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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jamnagar 10 th 2009 Results - Toppers List

Jamnagar Toppers List
Rank Student Detail Obtained Marks Percentage School
1 Jhaveri Diti Amit
Seat No.:C691818
607/650 93.38 St.ann's High School
R N Marg St.ann`s High School Pandit Nehru Marg
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
2 Surani Himali Narbheram
Seat No.:C688836
604/650 92.92 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
3 Rathod Nirav Babulal
Seat No.:C690052
601/650 92.46 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
3 Rimmie Duraisamy
Seat No.:C692059
601/650 92.46 St.ann's High School
R N Marg St.ann`s High School Pandit Nehru Marg
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
4 Kantariya Dipenkumar Satishbhai
Seat No.:C682113
600/650 92.31 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Highschool
Jamjodhpur Dist-jamnagar Jamjodhpur
Dist - Jamnagar 360530
4 Gosai Surabhi Jayeshgiri
Seat No.:C691054
600/650 92.31 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
4 Shah Riddhi Manish
Seat No.:C692056
600/650 92.31 St.ann's High School
R N Marg St.ann`s High School Pandit Nehru Marg
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
4 Badiyani Shivam Nareshbhai
Seat No.:C692094
600/650 92.31 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalay
Amar Vilas Palace
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
5 Kagathara Deepkumar Dhirajlal
Seat No.:C675396
599/650 92.15 Shri B M Patel Madhyamik Shala
Vankiya Dist-jamnagar At & Po Vankiya
Tal Dhrol Dist - Jamnagar 361210
5 Pandya Madhavi Bharatbhai
Seat No.:C689589
599/650 92.15 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
6 Bhensdadiya Maulik Jasamatbhai
Seat No.:C689730
598/650 92.0 Shri Pranami High School
Jamnagar Ranjitnagar
At-po.jam Nagar Dist - Jamnagar 361005
7 Kapta Yash Dwarkeshbhai
Seat No.:C691414
597/650 91.85 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
8 Pancholi Atal Bipinbhai
Seat No.:C687948
596/650 91.69 The Sunshine School
Saatrasta Plot No 31 Walkeshwar Nagari
Jamnagar 361008
9 Yagnik Birju Rajendrabhai
Seat No.:C688145
595/650 91.54 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
9 Choksi Vishwa Pankajkumar
Seat No.:C715211
595/650 91.54 St.ann's High School
Vadinar Dist-jamnagar Vadinar
Dist - Jamnagar 361010
10 Nariya Pragati Hemrajbhai
Seat No.:C690292
593/650 91.23 Matushri Avalbahen Becharbhai Virani Kanya Vidyalaya
Jamnagar Sumer Club Road
Ranjit Nagar-jamnagar Dist - Jamnagar 361005

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Jamnagar Election Coverage - 2009

Jamnagar, will be the prime place of battle between Congress & BJP in Saurashtra.

in 2004, the BJP'S five-time MP Chandresh Patel lost by very thin margin of around 5000 votes by an Ahir leader, Vikram Madam. BJP candidate of 2004, Chandresh Patel had supported Kisan Sangh to campaign against chief minister Narendra Modi, and he had to leave party for that, fearing one more loss, the CM wooed Patel was given BJP worker's card, but not the ticket to contest.

This was the first time BJP lost her seat in Jamnagar. Jamnagar seat is dominated mainly by Leva Patel and Ahir communities, BJP's trick of proposing Ramesh Mungra will make a split between Leva and Ahir communities. Adding fuel to fire, there is internal feud in the Congress and Madam might pay the price for it.

Vikram Madam is very popular in Jamnagar City due to his social work and accessibility to people, however the BJP's dominance of Jamnagar Municipal Corporation is a major roadblock for him. BJP also controls most of the Taluka panchayat like Salaya (Congress), Dwarka, Jam-Jodhpur, Dhrol, Bhanvad, Kalavad and Khambhaliya municipalities. The Jamnagar District panchayat is also dominated by the BJP.

Vikram Madam is also facing issues within the party. for e.g. Poonam Madam (his niece) was also lobbying to get the party ticket, on the other hand, this time BJP has picked up a new comer Ramesh Mungra, Ramesh was BJP general secretary and Jamnagar district panchayat member. Hailing from powerful Leva Patel community. Ex-Deputy CM Mulu Bera, who is also current Bhanvad MLA (Ahir community) will assist Ramesh to woo Ahir votebank.

Out of around 13 lakh voters in Jamnagar, Ahirs are in a majority with 16% votes. The other are Kshatriyas (14%), Patels (14%), a majority of them being Leuva Patels), Muslims (13%) and Vaniya/Jain 10%.

Jamnagar has many new issues in this election, new things like heavy industrialisation has also thrown up issues like environmental degradation. Non-availability of sufficient water for drinking, irrigation and industrial purposes is a major issue in the district. Unemployment, clashes with migratory population etc. are other emerging issues.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Jamnagar - Quick Response Team Created by Police

Jamnagar - Quick Response Team Created by Police

With recent terror attacks in Mumbai, Jamnagar police have formed a Quick Response Team equipped with AK47 rifles, bullet-proof jackets and other anti-terror gear to avert any possible terror attack on Jamnagar City.

Like SWAT Team, Jamnagar Quick Response team has six officials, team is headed by Jamnagar's Local Crime Branch police sub-inspector (PSI) Mahavir Singh Rana.

Jamnagar DSP Rajendra V. Jotangiya informed that Jamnagar is second biggest coastal line after Kutch and has maximum interaction with Pakistani Marine Agencies, he also informed that this six-man team is equipped with AK-47 rifles, bullet-proof jackets and other anti-terror gear. A special government Gypsy has been provided to the team, which will be available 24/7 at Jamnagar's police headquarters.


Monday, January 11, 2010

Uttarayan Kites : Lakhota Birds Protection

Jamnagar City and neadr by place like Khijadiya has been a paradise for Bird watchers in Winter.

While the life in Khijadiya may be cool for birds but in Jamnagar town it becomes deadly in the festival of Uttarayan.

Earlier Jamnagar had very few kites in days of Makarsankranti, now a days with vacation and trends from Ahmedabad/Mumbai, Jamnagar is flying high on Uttarayan with sky full of Kites.

Jamnagar citizens who had started kite flying in Uttarayan recently, are now taught a few lessons of bird care by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC).

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC) has banned the kite flying in early morning and also in the late evening. This is peek time for a bird to fly to the nest. Jamnagar has pioneered herself to be the first city to have such rule.

Several bird lovers will be patrolling the Jamnagar Lakhota Lake area, this area has around 100 species of birds, all injured birds will be given immediate treatment.

A bird lover also requested Jamnagar citizens no to feed or throw away Ganthiyas near bird areas, he appealed that oily food like Ganthiyas are not at all good food for birds. Few nature lovers will be doing a educational drive for the same as well.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jamnagar Brass Parts Owners - Rising against Chinese tide

Jamnagar is not just an alias of Reliance Petroleum Ltd. or home of Rolls-Royce's of Jamnagar's Kingship - The Jam sahibs

There is more to Jamnagar then it meets the eyes.

Jamnagar 's Major Industry is Brass Parts Manufacture, An industry which gives jobs to thousands of workers in Jamnagar and some hundred-thousands in nearby villages.

This single city serves 70% of India's demand for machine brass components. Today many tiny electrical and precision brass parts are made from Jamnagar's brass factories, some of the big names in the industry has client names ranging from BMW, GM, Toyota to many refinery equipment manufacturing companies, along with electrical and precision parts, brass parts manufacturers also produce Bicycle parts, nuts, screw, bolts, rivets, kitchen and car appliances. Currently Jamnagar Brass industry is a whooping 2,500 crore industry.

After ruling the world for 60 years, its shine is fading, one of the major problems is stiff competition from China, and China dumped low quality toys and electrical appliances, which removed many small companies which used to provide parts to Indian Toy maker companies.

However Sun has shone again, Jamnagar Brass industry is awake with Quality as new Mantra, M & A has showed these small entrepreneurs a new way of business, many of these small giants now learned the Global Impact on their small business and have decided to be Big.

Still some 2,500 SME of Brass Parts Manufacturers are facing the music, some of these started to explore unknown territory of Latin America, Africa and Scandinavian country for search of potential clients.

Check out these sites of Various Jamnagar Brass Parts  Owners


Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Brass Parts Industry Sinking in Jamnagar

Brass Parts Industry Sinking in Jamnagar


Jamnagar has only one local industry as of now... BRASS INDUSTRY.. but due to Exim policy and competition.. this is also fading away... Vagaries of the international market have taken a toll on Jamnagar's small brass units.  This industry in Jamnagar is struggling for life as there is global fluctuation in metal prices, currency and increasing tax burdens. 

In last few years with metal prices reached scorching High.
Ramnikbhai Shah, a leading industrialist in Jamnagar says that more then 500 units have shut down because of this metal price uplift, he is a leading brass importer of Jamnagar. he quoted that current price (landing price) of 1 KG brass is Rs 250, however the best rate a local unit can give is Rs. 200.

most of the brass here is imported by Europe, and copper prices are rising very high in Europe and the international market. Fluctuating exchange rates added an insult to injury. Tax structure in local government constitutes of 10% import duty on the raw material, there is also 16% countervailing duty (refundable) + 4% special duty is slammed + 2% cess, this increases the cost of brass by Rs 51 per kg, so sustaining the long term trade is a matter of much concern, adds Amrut Shah ( He is secretary of the Jamnagar Brass Parts Manufacturers' Association). 

The ray of hope can be seen if only some tax are relaxed, because small scale manufacturers and processing units cannot take advantage of the government tax schemes, traders are also demanding change in policy and providing centralised warehousing facility for brass imports.

One thing should be noted that this business is the economic lifeline of Jamnagar ( and not the near by big refineries), trade volume of this industry comprises of small players. and small players can not afford to order worth Rs 40 to Rs 45 lakh, this problem can be solved if a government provides central warehousing facility and allow to procure the required raw material from there, this is the only way of survival for the industry.

if this does not happen the industry will soon collapse in Jamnagar, and many will be left jobless in the town.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RIL backs off Jamnagar GI Tagging Plans

Jamnagar News First reported the GI Tag initiative, Almost a year back we found that Jamnagar Bandhani may get Jamnagar GEO Tagging.

Now taking some firm steps, Chennai-based Geographical Indication (GI) Registry has decided to clean off its old files and already granted brand new GI certificates for high value brands. These brands includes names like 'Tirupati Ladu', 'Banarasi Sarees' and 'Goan Feni'.

Jamnagar is not behind either, India's most valued company Reliance Industries had also requested for registeration of GI Tag for its five products
  • Jamnagar Petrol
  • Jamnagar Fuel
  • Jamnagar LPG
  • Jamnagar Diesel
  • Krishra Godavari Gas
These are the products that are produced from RIL's Jamnagar refinery and Krishna Godavari basin. Later, RIL withdrew its applications, many says that this is because RIL has plans to have the KG GAS used in Lyondellbasell Reliance Refinery.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

RPL Jamnagar Refinery - Export Starting this month

Reliance Petroleum Limited's Jamnagar Refinery will start exporting fuel this month.

Crude oil processing capacity of 5,80,000 BPD makes RPL Jamnagar 6th largest refinery in the world and is also amongst the world's most complex refineries.

RPL Jamnagar refinery Features includes:

* RPL refinery has Nelson Complexity index of 14.0, this is useful to process heavy sulfur crude variety and will be able to process heavy crude, refinery emission is too low and the pollution graphs is more greener, even finer compared to forthcoming Euro IV norms for emission.
* In todays business, these high complexity refining capacity will provide competitive advantage, as the refinery can process more sour crude, more refining is surely possible.
* RPL Jamnagar refinery's geographical proximity with middle-east will turn this largest crude oil producing region in the world to most cheapest crude processsing unit.

Jamnagar district is the 'refining hub of the world' it produces 1.24 million BPD oil, it is to note that Reliance Jamnagar refinery accounts for 40% of Petroleum consumed in India.

Reliance's new 5.8 M BPD Refinery is located at the Jamnagar special economic zone (SEZ).


Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Jamnagar : New Home for Amul

Jamnagar the jewel of Kathiawar, is a well known industry location across the world.

And soon Jamnagar will start contributing biggest Indian brand for India, Amul.

Yes, after consolidating the district milk union of Porbandar, Gujarat Co-operative Milk Marketing Federation (GCMMF) is all set to get Jamnagar under her wings.

In near future, Jamnagar milk union will be under its Amul brand.

Jamnagar's milk union was last for Amul, after this all the district dairy unions of Gujarat will be under the apex body of the GCMMF, covering all the regions of Gujarat.

Jamnagar district will become 19th member union of milk union.

Six dairy unions of Saurashtra and Kutch collectively procuring an average of 17 lakh litres milk per day.

Jamnagar is contributing 2 lakh litres milk per day in Jamnagar.

Saurashtra will register 15 to 20% of volume increment in next 10 years.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Jamnagar Leads in Investment Race.

Jamnagar has clearly moved Surat back in terms of industrial investments in the past five years, and Saurashtra district will be leading the growth over its north/souh gujarat counterparts in the coming years.

Jamnagar has attracted investments worth Rs 56,379 crore in the last five years. while Surat (including Hazira) has managed to bag Rs 38,906 crore.

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) stat shows that the Saurashtra and mainly jamnagar will increase this gap in coming years, Surat do have major names like ONGC, GAIL, Kribhco, NTPC, Reliance, Essar, Shell and Cairn setting up new projects / expansions in Hazira, but the main focus now will be in the small-scale sector like diamond and textiles. Surat SEZ will attarct invetment worth Rs 1,000 crore in the apparel park, Rs 4,000 crore in the gems and Jewellery Park, and Rs 5,000 crore in a multi-product park.

Jamnagar is taking a giant leap from this small figures,  Reliance's second oil refinery and SEZ will alone bring in Rs 40,000 crore from the company, Reliance is keen to bring world largest downstream players such Exxon Mobil, Dow, Lyondell, Innovene, SABIC, JSR, Goodyear, Nippon Zeon, Borealis, Huntsman, Basell, Shinetsu, Formosa, LG, Vinolit, Vestolit, Novachem and BASF for setting up facilities in the SEZ.

Adding Essar's oil refinery adventures in its proposed SEZ  at Jamnagar, which is worth Rs 15,000 crore, and you would reach a staggering figure which could well cross the Rs 1,00,000 crore, this is the total investment in Hazira till date.

There will be huge downstream effect for Jamnagar investments and Jamnagar will grow significantly, said one official at Industrial Extension Bureau, Gandhinagar.

They also point out that while the small-scale sector has contributed to the investments in Surat, this has not happened in the case of Jamnagar, which has relied heavily on the biggies.




Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jamnagar Rain Update

Recent rains washed Jamnagar City and District to a great extent. Ranjit Sagar Dam got 5 feet new water just after the first rain,
On Friday alone, Jamnagar city recorded over 30 cm of rainfall in a single day. Und - 1 and Wodisang dams in the district were put on high alert as it might overflow. with landmark 12 inches in Jamnagar on Friday, the city is topping the chart with highest rainfall received. on Friday the city was completely submerged. I reached Jamnagar on Saturday to find all small roads and gullies blocked with rainwater. older city areas are still under water after a day.
In total till now, Jamnagar city had received the heaviest rainfall - 17 inch, Jamnagar flood control room said that all the three major dams in Jamnagar district i.e. Sapada, Horison and Ruparel have been overflowed in just first spells of rain.

Aliabada received 5 inch in last hours of Friday, totalling that to 7 inch. Sapda Dam is overflowing (2 Feet) since last 2 days.

Total Rain received in Taluka's are as follows

Lalapur - 12 inch

Kalyanpur - 10 inch
Kalawad - 7 inch

Bhanwad - 7 inch
Khambhalia - 7 inch
Dwarka - 7 inch
Dhrol - 4 inch
Jodiya - 4 inch
Jamjodhpur - 3 inch.

-- Jamnagar News

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Parsvnath - Jamnagar Project Announced

The integrated group housing and commercial mall project of Parsvnath Developers Ltd (PDL) will soon start at Jamnagar

This prestigious project of Parsvnath Developers Ltd will be developed on land area of 13, 200 sq metres. Cost of the project is approx Rs 120 crore.

Rajeev Jain ( Director - Marketing) of Parsvnath Developers Ltd said that Jamnagar is the Jewel of Kathiawar, and as its emerging as the largest refining and petrochemical hub in the world, Parsvnath Developers will take this oppertunity to provide quality construction with mix of amenities to the residents of Jamnagar.

The Site of Parsvnath Precious and Parsvnath Mall is located on Jamnagar-Khambalia highway in Jamnagar and will offers residential and commercial facilities.

The site is well connected with almost all important destinations in and around Jamnagar District.

Jamnagar News

Monday, June 9, 2008

Brass Parts - New Bronze Billets Unit for Jamnagar

Jamnagar Brass Parts has long been known for its business strength in difficult times.

Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry has proved its business expertize against Chinese product invasion and the fall and rise of US Dollar in recent times.

G.I.D.C. (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) Jamnagar boasts of exports to 29 countries and a turnover of 19 mn US$.

Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry learned and gained considerable momentum in new products, Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry is now stepping up new production operation units.

One such extrusion unit is coming up in Naghedi (Jamnagar District), this unit will be manufacturing Bronze Billets. The Bronze ingots manufactured are used for Bronze casting worldwide by Brass Copper and Bronze foundries. Till now Jamnagar Brass Parts industry was known for its production of Brass turned parts, Brass anchors, Brass fasteners, Brass hex nuts, Brass machine screws etc. This new Unit will have capacity of 300 tons/month, and will have a workforce of around 230 people. Gross outlay for this unit is expected to be 14 mn US$.

Infrastructure for the same ia already set up, machinery is imported, production is about to commence in Oct-Nov 2008 with initial target market as Western Europe.

Non ferrous casting industry (Bronze, Aluminum and other alloy) is growing at about 12% P/A thanks to demand in automotive and electrification.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Security Proposal Rejected - Jamnagar Reliance Refinery

I always wondered why Ambani's have chosen Jamnagar to construct
world's largest refinery base in the world, considering the strategic
defense significance of Jamnagar as first target for western enemies.

Jamnagar boasts a defense base of all three wings, INS Valsura is the
most preferred point to enter in to enemy territory, Jamnagar Airbase
has proved its importance and its strength in 1971 war against
Pakistan, Jamnagar has enough army personnel deployed and has great
setup of Air-Defense.

As the terror grows, Now Reliance realized the potential (Occupational
hazard) of the Jamnagar Refinery location.

At a time when refineries all around the world are equipped with
Anti-Aircraft guns, Indian Defense ministry rejected the proposal of
Reliance Petrochemicals to provide additional security to refinery.


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Jamnagar Election 2009 - Road Nahin to Vote Nahin

According to first unofficial average of 40-42 per cent voting on Thursday was observed in Jamnagar.

In one of the interesting news, around 1,600 voters in Dhichada village on the outskirts of Jamnagar boycotted elections to protest their long pending demand of construction of an approach road from highway to the village.

Vice sarpanch Arvind Mathhad said despite repeated representations to political leaders and senior government officials, the village is being neglected. People in surrounding Air Force area, Jamnagar and air port have modern roads but authorities are intentionally ignoring the village.

SS Yadav, a villager, said people in the hamlet unanimously decided last night to boycott polls with a slogan "Road nahi to vote nahi".

Jamnagar District collector VP Patel confirmed that the villagers didn't vote.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jamnagar News - New Look and Feel


Announcing New Look and Feel on Jamnagar News, New features includes.
  • Simple Look and more content.
  • Comment using OpenId login
  • Easily accessible "Free E-Mail Subscribe" and "Jamnagar News Search" function.
  • All Old Posts Updated with labels, find them easier to search.

What We are working on:

  • Publishing first cut of
  • Free - Online Directory For Jamnagar
  • More recent images of Jamnagar in Slideshow
  • Popular Food recipes around the city and district.
As always please provide your valuable feedback so that we can continue providing refined content for Jamnagar Lovers.


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Jamnagar Girl Gang Raped

In what could have been most brutal crime case, a 17-year-old Jamnagar girl was gangraped repeatedly by seven persons.

The girl was gang raped in Jamnagar, Rajkot and then in Mumbai for six days. A complaint was lodged with Ahmedabad crime branch, later the complaint was transferred to Jamnagar city B-division police station.

Six of the accused were already arrested by Sunday evening. Police is looking to arrest the seventh person.

The victim, a class IX student lives with her father in Jamnagar, who is a practicing doctor. She left from Jamnagar to meet her mother, a divorcee in Ahmedabad and was waiting for a bus at a local travels there.

One of the accused, Mehul Raval approached her and offered a ride till Ahmedabad in his car, instead of Ahmedabad he took her to a house in Jain housing society and he along with his five friends gangraped the victim, later she was taken to Rajkot and raped there again by these men.

As per complaint the victim was raped repeatedly from August 21 to August 26.

Strangely, Raval convinced her that he would marry her and took her to Mumbai by air. In Mumbai, she was again raped by Raval and a seventh person from Mumbai. The girl managed to escape from there and reached Ahmedabad. She narrated the whole incident to her mother and then took help of a relative to approach the crime branch.

Jamnagar police have arrested Mehul Raval, Nishant Punjabi, Dharmesh Patel, Viral Jethwa, Ajaysinh Jethwa, Kailash Khatri, the seventh person Michael, who lives in Mumbai is on the run.

Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

Burglars Breaking in Jamnagar

It was a busy day for Jamnagar police, as many as 15 theft were reported in mere two hours, this includes 15 shops, offices and a bank, thr cash pull was reported to be around Rs 65,000 ( which includes and cash and goods), Jamnagar Police found that they were in a group of five , and were travelling in a white maruti car.

Police said that the robbers broke into commercial establishments between 3.45 am and 5.15 am, taking advantage of the downpour during this period.

Rajiv Bhagat, Jamnagar superintendent of police did add that there are few eyewitness who have seen the the robbers and as per their description , Jamnagar Police will soon draft sketches and start operating on it, Jamnagar Police did found that the robbers were outsiders. They tried break the United Bank (Town Hall). They reached the strong room, but luckily can not break the strong-room door. Infact burgled selected only those complexes, which were closed or without security men.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gujarat Board SSC Results Announced

Gaur Saurabh (Palanpur) has topped the 10th Gujarat Education Board examinations with 96.31 percent

This year the Gujarat Board SSC result is 63.58 per cent.

Amazingly there are 53 students in top 10 List, 26 are boys and 27 are girls.
Jamnagar's Vasoya Shivani Dhirajlal (C636435) got 7th Rank in board and has topped the Jamnagar Gujarat Board SSC Results, with 95.23 percent
Shah Poonam Jayantilal (C635783)  stood second in Jamnagar and managed to get  9th rank in Board with 94.92 percent.

Both the girls are from Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya Jamnagar

Jamnagar News will post a detailed list of Jamnagar SSC Results Toppers by end of the day.

Jamnagar News

Thursday, August 22, 2013

LCA Tejas Trials - pride of Jamnagar

As a part of Indian air forces plan to roll out new age fighters for India defence, Jamnagar airforce base will be leading the trials, these trials will ensure getting initial operational clearance (IOC-II) by the end of this year.

  LCA (Light combat aircraft) Tejas was deployed last month to Jamnagar Air Force Station for weapons trials.

 These weapon trials includes advance missile firing and bomb diffusal.
 First round of trials are completed now next, more aggressive rounds of weapons release trials will be conducted both at Jamnagar and Goa.

 LCA Tejas is very much in focus as defence minister is closely monitoring its commissionning progress.

First squadron service will be delivered in 2015.

Jamnagar trials were first after Tejas participited in Iron Fist excercise this year.

Indeed a proud moment for Jamnagar and Jamnagar air force base.

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