Thursday, January 15, 2009

RPL Jamnagar Refinery - Export Starting this month

Reliance Petroleum Limited's Jamnagar Refinery will start exporting fuel this month.

Crude oil processing capacity of 5,80,000 BPD makes RPL Jamnagar 6th largest refinery in the world and is also amongst the world's most complex refineries.

RPL Jamnagar refinery Features includes:

* RPL refinery has Nelson Complexity index of 14.0, this is useful to process heavy sulfur crude variety and will be able to process heavy crude, refinery emission is too low and the pollution graphs is more greener, even finer compared to forthcoming Euro IV norms for emission.
* In todays business, these high complexity refining capacity will provide competitive advantage, as the refinery can process more sour crude, more refining is surely possible.
* RPL Jamnagar refinery's geographical proximity with middle-east will turn this largest crude oil producing region in the world to most cheapest crude processsing unit.

Jamnagar district is the 'refining hub of the world' it produces 1.24 million BPD oil, it is to note that Reliance Jamnagar refinery accounts for 40% of Petroleum consumed in India.

Reliance's new 5.8 M BPD Refinery is located at the Jamnagar special economic zone (SEZ).


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