Monday, August 6, 2007

Balachhadi Sainik School Students doing a Neev

Balachhadi Sainik School Students doing a Neev

Jamnagar district is in news again, Class X students of Balachhadi Sainik School are doing a Neev ( A 80's TV serial showing conflict of two groups of students in a hostel school)
Following an alleged case of ragging and the subsequent clash between students, over 40 students of class X fled the campus on Sunday night, however majority of the students are back in the school now.

Some parents staged a protest on the school premises over the alleged ragging of these students by class XII students.

Police is involved as well, Jodia PI Mr. Zala helped to track down the missing students with the help of villagers who had seen them outside the campus.

On the other side, school principal Captain B C S Bharti has another version to the whole episode and told that a student of class X had beaten up a senior and fled, he thinks that it is not a case of ragging but a fight between two groups of students.

Note that this is not just some normal hostel / school , Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya and Sainik School are among the best schools in India, JNV is delivering highest no. of students in IIM / IIT and even to corporate world. Sainik school on the other hand is the best defence school that provides the best army officers for the country. This kind of incidents not only ruptures the reputation of the good schools but also affects the quality of the students.

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