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Friday, June 30, 2006

Reliance Kesar Mangoes - in harrods

Reliance Kesar Mangoes - bid export order from Harrods London
Reliance is not stopping at all, be it in refinary business to the sweet Kesar mango business. Jamnagar recently had some of the rain showers, but "Jamnagar Farms Private Limited" , Asia's largest mango orchard at Moti Khavadi was on her way for making first export order for its Kesar mangoes from retail giant Harrods from London.

This is indeed a news, The Jamnagar farm, a 100 per cent subsidiary of Reliance Industries Limited (RIL), struck the deal last week and opened the export doors for the famous Kesar Mangoes to hit the organised European market.

RIL is also keen to get attached with other retail giants like Marks & Spencer, Tesco and Sainsburys along with the Harrods, they hope that export will start from next year.

Harrods confirmed this, "Harrods, London is officially stocking Reliance Kesar mangoes in flagship Knightsbridge store. We believe that placement in Harrods is testament to the quality of this prime fruit as only the best of the lot make it to the shelves of this store."

RIL horticulture division adds that  Harrods demanded 140 tonnes of Kesar mango but as the order was stuck at late season only three tonnes were exported, But they have target of more than 200 tonnes export in the next season.


Fear of Mig- JAMNAGAR

The fear of Mig On Land - JAMNAGAR

in 70-80s Mig were fearsome in air, things have not changed here in LAKHA BAVAL a small village, 16 KM from Jamnagar.
A MiG-21 had crashed in this village two years ago,  since then "MiG aavyo, MiG aavyo" (mig is coming) is an alarming sound for this small village, everyday around 200 sories are carried out by IAF, not to mention at a very very low height. an IAF MIG crash at a place in village , that place is now named as 'Viman Chowk' (aircraft square), this 'flying coffin' accident claimed five vilagers, this village comes under Sarmat flying range of IAF.

Aircrafts, sometimes fly just 50 to 100 ft above the houses. The aircraft crashed on the Anganwadi (primary school) building at 9.30 am, luckily most of the kids were late (!!!)

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Monsoon Fadding in Saurashtra - Jamnagar

Monsoon Fadding in Saurashtra - Jamnagar

Saurashtra and North Gujarat, the people are a worried about rain and farmers are dying to see a drop of rain. it is clear that Monsoon is fadding in Saurashtra.

because of intermittent rains dam water levels have gone down, low water levels in dams can not cop up with scarcity of drinking water and of irrigation water both, crop failure is in the minds of the farmers.

The administration doesn't care... they think that  last years  rainwater will solve the need, the water management sayd not to fear, while agriculture dept. has enough reasons to fear, 'Long duration crops like groundnuts and unirrigated variety of cotton, which depend heavily on rain water, will be hit if monsoon is delayed in these areas beyond July 3,' said R A Saresia, director of Agriculture Department.

Surendranagar officials informed that 16 villages depend on water tankers for drinking water, and found this as a routine. Meanwhile, Banaskantha district collector confirmed some 20 villages in the district are receiving drinking water from tankers.

Districts like Jamnagar, Amreli, Surendranagar and Mehsana are depending on dam water for supply to the villages.

In Jamnagar the problem is worst... as the district is using dam water for both drinking and irrigation.
Jamnagar District Collector V P Patel explained that city does not have serious problem , Okha, Dwarka and other areas are already using Vartu dam water.

2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up Case

Jamnagar is in news again, this time in case of 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up.

The 2004 Miss Jammu second runner-up was arrested from Delhi alongwith the couple and three others on June 25 on charges of prostitution, following the story a A BSF Jawan in Jammu Accused a Delhi-based couple of pushing his minor daughter into prostitution.

he said that the couple lured her to the capital with promises of making her a star / and of Model job.

"Kamal Sehgal and Muskan (a couple from Delhi), misled My minor daughter, she had met them in Delhi when she was there for a stage show. They tool benefit of her minor age , exploited her and pushed her into this racket," the father (BSF Lance Naik Vinod Kumar) said this to reportest in Jammu.

he adds that she is still a minor and this couple promised my daughter to give a modelling assignments and did not allow her to come back , Kumar had registered an FIR on April 16 saying that his daughter is missing.

Now comes jamnagar,  girls birth certificate is issued by the Commissioner of Jamnagar Mahanagar Palika in 1990, and the birth date was referred as November 14, 1988 (this proves that she is a minor )

Monday, June 26, 2006

RPL Coker Unit - Foster Wheeler USA

A US company is selected to provide new Cooking unit to Jamnagar Refinery project of Reliance

"Foster Wheeler USA Corporation" signed a contract for eight-drum delayed coking unit for Jamnagar Export Refinery Project at the Reliance Petroleum Limited (RPL) refinery in Jamnagar, India,  this new refinery will be largest single stream petroleum refinery in the world providing state of art technology and will contribute for at least 35-40% of nations total crude oil processing capability. Bechtel France, RPL's Design, Engineering, Procurement and Construction Advisory Services contractor, awarded this contract to Fosters.

Fosters scope includes process, detailed engineering for the new coker (cooking unit), please note that existing coker at Jamnagar refinery is also from Fosters, which is world's largest Coker ( cooking) unit commissioned in 1998 (I was there at the time of commissioning of this unit)

The technology is revolved round a s SYDEC process, which is a thermal conversion process used by refineries to upgrade heavy residue feed and process it into high value transport fuels, this technology uses a low-pressure, low-recycle design for achieving maximum liquid yields. By installing a SYDEC unit in their refinery, the owner is able to process heavier crude, which sell at a discount to the benchmark light, sweet crude, allowing the refiner to reap the benefit of significant refining margins.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Tremor hits Jamnagar

A mild tremor of 4.5 - 4.6 scale hit Jamnagar , Rajokt and some areas of Kutch on Friday - 23-June-2006.

Its epicenter was at Chobari, a small village in Kutch.desert

The incident happens at around 11:00 AM, though there were no casualty reported, people who are quite experienced of this kind of tremors do not wanto to take a chance and ran from thir building.

No casualty has been reported in the incident that took place around 10.55 am.

The intensity of the tremors was 4.6 on ritcher scale and the duration was about five seconds. People of highrise buildings ran out and were shocked. There was no damage to any building.

For news in Hindi see our Hindi daily Chaupal Chronicle

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jamnagar Pipelines to generate More revenue

Jamnagar Pipelines to generate More revenue

"Increased no. of pipelines will increase revenue" says DJ Pandyan,  MD, Gujarat State Petronet 

He replied while answering to a private news channel. He quotted that in next quarter of FY-07,  one hundred and sixty-five kilometres of pipeline will be completed.

More pipelines will be layed across gujarat the major one is from Ahmedabad to Rajkot via Morvi, and two more pipelines; one is from Rajkot to Jamnagar and another from Rajkot to Kutch in Mundra.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Porbandar Brahma Samaj - Jamnagar Crisis

Porbandar Brahma Samaj - Jamnagar Crisis

The flare continous and there are many, who wanted to se this flare burning...

Porbandar Bramha Samaj filed a police complaint against Oener of Amber Theatre of Jamnagar (Mr. Madam), Yashraj Films and bollywood actor Aamir Khan on wednesday. as you might be aware that all this flare begins when AMber Cinema screen the banned movie Fanaa, and a youth Pravin Joshi from porbandar,  committed self-immolation as a protest to this screening.  Pravin dies in G.G. Hostpital on Tuesday and the flare bursts open.

Mulliana, In-charge DSP (District Superintendent Of Police) of Porbendar, confirmed that they received the complaint from Brahma Samaj and they are forwarind the complaint to Jamnagar Police.

Gujarat Cinematographer Exhibitors Association decided to withdraw screening of this movie after Aamir khan stand against Narmada dam issue and participated with the Narmada Bachao Andolan and its leader Medha Patkar in New Delhi. It was also believed that he did in order to promote his famous movie "Rang De Basanti" as the movie did had similiar kind of protest scene against the Governance, but the fact remains that a sensible actor like aamir khan should not have dig out this ghost of Narmada Bachao Aandolan. Now the situation is that even if Aamir khan did what he believes, a person had lost his life...

On the other hand Jamnagar Bramha Samaj declared Rs one lakh as a financial assistance to the family of Joshi.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

More Jobs from Reliance to Gujarat

More Jobs from Reliance to Gujarat

Reliance Industry Ltd, is expanding its area in Gujarat and specially in Jamnagar, its 6 Billion $ refinary upgrade is already in the starting phase, this project will give way for 2000 new job for engineers and senior executives.
Retail boom in India will increase its size as Reliance is in, this group will start its first retail sector in Ahmedabad in Oct - 2006, later new sectors in Jamnagar and Surat will start in next year. Reliance will create 10,000 jobs.
Bechtel , main contractor / consultant for Reliance Jamnagar Refinery Complex recruited 300 engineers for its upcoming work. Bechtel will need many labours for construction work, 25,000 labours will start working in the refinery by end of July-2006. This refinary work will be 24 X 7 and will give work to around 1,00,000 labours

Fanaa - Youth Dead after Ten Days

Fanaa - Youth Dead after Ten Days

fuel ia added to the controvery, Gujarat youth Pravin Joshi ( yes the wone who attempted self-immolation against the screening of Aamir Khan starrer 'Fanaa' ) , Died on tuesday around 12.30 p.m. at the Irwin Hospital ( G.G. Hospital) in Jamnagar.

Joshi poured petrol all over him in Mens Washroom at the cinema on June 11, later he was admitted to Hospital. Amber Cinema is the only cinema hall in Gujarat to screen the film. This movie is banned in whole gujarat, after Aamir supported NBA ( Narmada Bachao Aandolan) and demanded the rehabilitation of those displaced due to the construction of the Sardar Sarovar dam on Narmada river.

Some peple believed this as a sacrifice for goodwill of gujarat and collected around 1 Lakh for him from All saurashtra region.



Mangrove Marvels

One and only Marine National Park is

Pirotan Island and its near by area is the Only MARINE NATIONAL PARK of its kind in India, situated at Jamnagar Dist. Gujarat.

The Pirotan Island has Majestic view of Sunrise and Sunset, Pirotan Island is about 15 Nautical Miles from Jamnagar in Arabian Sea. Complete areas is of 3.0 square k.m., surrounded with dense Mangroves forest, The Marine Trees.

The Pirotan Island is home of many marine life-form. that includes

Various types of Crabs
King crab
Hermit crabs
Ghost crabs

Wiper- Isosceles
Sea snakes
Sea slugs and many more.

The forest is very rich in marine wild life, Marine creatures, Sea animals, and really a very good Paradise for Bird watchers.

Out of total 250 species of Mangroves, 60 species are available in India. Sundarban in West-bengal is also famous for Mangrove Forest. colorful Reeforon, Grey Heron, Avocet etc. can also be seen on sea shore.

Sea Horse
Sea Anemone
Sea Slug
Sea Warm
Mud Skipper
Sea Bonellia
Coaster Cather
Sea Urchin etc.
these are amoung other marine lives & creatures found near Pirotan Island. if you explore Deep sea , you can get a glimpse of DOLPHIN too.

Sponges make this a colourrful world, Red, Blue, Violet,and Pink sponges can be seen near the Light House and Mangroves forest,
Corals found here includes - Moon coral, Star Coral, Finger Coral, Brain Coral, etc.

In the Local Gujarati Language "Coral" is calling as "Parwada". while each Coral is a live colony of marine lives.

There are more then 250 species of Fish are seen, it includes  Brittle Star,Ray fish, Coral fish, Lobster fish, Puffer fish, Pistol shrimp, etc.
Sea-bird crys day and night in Pirotan,

Sea Gull
Haring Gull
Blackhead Gull
Crab Plover Gull

Do come to Pirotan Island

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Jamnagar in Limca Book of Records

Jamnagar in Limca Book of Records


Hats Off to Kamlesh Unadkat & Vinay Gera,

Last year it was bike, this time its car

16,000 km in 20 days ,spreading the message of Visit Gujarat, it took them 19 days to cover 16000 KM long border area ( 19 days , 19 hours and 12 minutes to be precise), they sat the goal for 20 Days but finished early.

Jamnagar's Kamlesh Unadkat and Jaipur's Vinay Gera did it again 

prior to this fame, this duo pocketed credit of North-South expedition in 7 days, 8 hours and 30 minutes, that was a complete kashmir to kanya-kumari (Leh To Kanyakumari ) yatra, on a Hero Honda Karizma covering a distance of 4,249 km.

This time it was "Let's Go", a Maruti Alto car from Jamnagar on 27th May, tour ended back in Jamnagar, the motive was to mark the state's 'Tourism Year' by setting a record and bringing attention of world towards Gujarat.

They drove an avarage of 1000 KM a day and 20 hours a day,

Kamlesh, a 32 year old Computer teacher at private school in Jamnagar sayd that 'During our journey, we took the first halt after eight days of constant driving, during which we passed through six states. Our average speed was 110 km per hour'

Gera explained the biggest challenge at the hillly areas, 19,000 feet at Assam, Uttranchal, Himachal Pradesh, and Jammu and Kashmir. he is an IT officer from a bank in Jaipur.

They dis this in order to promote Gujarat Tourism. their car had the banner "Visit Gujarat".

cost came as 1 Lakh (50% was fuel cost), Essar Oil and Bank Of baroda (BOB) contributed 40 % each , rest was bore by this duo.


Monday, June 12, 2006

Fanna withdrawn from Amber Theater Jamnagar

Aamir khan starrer Fanna has been withdrawn from Jamnagar Theater Ambar,
The film was screened since one week in Jamnagar, only place in Gujarat, after a state wide protest against BJP Yuma Morcha and Congress too.
All rumble begins when Aamir Khan supported NBA ( Narmada Bacho Andolan) and also stated that rehabilitation work on the project should be implemented properly.
Mahesh Bhatt had moved to Supreme Court against banning of the film in Gujarat, though this petition is rejected
Just then, Jamnagar Theater decided to screen the film, thigs were not normal on this peacefull town on the first day, but later it came clear that all heat will be over.
However, last night incident changed everything.

Pravin Joshi of Rajkot / Porbandur came to Jamnagar to watch the cinema, he went to the toilet in the interval and burned himself with petrol / kerosene. He has 55% burnt.

Vimal Madan, the theatre owner then stopped the screening of the movie and quotted that Yash Raj also said the same in a fax, Also Yash Raj Films has confirmed that they have withdraw the film Fanaa from Amber cinema in Jamnagar to avoid further problems.

Jamnagar - Global Refinery Hub

Jamnagar - Global Refinery Hub

Most of the Jamnagari people are aware about the Expansion of Reliance Refinery, with its completion Jamnagar will become global Hub for Refinery. This expansion is likely to be complete by December 2008.

Reliance Petroleum Ltd (RPL) — a 100 per cent subsidiary of Petro Giant Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL) updated that the  new polypropylene plant (PP) and refinery will reside in SEZ (Special Economic Zone), just near to  existing refinery of RPL.

Even after tapping the capital market, RIL is planning to hold at least 80% stake in RPL. IPO pre-requisite documents are already submitted to SEBI.

The heat is allover this region for this expansion, because this expansion will make this complex world's largest single location refinery arena. This is the first project that made India self-sufficient in petro-products, target markets for this products also includes Europe, U.S. and Far East. The current project has combine refinery complex, a petrochemical facility, power utilities (CPP) and port facilities (not to mention it is the world's second largest oil port).

PP Plant will have 0.9 MMT/Annum Capacity, and 5.8 MMT/Day Crude Distillation capacity will be added to this complex once the new expansion will start functioning.


Cost of Expansion : Rs. 27,000 crore (about $6 billion).
Debt component    : Rs. 15,750 crore (about $3.5 billion)
Equity            : Rs. 11,250 crore (about $2.5 billion)



Sunday, June 11, 2006

Fanaa update - now a self-immolation attempt

On Sunday June 11, controversial Fanaa got new drift, a  youth allegedly tried to immolate himself at Ambar cinema ( Jamnagar ), when the show was going on.
This cinema is the only one in Gujarat screening the controversial Fanaa, after the statewide protest against Star Aamir Khan (as he is supporting Narmada agitation. )

Pravin Joshi, came all way from port town of Porbandar, (200 km from Jamnagar ), poured kerosene on his body in the toilet of the balcony of Ambar Cinema Hall. Later he was admitted to Guru Govind Singh Civil Hospital with 55 % burns) 

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Jamnagar - Talkies owner being harrased

Jamnagar Talkies ( Amber) owner learnt that going against the path is not always easy.

Jamnagars Amber talkies ,  the only cinema in Gujarat to screen the controversial Aamir Khan starrer Fanaa is in news again, this time for not so good reasons. Owner of the talkies that in name of routine checkes officials are swooping in theaters, though it should not be a matter of issue.

But the is the timings of this raid were not good at all.

just the otherday when the film was released, a team from the Gujarat Electricity Board (GEB) threatened to disconnect power supply if a "disputed" amount of Rs. 4.11 lakh in power bills was not paid immediately. Vikram Madam (Jamnagar Congress MP ), whose nephew is the owner, said that GEB rembers the amount after one year.

then came the Fire Department ( officials of the Jamnagar Municipal Corporation), followed by Collectorate also sent officials to check the licence and other documents but found everything in order, 
but  a Government spokesman denied of any attempt to "harass" the owner.



Friday, June 9, 2006

Jamnagar - RIL Safe from MIG CRASH


Reliance Industries Ltd ( RIL ) said the MIG crash that occurred near Jamnagar has not affected at company's refinery there. 

as you might be aware that a MIG-29 crashed on Pirotan island, ( near jamnagar ). though pilots managed to ejected from plane

RIL is upgrading its project and  additional 29 million tonnes (5.8 MMT/D ) capacity is added to refinery at a site adjacent to its existing plant (6.6 MMT/D) at Jamnagar. this is a 6 billion $ project which on standlone basis would be the sixth largest project at a single location in the world, will make the largest concentration of refining capacity at Jamnagar.

Jamnagar Reliance floating storage update

"clean oil floating storage"

It was reported that Reliance is looking for a long range tanker ( 55 to 75K ton) for clean petroleum storage, this tankers will be required at Jamnagar - Mumbai Coast ( west coast)

Reliance is India's second-biggest refiner, operates a 6.6 MMT oil plant in Jamnagar, on the Indian west coast.

Jamnagar is a streategic cost and ideal for refineries, Essar Oil is also commissioning similiar strength refinery

Thursday, June 8, 2006

MIG 29 Crash Near Jamnagar

A MiG-29 trainer aircraft of the Indian Air Force (IAF) crashed 30 km north of Jamnagar into the sea, near Pirotan island, where the Marine National Park is situated, at 12.10 pm on Thursday. 

Authority are checking whether or not there was damage to the island and to marine life.

The pilots, Wing Commander A Nautiyal and Squadron Leader NK Mahal, ejected safely and were rescued. Both pilots, according to sources in Jamnagar cantonment, were admitted to Air Force hospital.

Official sources in the IAF said the aircraft was on a routine training mission from Bhuj Air Base and was returning to Jamnagar .

The sources said that no individual was injured or killed as a result of crash and an
inquiry had been ordered.

The sources said that immediately after the incident, firebrigade personnel of Jamnagar Municipal Corporati on (JMC), the Coast Guard, IAF and Naval staff were dispatched to the spot for rescue operations.


Fanna release - Gujarat ( Jamnagar )

The Aamir Khan-starrer "Fanaa'' released in only one cinema in Gujarat on Tuesday, is turning out to be a big hit.

According to the assistant manager of Jamnagar's Amber Talkies, the theatre which defied the BJP Yuva Morcha and screen the film, most of the shows on Wednesday attracted big crowds with the night show having a full house.

The talkie has a capacity of 1,164 seats.

Some movie fans from nearby cities and towns, including Rajkot, Junagadh and Morvi, have started coming to Jamnagar to watch the movie.

However, no other cinemas or multiplexes in the State have announced any plan to screen "Fanaa'' and are still reported to be waiting for a settlement between the agitators and the film producers, particularly Aamir Khan.

Unlike on the first day of the screening, there was no protest demonstration in front of the cinema.