Monday, September 3, 2007

Jamnagar - Bhuchar Mori - Martyrs Foundation stone laid

Narendra Modi laid a foundation for a memorial at Dhrol in Jamnagar district in memory of those who attained martyrdom at Bhuchar Mori battle-field in 1592. This monument will revive memories of Valour shown by Jamsataji and his army in the famous battle of Bhuchar Mori near Dhrol / Jamnagar. Jamsataji was protecting all those who had approached him for shelter against the Mughal rule.

Jamsataji fought the battle of Bhuchar Mori, at a battle ground which is now at Dhrol in Jamnagar district. Even today at every shitla satam (a day before janmashthami - Krishna janma), the tradition of offering flowers to martyrs of Buchar Mori is alive as an expression of people's love for those who gave their lives.

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