Monday, December 24, 2007

Jamnagar Election Results 2007

BJP Has secured 6 out of 8 Seats in Gujarat Elections 2007
Here  is the result declared on 23rd December for Jamnagar district.
  • Laljibhai of BJP defeated Dr Dinesh Parmar (Congress) in Jamnagar Rural
  • In Bhanwad Mulubhai Bera got maximum lead in Jamnagar and won easily.
  • R.C.Faldu of Kalavad won and created a hattrick.
  • MeghjiBhai Kanzariya won in Khabhaliya,
  • Pabubha Manek (BJP) won fifth time in Dwarka
  • Raghavji Patel (Congress) defeated ex commissioner Ghodasara in Dhrol.
  • BrijrajSinh Jadeja (BJP) defeated Chimanbhai patel for just 17 votes in Jamjodhpur.
  • Vasuben Trivedi won from a narrow margin Jamnagar City.
Not to mention that Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP) acquired 117 / 182 seats in Gujarat State assembly Elections 2007 , A clear verdict by Gujarat Voters.
Chief Minister Narendra Modi will be crowned in as next chief minister on 25th Dec. in Gandhinagar.


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