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Saturday, June 2, 2007

Jamnagar - Reliance's Mango Throughout year

Reliance greens, the green belt for Orchard mango farming in Jamnagar refinery is soread across 500 acres.

Even during winters last year, mangoes were produced successfully in the orchard, but the production was not enough to be marketed.

this year however Reliance employed horticulture experts who are now conducting research to produce sufficient quantity of mangoes during winters,

Nathwani said that the mangoes produced in Reliance orchard would be available in the country through Reliance fresh outlets, its retail chain stores, and would also be exported to Europe, United States of America and Japan, its to be noted that Harrods has already ordered 300 Tons of Mangoes from Reliance, around 450 tonnes of mangoes were produced in orchard this year. The researchers are also working on increasing the quality and quantity of the fruit.

1 comment:

Dushyant Mishra said...

No doubt reliance is producing mangoes and have asias largest mango orchard (as visible on their site)but they are procuring mangoes from local growers of Lucknow and selling in their out lets.