Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Asiatic Lions will have new home

State Government has decided to introduce big cats to the region of Barda Hills lying between Porbandar and Jamnagar, this eliminates the possibility of shifting the Gir lion to Madhya Prades, Barda with the 192.35 sq km of undulating terrain is declared as Sanctury, but is yet to get its share of lion population.

As a preparation for this, breeding centre for antelopes and hare was started sometime ago.
The region already has a healthy population of blue bull and wild boar.

The minister said apart from Barda, the area between Savarkundla and Mahuva spread over 125 sq km too was being strengthened as a lion habitat.

Asiatic lion population is spread over 1450 sq km in the State, with the last census pegging the figure at 359.



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