Monday, June 9, 2008

Brass Parts - New Bronze Billets Unit for Jamnagar

Jamnagar Brass Parts has long been known for its business strength in difficult times.

Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry has proved its business expertize against Chinese product invasion and the fall and rise of US Dollar in recent times.

G.I.D.C. (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) Jamnagar boasts of exports to 29 countries and a turnover of 19 mn US$.

Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry learned and gained considerable momentum in new products, Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry is now stepping up new production operation units.

One such extrusion unit is coming up in Naghedi (Jamnagar District), this unit will be manufacturing Bronze Billets. The Bronze ingots manufactured are used for Bronze casting worldwide by Brass Copper and Bronze foundries. Till now Jamnagar Brass Parts industry was known for its production of Brass turned parts, Brass anchors, Brass fasteners, Brass hex nuts, Brass machine screws etc. This new Unit will have capacity of 300 tons/month, and will have a workforce of around 230 people. Gross outlay for this unit is expected to be 14 mn US$.

Infrastructure for the same ia already set up, machinery is imported, production is about to commence in Oct-Nov 2008 with initial target market as Western Europe.

Non ferrous casting industry (Bronze, Aluminum and other alloy) is growing at about 12% P/A thanks to demand in automotive and electrification.

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