Monday, January 11, 2010

Uttarayan Kites : Lakhota Birds Protection

Jamnagar City and neadr by place like Khijadiya has been a paradise for Bird watchers in Winter.

While the life in Khijadiya may be cool for birds but in Jamnagar town it becomes deadly in the festival of Uttarayan.

Earlier Jamnagar had very few kites in days of Makarsankranti, now a days with vacation and trends from Ahmedabad/Mumbai, Jamnagar is flying high on Uttarayan with sky full of Kites.

Jamnagar citizens who had started kite flying in Uttarayan recently, are now taught a few lessons of bird care by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC).

Jamnagar Municipal Corporation (JMC) has banned the kite flying in early morning and also in the late evening. This is peek time for a bird to fly to the nest. Jamnagar has pioneered herself to be the first city to have such rule.

Several bird lovers will be patrolling the Jamnagar Lakhota Lake area, this area has around 100 species of birds, all injured birds will be given immediate treatment.

A bird lover also requested Jamnagar citizens no to feed or throw away Ganthiyas near bird areas, he appealed that oily food like Ganthiyas are not at all good food for birds. Few nature lovers will be doing a educational drive for the same as well.

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