Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Fire broke at Essar Refinery

Essar Oil at Khambhalia Police Station in Jamnagar district, by the relative of a person who died in the fire which broke out in the pipeline of Vadinar terminal of the company on Feburary 1.

Ratakumar Mandal whose relative was one among four persons who died in the fire registered the complaint on Saturday, police said.

The complainant has said that four persons died and 18 were injured when they were working to repair the pipeline which was already leaking. Four labourers were killed and 16 others injured when a fire had broke out in a pipeline of Essar Oil's Vadinar terminal.

However, the fire was quickly doused by fire tenders of the company and the injured contract workers were rushed to hospital for treatment.

The fire has not affected the functioning of the refinery and it continued working normally as the pipeline where the fire broke out was far from the terminal.


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