Friday, November 30, 2007

Jamnagar - Dhrol the image continues

Jamnagar - Dhrol the image continues

Superstitions are well alive in political world, when every effort fails superstition takes its turn.

Dhrol is always known the infamous "Samu Gaam" (Village on the opposite side) for Jamnagari's, people here do not name the town, they think its not so good feeling to utter the name of this town (Like You-Know-Who ??).

Dhrol town has earned a notorious superstitious reputation, even in political areas. Today nobody wants to campaign at Dhrol, guess -  it is supposed to be unlucky.

Locals says that in 1975, Indira Gandhi imposed emergency just after addressing a rally in Dhrol.
Later in 1985 CM Madhavsinh Solanki addressed a rally , and soon he had to make way for Amarsinh Chaudhary.

Modern day election campaing are wrapped up in Superstitions, right from timing of nomination filing, campaing kick off everything is drived by prospourous timings / Muhurta.

BJP has gone beyond beliefs, relocating offices to meet needs of Vastu Shahstra.

Let's see how Dec 23 treats the astologers.


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