Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Security Proposal Rejected - Jamnagar Reliance Refinery

I always wondered why Ambani's have chosen Jamnagar to construct
world's largest refinery base in the world, considering the strategic
defense significance of Jamnagar as first target for western enemies.

Jamnagar boasts a defense base of all three wings, INS Valsura is the
most preferred point to enter in to enemy territory, Jamnagar Airbase
has proved its importance and its strength in 1971 war against
Pakistan, Jamnagar has enough army personnel deployed and has great
setup of Air-Defense.

As the terror grows, Now Reliance realized the potential (Occupational
hazard) of the Jamnagar Refinery location.

At a time when refineries all around the world are equipped with
Anti-Aircraft guns, Indian Defense ministry rejected the proposal of
Reliance Petrochemicals to provide additional security to refinery.


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