Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Gujarat Board SSC Results Announced

Gaur Saurabh (Palanpur) has topped the 10th Gujarat Education Board examinations with 96.31 percent

This year the Gujarat Board SSC result is 63.58 per cent.

Amazingly there are 53 students in top 10 List, 26 are boys and 27 are girls.
Jamnagar's Vasoya Shivani Dhirajlal (C636435) got 7th Rank in board and has topped the Jamnagar Gujarat Board SSC Results, with 95.23 percent
Shah Poonam Jayantilal (C635783)  stood second in Jamnagar and managed to get  9th rank in Board with 94.92 percent.

Both the girls are from Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya Jamnagar

Jamnagar News will post a detailed list of Jamnagar SSC Results Toppers by end of the day.

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