1962 and so the weekly Nobat.

Nobat is an integral part of Jamnagar life, its present editor and son of the founder editor Pradip Madhwani said that a function would be held on June 7 in the city to mark the event. Chief Minister Narendra Modi will be the Chief guest and renowned Ramkathakar Morari Bapu is like to preside over the June 7 celebrations, he said. Though it is a noon paper, Nobat has played a pivotal role in the public life of Jamnagar.

Jamnagar - Parsvnath Bids a housing project from JMC

Parsvnath Developers Ltd - India’s leading real estate developer is to develop a Group housing complex on a plot measuring 13,200 sq.mt. in Jamnagar, Gujarat.

Jamnagar has witnessed a rapid economic development in the recent years। The complex would give an opportunity to provide a new dimension to lifestyle in the city.

The co। won the project in a fiercely competitive bid and emerged as the highest bidder to bag the project. The complex would be a landmark property for the city. Parsvnath emerged successful in an auction tendered by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC).

Located few minutes away from the city airport, the Housing complex would be situated on 100 feet wide main road, making it the most sought after complex in the city। The project will provide all the infrastructure facilities and luxuries to its residents।

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Niho To Build Gujarats Biggest Mall In Jamnagar

Sheers size of forthcoming "Scottish City Centre" will make it biggest Mall In Gujarat,
This was announced by Niho Const. , this will open western Indian market for the real estate major from Delhi.
'After the success of our 'Scottish' series in Delhi and NCR, we decided to expand to the western parts of India. The 'Scottish City Centre' will be the first of its kind mall in Jamnagar,' said Neeraj Karoul, marketing head of Niho Construction.

It will come up on 800,000 square feet at Jamnagar, the firm said in a release Monday.


Wednesday, April 18, 2007

मुकेश अम्बानी कि दुविधा - सुविधा

भैया मुकेश का हैप्पी जन्मदिन ऐसे मोके पे आया हैं कि उनका कॉंग्रेस के प्रति लगाव और अनिल भाई से अलग रहेने कि इच्छा साफ साफ जाहिर होती हैं

जामनगर मे वेह अपना ५० वा जन्मदिन रिलायंस के कर्मचारिगन और कुछ जानी मानी हस्ती के साथ बिता रहें हैं

१९ - अप्रील को वे ५० साल के हो जायेंगे

लिस्ट मे इंडियन फिल्म इंडस्ट्री के सितारे और राजनेता भी हैं , शाहरुख़ खान, सुनील मित्तल, कमल नाथ वगेरा उस लिस्ट मे शामिल हैं। गौर तलब हैं कि आमिर और शाहरुख़ खान पहली बार जामनगर आएंगे.

इसी दौरान मुम्बई मे बिग बी अपने बेटे के शादी का लिस्ट बाँट रहें हैं, उस मे अमर सिंह, मुलायम सिंह, अनिल भैया, विलास राव देशमुख, बाल ठाकरे वगेरा शामिल हैं।

जामनगर मे एक क्रिकेट मैच भी होगा जो मेहमान और रिलायंस के कर्मचारी के बीच होगा,

मुकेश कि पत्नी नीता उनके पतिदेव को एक बायो - पिक गिफ्ट करेंगी, जो राकेश मेहरा ( आर डी बी ) ने डायरेक्ट कि हुई हैं, जिसमे मुकेश के घर वाली और दोस्तो ने मुकेश के बारे मे अच्छी अच्छी बाते कहीँ हैं

गुरुवार को जामनगर मे यह गिफ्ट दिया जाएगा


ब्रिजेश पंड्या

Brass Parts Owners strike

Nearly 3,000 brass part units in Jamnagar, were on a symbolic one-day strike to protest the substantial surge in the prices of brass scrap,
At London Metal Exchange (LME) and local commodity exchanges, brass parts prices have been constantly rising for the past four months. Manufacturers said that the prices have increased to Rs 270/kg, from Rs 215/230 four months ago.
its a bit strange as the prices were as low as Rs 80/100 two years ago , it is to be noted that Brass scrap is a key raw material used by the industry.
A leading brass parts manufacturer explained that speculative trading in brass and copper at the LME and other commodity exchanges had hugely contributed to the woes of the brass parts industry.
Currently most of the brass part units were operating at 40% / 50% capacity , a higher tax burden is also a cause of concern for the industry, bit shame that of the Rs 270 per kg of brass scrap, brass parts units have to bear a tax burden of Rs 36/Kg .
morever prices of finished products have not increased as much as the prices of raw material, which has left all the brass part units in the lurch.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Man died while watching World Cup

A forty-five-year-old man died in Jamnagar while watching the cricket World Cup match between India and Bangladesh.

The family is not sure if the man died due to the shock triggered by India's poor display in its opening match.

Vinod Koetcha, a fruit vendor, was listening to radio commentary to in the evening and closed his shop after dark to watch the remaining action on television with his family members, soon he suddenly stopped responding and when he was called, he was motionless.

Vinod's wife, four children and brother rushed him to a nearby hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.


Last flight of Mig 23 - Warlords

Four of the remaining five Mig-23 MF fighters will take to the skies one last time on the coming Tuesday at frontline Air Force Station, Jamnagar.

IAF 224 Squadron will give up its 24-year-old fighter plane Mig-23 MF, which has covered 32,581 flying hours.

Mig-23 MF or Raksha, will fly for the last time on March 31 and that will bring end to the operations of 224 Squadrons known as Warlords.

Warlords will then end their operations temporarily and begin when re-equipped with new aircrafts and assigned a new operational role.
This Squadron was raised on July 4, 1983 at AFS Adampur in Punjab.

The Warlords moved from Adampur to Halwara in Punjab in 1996 and then to Jamnagar in September 1997.

Mig-23 MF is one of the first IAF fighters to be equipped with R-23 R and R-23 T, Beyond Visual Range (BVR), Air-to-Air missiles that carry 96 rockets and 1.5 tonnes of bombs of 100, 250 or 500 kg calibers and can attain a speed of approximately 2500 Kmph.

Mig-23 MF is a swing-wing interceptor capable of delivering an array of missiles bombs and guided weapons, It also trains IAF pilots in air-to-air fighting skills.

Warlords have participated in several operations including 'Operation Meghdoot' ( defence of Siachin glacier in 1985-86). They were also adjudged the "Best Overall Fighter Squadron".



Sunday, March 11, 2007

Barda and Bootleggers

Barda Wildlife Sanctuary in Jamnagar is known for its most diverse floral compositions, and is home for many leopards, nilgais, endangered spotted eagles and wild boar, but now is turning into a hub of bootleggers. This hilly terrain spread over Porbandar and Jamnagar.

Local 'maldharis' who train camels to carry the illegal consignments produced and supplied 7,000 barrels of liquor to various districts of Saurashtra.

Every year, thousands of barrels of liquor are seized. Familiar with the hilly terrain, locals use it to carry out the illegal trade with ease.

On February 26, the Ranavav police arrested two men, Pola Mori and Lakha Lakhman, for transporting liquor on camel. The interrogation of Mori and Lakhman revealed that they train camels to find ways through terrain. These camels are loaded with barrels; they find their way down the hill by themselves.

Interestingly, these camels are so well trained that they are can change the path on hearing sound of vehicles or on seeing khaki colour.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

2 Ships burnt in Jamnagar

Salaya port in Jamnagar district is in news, Two vessels docked were gutted late on Monday.

The fire, which spread from a diesel tank of one of the vessels was stopped on Tuesday by about 100 fire-fighters.

Salaya port is located at 80 km from Jamnagar, the two ships were 350 tonnes Safina Al Salimi and 1,000 tonnes Ali Baug
both were owned by Salim Karim Sanghar of Salaya town.

First to reach were Eight fire-fighters, including three of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC), two from Essar, one each from Reliance, Khambhalia nagarpalika and IOC.


CISF For Jamnagar Airport

More terrorist threats are faced for civil airports, hence the government has decided to extend CISF security cover to eight more airports in the country.

The include Srinagar, Leh, Gorakhpur, Bhavnagar, Dehra Dun, Jamnagar, Porbandhar and Shillong.

Though, Srinagar airport will still be under the control of a Joint Command of various central security forces said DG of CISF.

CISF personnel guard 54 airports including the newly-privatised ones at Delhi and Mumbai and the Greenfield airports in Hyderabad and Bangalore.


Sunday, March 4, 2007

Union budget - Nothing for Saurashtra

Hopes of Saurashtra businesses and industries died as Union budget was anounced, be it owner of small scale industries, ceramic factories, quartz units or metal industry.

There is Little relaxation in central excise duty for diesel engines and foundry units have dampened hopes for their revival (good for Rajkot), while the ceramic industry's dream to compete with China, with a cut in excise duty and VAT, has crashed.

PC's budget has badly hit brass parts industry in Jamnagar and diesel and foundry units in Rajkot, these both industry are dying.

Brass parts industry in jamnagar wanted relaxation in central excise duty upto Rs 8 crore from Rs 1 crore and relaxation in service tax upto Rs 10 lakh from current Rs 4 lakh.

According to Ramji Patel, president, Jamnagar Factory Association, the budget has disappointed the industry.Others like diesel manufacturing and foundry units in Rajkot also expected a Rs 3 crore relaxation in central excise, though FM has increased the slab for central excise duty upto Rs 1.5 crore.

Same goes with the diesel engine industry in Rajkot.

In Morbi ceramic industry, 12.5 per cent VAT has also been hindrance in competing with China. These industry demanded the VAT slab to be reduced by 4%. It was a mixed bag for the Morbi quartz industry.



Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Gujarat State budget 2007-08

Gujarat State budget for 2007-08 has some good news for the common man., which means reduction in power bills, registration charges for immovable property and stamp-duty, and simplified motor vehicle tax.

Electricity duty is reduced to 20% from 30 % for following category.

vegetable shop owners,
Xerox machine operators,
STD/PCO operators, tailors,
hair-cutting saloons,
laundry owners,
panshop owners,
cutlery provision stores,
book stall,
small shops of milk products,
cyber cafes,
internet service providers,
cable operators,
petrol pumps,
farsan shops,
water kiosks,
pathology laboratories,
private blood banks and hospitals,
private libraries...

Government also offers the stamp duty relief of Rs 126 crore by bringing it down from 5.95 % to 4.9 %.

Proposed motor vehicle is to do away with the present fuel-based classification of vehicles, this tax now will be on the sale price of vehicles, this will reduce the present 67 tax rates to 18.

Government plans to provide domestic piped natural gas to towns like Vapi, Valsad, Navsari, Sarigam, Nadiad, Chandkheda, Motera, Rajkot, Morbi, Ahmedabad, Anand, Mehsana and Himmatnagar.

CNG stations will be set up at 20 places on the State highways by 2008 including Vapi, Valsad, Navsari, Bharuch, Nadiad, Kalol, Mehsana, Chandkheda, Bamanbor, Morbi, Rajkot, Amreli, Jamnagar and Bhuj.



Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Jamnagar - Chevron chief in town

Chevron Corp Chairman and Chief Executive David J o'Reilly is in Jamnagar to review the progress of Reliance Petroleum Ltd's 580,000 barrels per day refinery, where it has a 5 per cent stake, Chevron has future rights to purchase additional shares to increase its equity ownership to 29 per cent.
RPL currently operates a 660,000 barrels per day refinery in Jamnagar.
RPL plans to invest 6B USD in the new refinery, which is expected to begin operations in December 08.


Jamnagar - Chevron and Bhatinda - Mittal

On Tuesday Luxembourg-based Mittal agreed to a 0.7 B USD stake in  Guru Gobind Singh Refinery Ltd. refinery, which has a capacity of 180,000 barrels per day. Under the deal Mittal will own 49 percent , HPCL will own 49 percent, and the rest will be offered to financial institutions.

The deal with Mittal comes amid speculation that Chevron will expand its stake in privately owned RPL's proposed 27 million-ton, 580,000 barrels-per-day export refinery in Jamnagar, from 5 percent to 29 percent.
The $6 billion refinery is expected to begin operations in late 2008.
Chevron and Reliance may also partner on the KG Basin`s D6 deep-sea gas block,  which is believed to hold 35 trillion cubic feet of reserves.
HPCL and Mittal are exploring overseas refining and marketing opportunities and are looking to bid for foreign oil and gas assets.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dwarka - Medieval age city found

Underwater wing of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) has recovered some of the remains of medieval age city, off the coast of this pilgrim town Dwarka in the Jamnagar District.

Recent discovery has once again raised hopes of the discovery of Lord Krishna's legendary city of Dwarka that is reported to have submerged.

The recent excavation revealed a structure of stone blocks with post holes to fit wood, team found coins, pottery, pieces of bangles and toys.

The discovery is an important landmark as it set to rest the doubts expressed by historians about the very existence of the legendary Dwarka city, the third excavation began on January 1, 2007.

Current excavation would definitely help them reach some conclusion.

Mehul Kumar summoned by Court

Film maker Mehul Kumar has been summoned by a court over dishonoured cheques.

Jayantilal Gada, Director of Popular Entertainment Network (PEN) has filed 12 criminal complaints against Kumar over bounced cheques for Rs 14.19 million , Bandra court in has issued 12 summons to Mehul Kumar.

PEN has accused the producer and director of films like Mrityudaata, Krantiveer, Lahoo Ke Do Rang and Kohram, of diverting the money borrowed from the company to set up a multiplex in Jamnagar, Gujarat, it was later agreed that Kumar would "peacefully" give possession of Mehul Multiplex in Jamnagar, before April 15, 2006 or he would raise a loan and pay back 90 per cent of the loan amount before February 28, 2006.


Parsvnath Developers to build a Jamnagar Township

Parsvnath Developers Ltd will develop townships, group housing, commercial complexes, IT Parks amongst others at Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar, Rajkot, Vadodra, Surat, Jamnagar and other districts in Gujarat, company signed a MoU with Government of Gujarat for developing various projects at an investment of Rs 1600 crore over a period of 2-3 years.

The MOU between Parsvnath Developers Ltd (PDL) and Government of Gujarat (GOG) was singed. Mr. Ashim Gandhi, Vice President, (Gujarat and Strategic Planning) of Parsvnath Developers Ltd signed the MOU with Mr. K. Srinivas, Managing Director of GUDC at Ahmedabad in the presence of Chief Minister Narendra Modi.

The Government of Gujarat in the Vibrant Gujarat Urban Summit 2007 had invited investment from real estate developers to develop townships.


Harappan site discovered at Jamnagar

A Harappan site has been discovered at Pithad village in Jodia taluka of Jamnagar district in Gujarat, experts says, could be as big as the Lothal site and had existed around 4,500 years back.

So far, the MSU excavation programme team has unearthed a huge wall, kilns to make clay utensils, and ovens to melt metal.
The study of configuration of the wall revealed the Harappan village was spread over about 11 hectares, site is located on a mound, locally known as Jedak Ni Tekri. There are over 300 Harappan civilsation sites in Saurashtra, which are called Sorath Harappan. 

Ajith Prasad, a reader with MSU says that its a huge wall which appears to have been constructed to protect the village. with 270 metre in length and 90 metre in width. The village was spread over the an area of 11 hectares.


Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mid Air collision averted by ATC

A mid-air collision between a passenger plane and chartered flight of reliance was averted on Tuesday afternoon near Rajkot.

Jet Airways flight with around 100 passengers was on its way to Rajkot from Mumbai, the pilot reported a plane flying at the same altitude. ATC had to instructed the pilot who flew down his plane and a mishap was avoided.

The chartered flight was going to Jamnagar from Mumbai and was hired by Reliance. 


Budget approved for JMC

Rajkot and Jamnagar Municipal Corporations have approved budgets for the financial year 2007-08.

JMC had proposed new taxes to earn additional Rs 60 crore. However, the standing committee of the JMC has rejected the proposal of imposing new taxes. The committee has approved total budget of Rs 174.47 crore for the fiscal 2007-08.


Petron Begs more order from Jamnagar and Nirma

Petron Engineering Construction bagged two orders for a total amount of Rs 100 million from Reliance Petroleum, Jamnagar
these orders are for electrical jobs in sulphur with an estimated value of Rs 55.7 million and electrical jobs in coker amounting Rs 44.3 million.
The company is engaged in construction and project engineering. Its plant is located in Vadodara.

The company on Dec. 15, 2006 received a letter of intent (LOI) from Nirma for fabrication and erection of validation project expansion and mechanical piping for LAB plant at Alindra, Baroda for a contract value of Rs 12.5 million.


Fire broke at Essar Refinery

Essar Oil at Khambhalia Police Station in Jamnagar district, by the relative of a person who died in the fire which broke out in the pipeline of Vadinar terminal of the company on Feburary 1.

Ratakumar Mandal whose relative was one among four persons who died in the fire registered the complaint on Saturday, police said.

The complainant has said that four persons died and 18 were injured when they were working to repair the pipeline which was already leaking. Four labourers were killed and 16 others injured when a fire had broke out in a pipeline of Essar Oil's Vadinar terminal.

However, the fire was quickly doused by fire tenders of the company and the injured contract workers were rushed to hospital for treatment.

The fire has not affected the functioning of the refinery and it continued working normally as the pipeline where the fire broke out was far from the terminal.


Fire in Essar oil refinery

Essar Oil is in trouble, a Compalint is filed at Khambhalia Police Station in Jamnagar district.
By the relative of a person who died in the fire which broke out in the pipeline of Vadinar terminal of the company on Feburary 1.
Ratakumar Mandal whose relative was one among four persons who died in the fire registered the complaint on Saturday. 
Four persons died and 18 were injured when they were working to repair the pipeline which was already leaking.
Four labourers were killed and 16 others injured when a fire had broke out in a pipeline of Essar Oil's Vadinar terminal.



Do you know - Reliance Jamnagar Township

Nita Ambani was in-charge of Reliance Jamnagar Township construction and of-course for the Reliance greens, which produces best and highest quality of mangoes in Asia.


Asiatic Lions will have new home

State Government has decided to introduce big cats to the region of Barda Hills lying between Porbandar and Jamnagar, this eliminates the possibility of shifting the Gir lion to Madhya Prades, Barda with the 192.35 sq km of undulating terrain is declared as Sanctury, but is yet to get its share of lion population.

As a preparation for this, breeding centre for antelopes and hare was started sometime ago.
The region already has a healthy population of blue bull and wild boar.

The minister said apart from Barda, the area between Savarkundla and Mahuva spread over 125 sq km too was being strengthened as a lion habitat.

Asiatic lion population is spread over 1450 sq km in the State, with the last census pegging the figure at 359.



Saturday, January 13, 2007

Jamnagar - Reliance Retail Rocks

Reliance Retail will launch its first hypermarket in March in Ahmedabad.

Its hypermarkets, will be called Reliance Mart, will house boutique hotels. Of the company's 1,500 hypermarkets, 30 will come up in Gujarat.

The first hypermarket, earlier scheduled for December at Iscon Mega Mall near SG Highway in the city, will now roll out in the first quarter of next year.

Parimal Nathwani, group president, corporate affairs, Reliance Retail, said: "Our first hypermarket is scheduled to be launched in March on SG Highway."

Sources added that Reliance Retail has purchased 2 lakh sq ft at Iskon Mall in Ahmedabad for Rs 9 crore. The company has paid Rs 7 crore as stamp duty, the highest paid by any construction firm in the state, sources added.

"The refinery in Moti Khawadi is spread over 5 lakh sq ft and will house a hotel and multiplex. The company has roped in foreign architects for this project," a realtor from Jamnagar said.

Besides, Reliance will open retail outlets in Jamnagar, Rajkot, Surat and Bhavnagar as well, sources said. Reliance has also leased 1.25 lakh sq ft at a shopping location in Greater Noida.


Jamnagar - Essar begs 1000 MW Plant

Essar Power has finally bagged a power project from the Gujarat government after a long bidding process.

The project estimated at Rs 40 billion, essentially envisages a 1,000 MW imported coal based power project in Jamnagar.
Essar Power had quoted Rs 2.40 per unit as the lowest bid for the power project as against China Light & Power Hong Kong, Tata Power, Torrent Power who were also in the race.

Recently, the appellate electricity tribunal set aside the Central Electricity Regulatory Commission`s (CERC) order prohibiting Essar Power from selling electricity to trading companies and entering into pacts with distribution companies directly for its 1,500 MW project in Gujarat.

Essar, which is likely to commission 750 MW capacity by April 2007, had entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PTC in August 2004, under which it agreed to sell the entire power to the trading company for 25 years. PTC, in turn, was to sell the electricity to state utilities.


Jamnagar - 1K MW RIL Power plant

Reliance Industries (RIL) is planning to set up India's first integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) plant in Jamnagar at an investment outlay of Rs 10,000 crore.
RIL will use petcoke, a refinery residue which is usually blended with coal to be used as fuel for power plants.
The IGCC technology would provide for the petcoke to be gasified before it can be used to produce heat and electricity, fertilisers, hydrogen and petrochemicals this powerplant will generate at least 1,000 mw
The increased power capacity will be utilized by RIL to meet its increased requirement, and also by other players setting shop within the RIL SEZ.