Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jamnagar Water Crisis surfaces again

Water crisis is back in jamnagar,
now a days, water is supplied just once in three days
(Amreli is the worst hit place is where taps run dry for 10-12 long days)
The central reason is that in all these places, all local water resources have dried up and government had not planned for the Narmada water supply through Saurashtra canal, although canal is working but it is not efficient.
Ranjitsagar dam , which provides drinking water for jamnagar has just now hit the rock bottom, Sasoi dam which is second biggest for jamnagar city has reached to dead level,
Inadequate Narmada water supply has forced the JMC (Jamnagar Municipal Corporation) to supply water once in three days, instead of alternate day.
the onnnly dam , Und-2 has quantum of water but that too will be dried up in the end of July.

as a last resort, the JMC is now planning to draw water from Aji-III dam.

To maintain alternate day water supply, the JMC required around 150 lakh gallons. At present it has been facing deficit of around 40 lakh gallons per day. "The required quantum would be either drawn from Aji-III or Narmada to resume to alternate day supply,'' said Jamnagar Mayor Manhar Zala.


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