Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jamnagar Crematorium - New way to look at death

Jamnagar Crematorium - New way to look at death.

Whenever some one asks us visiting places in our city , We (Those who have been living in Jamnagar) name the "Crematorium" first, its iconic image of represnting death in a more acceptable and recongnised as a place for devotion and hindu mythological understanding. Many tourist finds this idean unique and respectable, as the crematorium has beautiful paintings depicting Hindu saints and spiritual leaders, many places have are following crematoria design based on Jamnagar pattern.

On the other hand, Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation announce that it will cost no cremation charges for the bodies of people under 18. also will give free cremation of people living below poverty line.

This way is similiar in throughout Gujarat, people here respect death and related ceremony with utter honour.

In Ahmedabad , there is facility for the webcast of cremation at a crematorium on the SG Highway.


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