Thursday, August 9, 2007

Jamnagar Rain Update

Jamnagar Rain Update

Rain is lasting for last 72 hours and the death toll is risen to 10 person in Jamnagar, Normal life is completly out of order. Famous crematorium "Manekbai Sukhdham" is under 4-5 feet deep in water, as a result bodies are cremated at the nearby crematorium, which was exclusively set up by the kings for jains of Jamnagar city.

Manekbhai Sukhdham crematorium is known for its beautiful displays narrating stories from Hindu epics and has become a picnic place for the tourists. There are many crematoriums that have come up on the pattern of Manekbai Sukhdham in the state and elsewhere.

This district is one of the worst affected districts in the state.
Gandhvi village (Harshadmata temple) is totally cut off from the rest of the world.

This Temple is on the pilgrim route between Dwarka and Veraval and most of people on this route stop here.

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