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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

RIL backs off Jamnagar GI Tagging Plans

Jamnagar News First reported the GI Tag initiative, Almost a year back we found that Jamnagar Bandhani may get Jamnagar GEO Tagging.

Now taking some firm steps, Chennai-based Geographical Indication (GI) Registry has decided to clean off its old files and already granted brand new GI certificates for high value brands. These brands includes names like 'Tirupati Ladu', 'Banarasi Sarees' and 'Goan Feni'.

Jamnagar is not behind either, India's most valued company Reliance Industries had also requested for registeration of GI Tag for its five products
  • Jamnagar Petrol
  • Jamnagar Fuel
  • Jamnagar LPG
  • Jamnagar Diesel
  • Krishra Godavari Gas
These are the products that are produced from RIL's Jamnagar refinery and Krishna Godavari basin. Later, RIL withdrew its applications, many says that this is because RIL has plans to have the KG GAS used in Lyondellbasell Reliance Refinery.

Jamnagar ni jay

Naam bhale Jamnagar hoy,Pan Chota Kaashi pehchan 6,
Ek Bhujiyo Kotho ne bijo Lakhota amari jaan 6,
Army,Navy,Airforce amari shan 6,
Ekvar avine juo, Marvanu pan mann thay evu smashan 6,
Kanku Kajal, BANDHNI, Surmo, Mithai,Pan ne Brass nu jag aakhama naam 6,
Reliance,Essar,TATA ne GSFC ni jagat aakha ni jaan 6e,
Solarium nu India ma naam 6 ane Aryurved nu to DUNIYA ma naam 6,aavu
amaru Jamnagar 6,ho bhai.

Jay Ho Jamnagar ni.


Thanks to Haresh pandya

Monday, December 28, 2009

Reliance Eleven VS India Eleven : Match

Come Tuesday and Cricket starts of India will descend in Jamnagar, Well Motikhavdi to be precise. 29 Dec, Reliance Industry is hosting a friendly cricket match between Reliance Eleven and India Eleven.

Players who confirmed their presence are Sachin Tendulkar, Virendra Sehvag, Harbhajan Singh, Virat Kohli, Harbhajan Singh, Dinesh Kartik, Ravindra Jadeja, Gautam Ganbhir and Ashish Nehra

The event is by invitation only and Reliance Officers will be enjoying the event.

Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fisherman Release - Ten from Jamnagar

Ten Jamnagari fisherman amongst 631 will be released today by Pakistan.
These fisherman who were  caught by Pakistan Maritime Agency in period of many years, These inocents will be released from Vagha Border and will reach Ahmedabad by tomorrow.

Enarcon India employees attacked

Enarcon India Employees were attacked by a local village leader near Kalawad region, This incident happens near Arla village near Kalawad. The accused rounded up the employees of the under construction site, teared off the maps. Employees had already files a FIR and Police is investigating the case.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Five arrested for fake afghani currency racket

At least 5 persons were arrested 3 days back and some 600 Afghani Currency bills were captured. Total valuation of the Bills in Indian currency is roughly 58 Lakhs.

The nexus was operating from the Kalavad.

Police also updated Enforcement directorate and the Intelligence department.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Lal Bunglow to Avantika Circle - One Way

From Lal Bunglow to Avantika Circle there will be one way traffic from now onwards, there were traffic issues near Lal Bunglow and hence City Traffic Police and JMC decided to make this road as onw way.

Those who wants to go to G.G Hospital from Saat Rasta can take the Indira Marg or take left turn near the Vinu Mankad Statue.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Jamnagar MBA Youth ended life

A Jamnagari youth who recently returned from Dubai and was search a job ended his life by consuming poison near Rajkot.

Initially the identity could not be obtained of the deceased, later from a missing persons report of Jamnagar, the parents identified the body.

The decesed is Engineeer + MBA who completed his education from Pune. And had just returned from Dubai, he told his family that he was leaving for a interview at Gandhinagar.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Leopard sighted near Khambhaliya

A leopard is seen near Kota / Shaktinagar area of Khambhaliya since last 3 days, This leopard has already killed a goat and a calf. Residents of this area have requested Forest officials to capture the leopard

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shivrajpur (Dwarka) to be developed as Beach Resort

Just when Gujarat is heading for a Green Revolution under CM Modi's leadership, good business news continues to flow for Jamnagar.

In response to GMB's bid request for eco friendly beach development in Gujarat, two firms had shown interest. Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has short listed tourist beaches at Sarkeshwar (Amreli) and Shivrajpur (Jamnagar).

Two architecture consultancy firms are Hiren Gandhi & Associates and Wapcos India, a flagship company of union ministry of water resources.

The successful bidders will be involved in planning and design of tourist beach development.  Gujarat Green Beach Development Project will be first amongst the public private partnership (PPP) projects from Gujarat Govt. around Rs. 200 crore will be spent on developing these two beaches.

Shivrajpur near Jamnagar has the best view and clean blue water with potential to become one of the best beaches in Gujarat.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Gangrape Case : last accused surrenders

The Jamnagar gangrape Case took a turn yesterday when last absconding accused surrendered to Jamnagar Police, The accused is from Mumbai and had submitted himself with his lawyer to Jamnagar Court.

The victim identified the convict in court and now the police/ legal proceeding will take place

JMC lok Adalat : Firecracker in the court

JMC lok adalat witnessed something on Tuesday which reminded the city of the Bhagat Sinh and the British Raj.

JMC officials, including mayor who were present, shocked when a person hurled a sutli bomb..

The reason which the bomb thrower gave was to let JMC do something about a broken idol of Shahid Bhagat Singh. Obvioulsly the lok adalat got cancelled and no action were taken against the cracker person.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

RIL Stops Gasoline to Iran

As expected, Reliance Industries has stopped the gasoline and gas oil to Iran since April, these also means that RIL is in lead of acquisition and want to escape sanctions by the US.

RIL was selling mostly gasoline to Iran but has since April to this year RIL has completely stopped shipments from Jamnagar refinery.

With this news, it is almost clear that RIL will catch hold of LyondellBasell.

Vikram Maadam absent in Parliament : Sonia Writes a letter

Jamnagar MP Vikram Maadam also made to the list of absent MP's , Sonia Gandhi was furious over the absence of Congress MP's and issued a show cause notice to these MP's

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Union Bank Forgery : Peon held

A Bank of India (BOI) peon working was nabbed in connection to a year-old fraud theft of Rs 3.25 lakh.

The arrest was made recently when police was intimated of forgery worth Rs 3.25 lakh from a local businessman account from Udyognagar branch. The forged signature plan was idea of the peon.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dwarka : Two Terrorist Killed In mock drill

Two Terrorist killed and Police captured 2 terrorist as a part of Mock derill organised with CRPF, Police and Local officials.

Dwarka Temple localites and Dwarka town residents were shocked to hear about the terror strike, but got relief when found it was a mock drill.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Jamnagar Police To get a RFID Tag

Jamnagar Police To get a RFID Tag

Continuing a major ID card generation program, Govt is now working on to provide RFID tagged Cards for Jamnagar Police, Policemen in Rajkot rural have already been issued RFID cards.

Additional DGP Sudhir Sinha said that this will be helpfull in improving security, surveillance and management of the police force  in Gujarat, Once completed Gujarat will be first state where cops have RFID cards.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cyclone Phyan : Gujarat On Alert

As Warned by MET.  

Phyan, A Cyclone of Level 3 may hit coasts of West-South Gujarat and Specially Jamnagar by tomorrow, Citizens are adviced to stay alert, Sea-shore activities are reportedly prohibited

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Indonesian Coal major to invest in Jamnagar

If this deal is through, Jamnagar will add one more business feather in its cap.

Bogath a village in Jamnagar may have a 10,000 MW Coal based power plant, Thanks to Modi's efforts.

Indonesia based Salim Group is looking forward to establish its presence in Jamnagar, Modi accepted an invitation to visit Indonesia but had to delay because of his health and fiasco of his Oman visit.

A delegation led by South Governor  of Sulawesi province, Indonesia. Invited Modi in the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit in January 2009.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Train : Okha - Howrah , 3 Days a Week

Okha - Howrah Train Sanctioned

One more long route train was sanctioned for Jamnagar, This train will run between Okha and Howrah (WB), 3 days a week.

Train route etc are as follows:

Train No: 2905 A

Runs On : Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday

Halts at : Jamnagar, Rajkot, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Bhusavad, Nagpur, Rampur .. Howrah

Train No: 2906 A

Runs On : Sunday, Monday, Thursday

Halts at : Rampur, Nagpur, Rajkot, Bhusavad, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, Jamnagar .. Okha

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Dwarka: Qualis Rammed , Five killed

Five family members were killed on Sunday night when their car rammed in a standing truck near Dwarka.  Vanrajsinh Parmar, a Jamnagar resident hired a Qualis car to take his to Dwarka for pilgrimage.

The Qualis rammed into the truck on Dwarka-Bhatiya highway Driver and five other were killed on the spot, A sumo rammed in this collision as well. Fire brigade had to be called in to seperate the vehicles.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

IAF - Jaguar Back from Oman

After a successful fighter level flight exercise between IAF and Oman Air force ended successfully.

The six IAF Jaguars landed safely at Jamnagar after refueling from an IL-78 MKI mid-air refueller.

The exercises was witnessed by Chief of Staff of the Sultan of Oman’s Armed Forces and Indian diplomats. Oman also expressed wish to hold the exercise in India.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Fish Rain Near Jamnagar

Mysterious "Fish rain" is not yet over. Before few days it was Bhanwad, and now its  Bantiya village of Junagadh district.

Many Forest officials and Naturalist believed that the fishes must have been dropped by pelicans during migration, Jamnagar Fisheries dept. have ruled out the possibility that fish can get sucked in clouds and then fall as rain, they feel it as "absurd". For those who think it is not possible, check out the BBC Article on Fish Rain

Navagam (Bhanwad) villagers said that they saw about half a kilometer long and as much wide fish-laden clouds about 15 feet above the ground. This looks a bit outrageous though.

In Nawagam, fish fall was seen along with roads and markets and on terraces of several buildings.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Earthquake : Mild tremors felt

Mild tremors scalling 4.5 hit Bhuj On wednesday evening.

Tremors were felt in Jamnagar and many rushed out of their homes.

No damage is reported in Saurashtra or Kutch.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

INS Valsura : Coast Guard jawan died in boxing match

A boxing match turned into a death match at INS Valsura near Jamnagar, A Indian Coast Guard jawan succumbed to injury during a friendly boxing match.

A 24-year old unmarried coast guard jawan identified as P.Anand Pandi was posted at INS Valsura for Coast Guard training.

Pandi was hurt during a boxing competition, he was injured in his stomach. He was immediatly was taken to military hospital and later shifted to G.G.hospital where he died after treatment.

INS Valsura Training Institute is located on Rozi Island.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Nabbed : Highway Robbers near Khijadiya

Six robbers were caught whuke attempting a highway robbery at Khijadiya bypass near Jamnagar.

The robbers used to stop vehicles on highway and then carry out the robbery. The gang leader gave police the slip and fled away.

It was reveled during interrogation that robbers stole bikes from Rajkot and sold to get some cash. The gang leader also stole mahindra bolero, Tata Indica car from Dwarka

Police recovered items worth Rs 2.5 lakh, including cellphones, cash, a Mahindra Bolero, many sharp-edged weapons.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Gynec Doctor - H1N1 Positive

A 25-year-old gynaecologist was tested positive H1N1 virus. Doctor is working in Guru Govindsingh Hospital.

Doctor is a resident doctor / student who has been working in the hospital for two years. She was immediatly transferred to Rajkot for , few fellow doctors and nurses are asked to take precautions.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Jamnagar News SMS Service

Now Indian users can receive News SMS alerts For Jamnagar News.

Click here to subscribe

LCA Tested In Jamnagar

Indian Air Force moved one stepped further for the induction of the Light Combat Aircraft.  Light Combat Aircraft will be introduced in the Indian Air Force by the end of 2010.

Jamnagar witnessed the five-week trials of a pair of LCA fighters, The LCA successfully demonstrated its ability to tackle targets designated visually by the pilot.

Next Phase will be to test the LCA on-board navigation and computers simulated target attacks.

National Flight Test Centre , DRDO conducted these five-week trials.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ravindra Jadeja In Indian ODI Cricket team

Ravindra Jadeja is selected in the Indian ODI Cricket team

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Reliance Refinery Capacity to Increase

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) is planning to increase the capacity of Jamnagar refining facility, Jamnagar Refinery will have its production raised by onether quarter and it will total to 720,000 barrels a day (bpd). Post its commissioning in december, Jamnagar Reliance Refinery Unit 1 boasts capacity of 650,000 bpd.

It is interesting that RIL Refinery is operating at capacity 12% higher then the official output capacity, once the new setup will get commissioned (in about a year) the total output of the refinery will be amongst world largest refinery in terms of output capacity. Total refining capacity of this complex will become 1,380,000 bpd.

Although these are vibes for shareholders, petro analysts are very cautious, the refinery produce market is alrady over supplied and this expansion seems only a trick to not to pay heavy taxes to Indian Governement. When questioned RIL declined to comment on this issue.

Jamnagar Refinery Complex is already the world's largest refining hub.

B.Sc. in Yoga by Jamnagar Ayurved University

Jamnagar Ayurved University  is offering a B.Sc. Course in Yoga.

Jamnagar's Ayruveda university has started B.Sc in Yoga course from current academic year, currently this course has 50 seats out of which 10 are NRI seats, fees are nominal (.Rs.30,000. / 700$) for three year course.

This course is also recognized by the India's College Education committee UGC.

Gujarat Ayurveda University also started new diploma and degree pharmacy courses from current acedemic year.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Jamnagar : Dolphin Population Rising

A recent research paper on Gulf Of Kutch Dolphins brings cheer to nature lovers in Jamnagar , Gujarat.

The research paper reveals that the population of dolphins in the Gulf of Kutch is increasing. HS Singh, conservator of marine national park  also said that many dolphins can be seen near Jamnagar Marine National Park as well. It is widely known that Gujarat Fisherman's do free dolphins if they caught in their nets. A Marine National Park official hinted at creation of a jetty near Poshitra. this small boat will take tourists to have a closer look at the dolphins.

Singh identified few dolphins like common dolphins, bottle-nosed dolphins and Pacific hump-back dolphins near Jamnagar.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

RIL Issues Bonus Share - Dividend

RIL on Wednesday announced its plans to issue one bonus share bonus share for each share held. Profit from Jamnagar's Refinery has helped RIL take the decision and boosted sentiments of RIL Sharehoders. Addition to the bonus A dividend of 13 rupees is also announced.

RIL's consolidated net profit stand at 152.96 billion rupees for the year ended March 31, 2009. The number also includes figures from Reliance Petroleum Ltd.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Speeding Truck Killed Four women

A speeding truck on Khambhalia road killed four women on the spot and injured around 10 people.

All victims were traveling in a jeep near the city on Tuesday morning, many who saw this accident mentioned that the truck had already collided with an ST bus before this collision..

The accident took place near Naghodi village crossroads, truck coming towards Jamnagar overtook a Dwarka-Rajkot ST bus. and as the driver could not judge , he rammed the bus and collide head-on with the jeep.

Truck driver and cleaner are under police arrest.One of the injured is in a serious condition.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

IAF upgrading Jamnagar Air Base : China / Pakistan Effect

The Indian Air Force (IAF) will upgraded MIG -29 squadrons based at Jamnagar soon, along with IAF, Indian Army will alo add muscle power in Jamnagar area.

IAF is considering to add Sukhoi squadron in Jamnagar, however officials denies the report that Jamnagar will be equipped with Sukhoi-30s

Friday, October 2, 2009

Degree , Diploma Engineering College from RIL

3 years back Mukesh Ambani announced RIL's plans to create a world class university in Gujarat during the Vibrant Gujarat Global Investors Summit at Ahmedabad.

Working on the same directions, group President of RIL Parimal Nathwani, , announced that RIL will enter in education sector, he made this announcement at inaugural function of Khodiar colony branch of Navanagar cooperative bank in Jamnagar early this week.

Reliance Industries Limited(RIL) is entering in education sector, with a good name in DAICT and Dhirubhai Ambani schools and colleges doing extremely good through out the nation, RIL will start world-class engineering colleges Jamnagar and Vadodara.

RIL has sound presence in Jamnagar with its world class refinery and IPCL infrastructure in Vadodara, RIL will also start a diploma polytechnic college in Dwarka (Jamnagar).

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

President Pratibha Patil - Visiting Dwarka

President Pratibha Patil's is visiting Dwarka and nearby places starting October 2.

Jamnagar Authorities are doing everything it takes to make this event success, a temporary helipad is also planned near the Dwarka temple.

13 rooms of Dwarka circuit house have new air-conditioners, Indian Army, Navy and Airforce Cheifs will welcome her on her arrival.

President Pratibha Patil's  will visit all the temples of Dwarka and after lunch, she will leave for Sasan Gir for a Lion Safari.

Police staff of around 1000 personnel are deployed in Dwarka, including Range IG police, SP's, DySPs etc.

Dwarka - Oceanarium to be build soon

Gujarat Ecology Commission (GEC) is planning to build a marine oceanarium in Dwarka, GEC has already sent a proposal to the Union ministry of environment and forests.

GEC Director says that although Gujarat has highest coastline in India of 1600 Km, Gujarati's are now aware about the underwater life forms.

Near Jamnagar, you can visit many small island and see wide range of sea creatures like whale sharks, sea turtles, birds, dolphins etc. There is also need to increase awareness about coral and why coral reef's are important. World wide coral reef's are under danger due to rapid industrialisation, pressure of human expansion and pollution.

Dwarka was choosen for this project as it is fetching maximum no. of tourists due to its name as renowned pilgrimage place.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Navaratri Heritage theme - Summair Sports Club Jamnagar

Jamnagar Summair Sports Club is celebrating Navaratri with a beautiful heritage theme.

All parts of the Jamnagar Summair Sports Club are decorated with a heritage touch, entrance of the Jamnagar Summair Sports Club resembles Khambhaliya Gate, dancing arena has majestic structures like the Pratap Vilas Palace entrance gates and the seating arrangements are royal as well.

Stage background has superb decorations like Jamnagar Darbargadh. Photographer Sameer Shah took pics of this places and those images were used to reconstruct the complete royal grandeur.

Jamnagar Summair Sports Club has been organizing the festival for the last 28 years.

First Suspected Swine Flu Death

There are prelimenary report of a suspected swine flu death in Jamnagar. A young tailor, Bhavesh Kanjaria, died on Thursday night at GG Hospital.

Victim was hospitalised as he camplained of chest pain, cough and fever. He was diagnosed with pneumonia in both lungs.

Later doctors found H1N1 traces and was shifted to an isolation ward in the hospital.

Although this case is yet to be confirmed as Swine flu positive, if at all it is, this will be first death in the city by Swine Flue.

Friday, September 25, 2009

INS BEDI - Decommissioned In Mumbai

Indian Naval Ship (INS) Bedi, the third ship of the 19 Mine Counter Measure Squadron was de-commissioned on Tuesday at the Naval dockyard Mumbai..

For Jamnagar , the name bears a pride as INS Bedi derives her name from the port of Bedi. INS Bedi was acquired from the Soviet Union.

INS Bedi is a fearless ship and her motto was ‘Lead to Protect’

She was a marvel in clearing mines before the giant ships like INS Virat can make way.

Rear admiral Sunil Lanba,  OC Maharashtra and Gujarat Area (FOMAG), was the chief guest at the ceremony and presided over the de-commissioning ceremony.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday, September 21, 2009

Medical College Ragging Case - One Arrest

A medical student from Ahmedabad complained of Ragging in Jamnagar Medical college.

The incident took place in the PG medical (orthopedic) department of the M P Shah medical college in Jamnagar, later one out of the four victims filed a police complaint and bought the matter to surface, here both the accused and the victim are from Ahmedabad.

Out of four, three of the victims managed to transfer to Rajkot medical college, but the the fourth student, continued to be subjected to target, he said that the accused were snatching his money, bike and would beat him often.

Prime accused of the case, Dr. Hiren Patel is now rusticated from college for 2 years.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Jobs In Jamnagar - New Poll Announced

Just announced a new Poll on Jamnagar News :  "Jobs In Jamnagar"

Pulses worth 34 lakh seized

Tackling the black marketeers in saurashtra, On Sunday, Jamnagar civil supplies department captured pulses worth Rs 33.75 lakh.

Jamnagar Civil supplies department captured the pulses near Sanjay Nagar area, located in outskirts of the Jamnagar. Civil Supply Inspectors revealed that around  91,000 kg of tuver / chana dal were recovered during the raid.

Owner of the Krishna Industry are taken in police custody. It was known that large discrepancy in the storage accounts of the firm was reason behind suspecian adn the raid.

Total pusle cost is around 34 lakh.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

19 Year Old Girl Shot herself

A 19 year old Rajput Girl killed herself using licensed revolver of her father.

The incident happened at the girls home in Patel Colony on Friday night. Police  explained that Pujaba Jadeja was upset after a heated argument with family over some trivial issue, she took out her father Pravinsinh Jadeja's revolver and shot herself in the stomach. She was rushed to hospital where she was declared dead. Her father runs a hotel on the highway the revolver was licensed for protection..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Jamnagar - Earthquake

A 3.9 on Richter earthquake jolted Kutch / Jamnagar on Saturday afternoon. No damage to property or person has been reported Yet. The quake was recorded at 12.10pm IST on Saturday. Seismologist explained the epicentre as 12km north-east of Dudhai village in Anjar taluka of Kutch district.

The tremors were felt with high intensity in Jamnagar, Jamnagar citizens experienced the sudden tremor, quake was also felt in Khambhaliya and Jodiya.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

3.36 Crore withdrawal scam

Rajkot police had filed a complaint against a Jamnagar based businessman has on account of money laundering.

Chetan Parekh, who runs investment from Mochi market Riddhi siddhi withdrew Rs 3 crore from his Bank of Baroda account, the money was deposited in his account by mistake.

IPC 403 FRI was filed on Thursday ,following the withdrawal of entire amount by Parekh.

BOB , by mistake deposited whooping 3.36 crore in Parekh's account on Saturday from UTI Bank by mistake. The entire amount was withdrawn Parekh Tuesday.

Investigation revealed that the Parekh took branch manager in confidence before he withdrawn the money. Parekh told the manager that he recived this payment from an overseas client and he intend to use this for buying a property. manager suggested Parekh to open a bank account on the name of the client which he promptly rejected.

Once BOB came to know of the issue and called Parekh, he put it as a wrong number and siphoned off the cash to many accounts.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Gang Rape Case - Twist in the tale

Ahmedabad and Jamnagar Police are circulating their focus on a call made to the city police control room on August 13. The call pertains to the gang rape of a Jamnagar girl.

On August 13, Ahmedabad police control received a call from a woman who said that her daughter was kidnapped and had been gangraped. Police rushed to the house, the woman told the cops her 17-year-old daughter had managed to escape was coming back to Ahmedabad by train. Police also found that the woman has remarried and her daughter stays with her first husband in Jamnagar, few days later when police contacted her she said her daughter had returned to Jamnagar and the matter is resolved. On august 25 the same woman again approached the LCB and narrated a similar story.

After the intervention from a Senior Ahmedabad Police Officer the girl was released from Mumbai and was sent to Ahmedabad. In Ahmedabad victim told the police that she had been gang raped thrice in Jamnagar, Rajkot and Mumbai by seven youths.

Ahmedabad & Jamnagar Police are not sure why the girl's mother called for help on August 13 and never filed any complaint.

Police is looking in the matter.

Tremors felt near Vijarakhi

Very mild earthquake measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale was felt near Vijarakhi village on Monday morning.

Seismology Department official explained that the epicentre of the earthquake was 15 km south-east of Jamnagar town near Vijarakhi village, the tremor was felt around 8:19 am and lasted a few seconds.

It is widely known that post rainy season, Vijarakhi village which is adjecent to Vijarakhi dam felt this kind of tremors.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Extra marital relationship claimed two lives

The body of a six-year-old girl was found floating in an abandoned well near the Sikka town. Incidentally, the abductor was a biological father of the girl and he killed himself, fearing the police action.

The incident was the result of an affair between the victim's mother Hira and a youth Jayesh Bhambhi. Hira already complained and Police registered a case of abduction. The body was identified as Sheetal. later after the police interrogation Hira also zoomed into the list and then she confessed of having had an extramarital affair with Jayesh Bhambhi, he was the father of the Sheetal.

When Hira's husband used to torture her for this relationship and the child, Bhambhi kidnapped Sheetal and killed her by drowning in the well.

In a dramatic turn to events, police raided Bhambhi's place, Bhambhi told police that he would come from the rear door, instead he ran towards a GCC company and jumped before a speeding truck and died on the spot.

Jamnagar Girl Gang Raped

In what could have been most brutal crime case, a 17-year-old Jamnagar girl was gangraped repeatedly by seven persons.

The girl was gang raped in Jamnagar, Rajkot and then in Mumbai for six days. A complaint was lodged with Ahmedabad crime branch, later the complaint was transferred to Jamnagar city B-division police station.

Six of the accused were already arrested by Sunday evening. Police is looking to arrest the seventh person.

The victim, a class IX student lives with her father in Jamnagar, who is a practicing doctor. She left from Jamnagar to meet her mother, a divorcee in Ahmedabad and was waiting for a bus at a local travels there.

One of the accused, Mehul Raval approached her and offered a ride till Ahmedabad in his car, instead of Ahmedabad he took her to a house in Jain housing society and he along with his five friends gangraped the victim, later she was taken to Rajkot and raped there again by these men.

As per complaint the victim was raped repeatedly from August 21 to August 26.

Strangely, Raval convinced her that he would marry her and took her to Mumbai by air. In Mumbai, she was again raped by Raval and a seventh person from Mumbai. The girl managed to escape from there and reached Ahmedabad. She narrated the whole incident to her mother and then took help of a relative to approach the crime branch.

Jamnagar police have arrested Mehul Raval, Nishant Punjabi, Dharmesh Patel, Viral Jethwa, Ajaysinh Jethwa, Kailash Khatri, the seventh person Michael, who lives in Mumbai is on the run.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Modak Competition: Ladu eating in Jamnagar

On Ganesh Chaturthi, Jamnagar Brahma Social Group organized a modak (Ladu) eating competition. Competition had seventy-two competitors, with 11 women and 11 boys below 12 years of age.

Organizer & secretary of the Jamnagar Brahma Social Group, Anand Dave said that these type of contests are rarely held in the state. Each particpiant were given 30 minutes time, simple rule was that the one who eats the most amount of ladoos, wins. This time Dal was also served for change of taste. each laddu wighed 75 gm. and was made of dry fruits and ghee, apart from wheat flour. The contest was held at Sankrit Pathshala of the Jamnagar city.

Vinu Mistry was winner after eating 13 Modaks. Second placed was secured by Aniruddha Rathod and Jagdish Bhatt with 12 Modaks each, third rank was taken by Manish Vijani with 11 modaks.

Mistry, Winner said that he normaly ate 15-16 modaks along with other food. as here it was just Dal so the number came down to 13.

Sneha Dave won in the Woman's category, she had 6 Modaks where as children's category was won by 10-year-old Hardik Khira, who ate 8 Modaks.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Swine Flu - G G Hospital Doctors tested negative

After a radiologist in Ahmedabad's Civil Hospital was tested positive for swine flu, medical fraternity called forth 30 doctors
and paramedics staff from across the state for a thorough check-up.

Few doctors from Jamnagar's G G Hospital were also summoned and their throat swabs were tested.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Train Rammed into Trackor : 4 Dead

Atleast four persons were killed when a train rammed into a tractor at an unmanned level crossing in the Dwarka taluka near okha.

Okha-Bhavnagar train rammed into a tractor, carrying four persons, at an unmanned crossing between Dwarka and Okha railway station

All the four persons on the tractor died on the spot.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Swine Flue - First Case In Jamnagar

There are 3 suspected cases from Jamnagar where results are awaited.

In the last 2 days, there are five suspected cases reported at the G G Hospital in Jamnagar.

G G Hospital authorities said that two cases has negative results, in other three cases, the reports are still awaited.

The first confirmed case of swine flu in Saurashtra is reported from Bhavnagar.

Update: Jamnagar G G Hospital confirmed its first Swine Flu case, the patient is a student of Mumbai Arts Theater Group and flew to Jamnagar from Mumbai 2 days back.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lakhota: Dutch Engineer Saved life

In a bizarre incident, a lady was saved by a dutchman passing by lakhota yesterday morning.

Young woman named Harsha jumped in lakhota due to unknown reasons, Reliance Engineer and a Dutch citizen who happened to pass by jumped in Lakhota lake and saved the girl.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Doctor Couple Drowned in Sasoi Dam

A day Picnic turned into fatal tragedy for a doctor couple here.

The couple and few doctors friends of G G Hospital were on a picnic at the dam on river Sarsoi, while taking a dip, Bindu (35), wife of Dhananjay Kumar (41), the Chief Medical Officer at G G government hospital here, lost balance and was swept away in deep waters.

Dhananjay tried to save his wife but he too got drowned, Their bodies were fished out by the fire department divers in the evening.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fake Note racket busted by Shopkeepers

A Shopkeepers' awareness helped unearth giant fake currency racket in Jamnagar. A racket with Pakistani connection was unearthed few days ago.

Shopkeepers will help local police by installing of machines to identify fake notes and hire employees that can check the authenticity of notes coming to their counters. Once found they can inform police , in effect, the shopkeepers will now call the police, rather than the customer the next time they come across a fake note.

The 800-member association has now asked all members to prominently display an RBI guideline in their premises as well.

It is well noted that recent 1000 rs fake notes can not be be detected by machines, it can only be detected by bare hands.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rain , Agriculture , Shravan and more

In last 56 hrs Jamnagar recorded around 340mm of rainfall. Local government has alerted the authorities because of water logging caused by incessant rain.

Jamnagar district agriculture department claims that the district has completed 94% of sowing, more rain could wipe-off the plantation.

Along with the rain comes the Shravan month of devotion and celebration. thousands of pilgrims, including those from non-resident Gujarati community, have started flocking to various temples of Saurashtra, Somnath and Dwarka being the main attractions.

Jamnagar district collectorate of Dwarka and management board of Jagat Mandir in Dwarka have begun preparations for the Janmashthami celebrations. Devotees have already started thronging the town to attend the celebrations. In a recently convened meeting attended by Rajya Sabha MP and Dwarkadhish Devasthan Samiti chief Parimal Nathwani and collector VP Patel, preparations for the big day's events were discussed.

Jamnagar City Scape

Sunday, July 5, 2009

60 KG used bullet shells found

Three bags containing used bullet shells, weighing over 60 kg were found by some villagers of Dodiya vilage.

Police saied that samples were sent to forensic lab for testing. There are many metal scrap dealers in Jamnagar and the bags may be of some such dealers.

It is to note that Indian defence has huge presence in Jamnagar area and such incidents are frequent, some also notice the foul play that could have happened and these shells could cross borders.

Thes bags were lying on the outskirts of Dodiya village, about 25 km from Jamnagar.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hall of Shame for JMC

JMC recently decided to increase the city limits to 101 KM from existing 68 KM, JMC thought of adding few nearby small villages around Jamnagar to increase the area , ofcourse this is backed by lobby of builders who wanted to grab lucrative land and get costly benefits from it..

However JMC hit a little snag when around 6,000 villagers gathered near Lal Bunglow to oppose the move.
Sarpanch's from villages like Dhuvav, Vibhapar, nawa-Nagna, Juna-Nagna, Khimaliya, Theba, Dared, Khimrana, Khijadiya, KanSumra, Naghedi, Morkanda, Dhinchda, hapa, Gordhanpar and chela came together and submitted letter to RDC.

Crank caller arrested from train.

Rajkot City picked up the son of a Jamnagar police constable, who traveling in a train, for allegedly making hoax call for bombs.

A factory owner from Patan, received a call on his cell phone on Tuesday night. The caller asked: 'What happened about the bombs that were planted in Rajkot?' and the phone got disconnected. This information made Rajkot police start a search operation just to find that it was a hoax call.

Police traced the caller as Rahul Dahiya, a medical student. The calls were traced to a train going towards Ranchi. Railway police, who were alerted, picked up Dahiya near Agra.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Donated eyes left untended for 22 days

This incident added an insult to injury for G.G. (Irwin) Hospital, just 11 days after the hospital got name in TV for a perfect wrong reason, branding and parading an HIV+ woman.

Strange things comes to picture as the mystery unfolds, Kutchhi Visha Oshwal Jain Mahajan in Bhuj regularly donates eyes to GG Hospital and many other in Saurashtra-Kutch for medical reasons, these eyes normally reach through domestic courier. This time the hospital staff did not came to collect the parcels.

A local courier operator who has been transporting these consignments regularly says that the consignment was sent on June 6. But, no one from the ophthalmology department of GG hospital came to take delivery of the parcels.

Later the delivery man delivered the nine parcels at 6 pm on Tuesday at the registration counter of the GG Hospital.

As expected, hospital Superintendent of GG hospital Dr BD Gupta puts blame on the organization that sends the eyes, saying that they did not communicate properly and the deliveryman who should have taken receipt.

Gujarat Budget 2009 - Highlights

The Budget Estimates for the year 2008-09 show grant-in-aid expenditure of Rs. 2383 crore as revenue expenditure since the expenditure is to be incurred on capital works. If this expenditure is classified as capital expenditure, the Revenue surplus will increase from Rs. 52.39 crore to Rs. 2435.39 crore. Due to prudent fiscal control on unproductive expenditure and intensive efforts to increase revenue receipts, the State Government has been generating Revenue Surplus since last two years.

Provision of Rs. 19030.00 crore has been made for Plan expenditure which includes provision of Rs. 8272.42 crore for Social Services. Allocation on Social services is 42.93% of the total provision. Government has, therefore, given top priority to services like Drinking water, Primary Education, Housing, Health Care and Nutrition which constitute Social Services.

The State has achieved average annual growth of 10.4% in last five years even after facing natural disasters like scarcity, earthquake and flood. The State is expected to register GSDP growth of 11.3% in the coming years. Considering assistance due to externally aided project for earthquake relief works, provision of Rs. 262.59 crore has been made for Gujarat State Disaster Management Authority.

Provision of Rs. 612 crore has been made towards emergency relief and restoration works to deal with any natural calamity.

Provision of Rs. 261 crore has been made towards 'Nirmal Gujarat Campaign' in view of the encouraging results of the scheme seen during the current year.

The allocation to Education Department has been increased by 26% over the current year to Rs. 1349 crore.

Provision of Rs. 43 crore has been made for creation of drinking water facilities and providing electric connections to Primary Schools. Provision of Rs. 85 crore has been made for providing computers in the schools.

Under Vanbandhu and Sagarkhedu Schemes, it is proposed to open 203 new Secondary, 222 new Higher Secondary Schools and 10 new Colleges. 83000 Vidhyasahayaks were recruited under Vidhyasahayak Scheme. It is proposed to make 11000 new recruitments under this scheme.

It is proposed to create new Technological University having I.I.T. level courses from 2008.

To improve employment of youth, it is proposed to start English language training classes under SCOPE programme.

It is proposed to provide Rs. 824.75 crore, an increase of 45.92% over the current year's provision, to Health and Family Welfare Department.

Provision of Rs. 12 crore has been made for free 108 Emergency Services for expanding its network in the State. The 108 Emergency Services has been able to save precious lives in its short span of service. A comprehensive plan has been made to cope with deadly diseases like Sicklecell anemia and Laptospirosis occuring specifically in tribal communities of South Gujarat.

It is proposed to start Tele-Medicine services by application of latest technology in Health Care.

The Government has made a provision of Rs. 20 crore to establish an I.I.M. like premier institute on 50 acres of land with collaboration of Public Health Foundation of India.

It is proposed to start Physiotherapy College in tribal area of the State under Vanbandhu Scheme.

Provision of Rs. 30 crore has been made for upgrading quality of medicine produced by Government Ayurvedic Pharmacy. Provision of Rs. 67.44 crore has been made to upgrade Primary Health Centres, Community Health Centres and Sub-centres.

Provision of Rs. 340 crore has been estimated by increasing 72.41% over current year provision for Women and Child Development. Provision of Rs. 94 crore has been made to develop economic activities among 15 lakh women and make them self-reliant through Sakhi Mandal programme.

It is proposed to provide assistance for kits worth Rs.3000 in addition to widow pension to 10000 widows between 18 to 40 age group. It is proposed to start Bal Gokulam University (Children University) for development of children which is the first of its kind in the country.

Provision of Rs. 127.76 crore has been made under Balbhog Scheme for prevention of mal-nutrition in children below six years. The scheme will be beneficial to girls and pregnant mothers too. Provision of Rs. 10 crore has been made for renovation of 5000 existing Anganwadi Buildings.

Mobile Anganwadi Centres will be started in urban slums for migrant labourers. A provision of Rs. 1.10 crore has been made for Mata Yashoda Award under Angalwadi. A provision of Rs. 40 crore has been made for increase in monthly honorarium of Rs. 500 and Rs. 250 to Anganwadi workers and Tedagars respectively.

Provision of Rs. 1469.25 crore has been made under Water Supply Division, an increase of 20.43% over the current year. It is proposed to provide Rs. 265 crore under various schemes of Water Supply for tribal areas. Provision of Rs. 115 crore has been made for internal distribution of drinking system with people's contribution.

A provision of Rs. 255 crore has been made with 21.43% rise over current year provision under the head of Tribal Development. Provision of Rs. 296 crore is made under Gujarat Pattern to provide various infrastructure facilities to tribal people. Provision of Rs. 11.40 crore has been made to start Class-VIII in 55 Ashram Nivasi Shallas of tribal areas. It is proposed to start Class-XI and Class-XII in 11 Adarsh Nivasi Shallas of Tribal area.

Provision of Rs. 10 crore has been made for 2 Talukas to provide balanced diet to Scheduled Tribe students under Purak Poshan Scheme. It is proposed to start dry hostels for 15 Secondary Schools and 5 new hostels for colleges in tribal areas.

Provision of Rs. 566.50 crore has been made with rise of 25.89% over current year provision under Social Welfare Division. Out of the estimated five year plan of Rs. 15000 crore for Vanbandhu

Kalyan Yojana, provision of Rs. 2933 crore has been made under Vanbandhu Kalyan Yojana for the year 2008-09 against Rs. 2335 Crore in the current year.

Loan to MBBS doctor has been raised to Rs. 2.50 lacs from Rs. 2 lacs and annual limit is raised from Rs.50,000 to Rs. 24,000. Provision has been made to provide assistance of Rs. 40,000 for Housebuilding construction to 1250 women belonging to Schedule caste including 250 women belonging to most backward class under Dr. Ambedkar Aawas Scheme.

It is proposed to provide assistance of Rs. 40,000 for construction of house to 1000 widows engaged in sanitary works. It is proposed to start construct 2 new Government Kumar Hostels at Ahmedabad and Surat and one Girls hostel at Gandhinagar. It is proposed to start 4 new hostels at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Vadodara and Vallabh Vidhyanagar for Post Graduate Students belonging to Schedule Caste.

It is proposed to start 15 new hostels with boarding and lodging facilities under Sagarkhedu Scheme.

Provision has been made to provide assistance of Rs. 2000 to Girls students studying in 8th standard and belonging to Economically Backward classes for purchasing of cycle.

Provision of Rs. 115 crore has been made in Year 2008-09 against the provision of Rs. 75 crore in the current year to ensure Government's determination of full support to Social security sector. Provision has been made to provide assistance of Rs. 40,000 for construction of house to 500 handicapped widow women. Provision of Rs. 347 crore has been made by increasing 62.35% over the current year provision under Forest and Environment Department. It includes Rs. 170.10 crore allocated under Tribal Area Sub Plan Scheme. Works in tribal area is given highest priority by planning to provide Rs.

203.39 lacs man-days employment in forestry sector.

Provision of Rs. 12 crore has been made to conserve Lion. Provision of Rs. 941.85 crore has been made by increasing 29.38% over current year provision under Agriculture and Co-operation Department. It is proposed to provide Rs. 337.98 crore to promote latest scientific agricultural approach for reduction of production-cost. Agriculturist living below poverty line will be given Farmer's Kit. It is proposed to provide Rs. 59.70 crore for distribution of such kits. Provision of Rs. 148.23 crore has been made under Agriculture Crop Insurance.

Provision of Rs. 40 crore has been made to strengthen the District Central Co-operative Banks and State Co-operative banks. Provision of Rs. 10 crore has been made towards activities related to animal husbandry services and information and broadcasting. Provision of Rs. 10.90 crore has been made to strengthen the Agriculture Produce Market Cooperatives.

Provision of Rs. 249.25 crore has been made against the provision of Rs.177.20 Crore in the current year for various schemes under Soil and Water Conservation.

Provision of Rs. 384.36 crore has been made with objective to improve the economic status of families living below poverty in rural areas. A provision of Rs. 55 crore together with Rs. 26 crore under Nirmal Gujarat scheme has been made under Rural Sanitation Scheme. Provision of Rs. 63.50 crore has been made under National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme.

Provision of Rs. 60 crore has been made under India Awas Yojna. Provision of Rs. 54.44 crore has been made towards various programmes of Watershed Area Development by Rural Development Division.

Provision of Rs. 10.14 crore has been made under "Aam Aadmi Vima Yojna" to cover landless househols in the unorganized sector. Provision of Rs. 2111 crore with a rise of 24.37% over current year provision has been made under Urban Development and Urban Housing Department.

Provision of Rs. 755 crore has been made under Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Reform Mission.

Provision of Rs. 185 crore has been made under Vajpai Nagar Vikas Yojna for Infrastructural facilities of Nagarpalikas. Provision of Rs. 150 crore has been made for Solid Waste Disposal System in Urban Areas.

Provision of Rs. 40 crore has been made towards Sahbhagi (Participatary) Irrigation System.

It is proposed to provide Rs. 25 crore to renovate Kharicat Canal and to beautify the surrounding areas.

It is proposed to allocate Rs. 3255 crore under Sardar Sarovar Yojna for next year.

Provision of Rs. 162 crore has been made to undertake works related to control of Salinity ingress under Sagarkhedu Yojna. Provision of Rs. 681 crore has been made with rise of 25.30% over the current year for Panchayats and Rural Housing Department. Provision of Rs. 40 crore has been made under E-gram Vishwa-Gram campaign.

Provision of Rs. 90 crore has been made under Sardar Patel Aawas Yojna.

Provision of Rs. 60 crore has been made for developmental works in 30 most backward talukas by allocating 2 crore to each taluka in the Year 2008-09 against Rs 1 crore to each taluka in the current year.

Provision of Rs. 896 crore has been made in 2008-09 which is a rise of 39.81% against current year provision for Industries and Mines Department.

It is proposed to provide Rs. 50 crore to strengthen G.I.D.C. colonies by Public Private Partnership.

Provision of Rs. 86.50 crore has been made to provide domestic electric connection at reduced rate to 2.75 lacs families belonging to Schedule Caste, Schedule Tribe and Rural Urban Poor.

It is proposed to provide Rs. 5.30 crore for free electric connections to 13033 hutments belonging to Primitive tribes (Aadim Juth). It is proposed to provide Rs. 5 crore to make Gandhinagar a solar city. Provision of Rs. 1650 crore has been made with arise of 11.77% over current year provision under Road and Building Department. Provision of Rs. 209 crore has been made for development of 627 km of Pragati Path, Vikas Path and Pravasi Path.

Provision of Rs. 50 crore has been made under Kishan Path Scheme. It is proposed to provide Rs. 160 crore to Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation to improve transport facilities for buses passengers. Provision of Rs. 22 crore has been made to establish District Tourism Societies for development of Tourist Places.

It is proposed to start 6 new police stations to provide effective maintenance of Law and Order situation and speedy investigations of criminal cases.

It is proposed to start 2 new Women police stations at Vadodara and Jamnagar for protection of women.

Provision of Rs. 60 crore has been made under Modernization of Police Force Scheme.

As a part to improve security of the State and the country, provision of Rs. 24 crore has been made under Border Area Development Programme.

It is proposed to create 6 Special Courts under Vanbandhu Yojana to deal with cases under Atrocity Act.

Provision of Rs. 18 crore has been made for modernization and construction of 11 Mamlatdar Offices and 4 Jilla Seva Sadan Offices (Collectorate Offices).

Under Labour and Employment Department provision of Rs. 127 crore has been made which is a rise of 57.75% against the current year provision.

Provision of Rs. 5 crore has been made for advance preparation for the celebration of Gujarat State Survana Jayanti Mahostav. Provision of Rs. 5 crore has been made for development of memorial of Great Krantiveer Shri Shyamji Krishna Verma over 152 acre of land identified at Mandvi.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Lightening Killed Eight in district

Total of eight persons were killed by lightening in last two days, heavy rains with high velocity winds lashed entire Jamnagar district. Many cattles were also killed by the lightening.

Kalyanpur - 2
Khambalia - 1
Sikka - 1
Bedi - 1
Bhanvad - 1.

Jamnagar city had witnessed windspeed of more than 60 kmph.

Monday, June 22, 2009

HIV Positive Woman Labeled and Paraded

In what could be termed as one of the most disturbing moment for GG (Inwin) hospital, a HIV positive pregnant lady was labeled as HIV positive and paraded through the wards to warn other patients about her status.

Prafula Parmar, a nurse at the GG Hospital stuck a label that read 'HIV Serum positive' on her forehead. it is so disturbing as labels are pasted only on foreheads of dead bodies after post-mortem examination.

On Saturday, the victim met the gynaecology department head Dr Nalini Anand. After going through her reports, the doctor told her to stay away from other patients and told the nurses about her health condition. The woman had come to the gynaecology department for a check-up on Wednesday. Tests confirmed that she was HIV positive and doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy, which was done.

The nurse, Prafula Parmar, pasted the label on her forehead and took her around the hospital campus on Saturday, it was mid-way through the parade that volunteers of 'Jamnagar District Network of People Living With HIV' noticed her and they took the matter with hospital supritendent.

Health minister Jay Narayan Vyas instituted an inquiry and asked two doctors and a nurse to proceed on leave till completion of the inquiry.

Women Labeled HIV Positive and paraded through GG Hospital

In what could be termed as one of the most disturbing moment for GG (Inwin) hospital, a HIV positive pregnant lady was labeled as HIV positive and paraded through the wards to warn other patients about her status.

Prafula Parmar, a nurse at the GG Hospital stuck a label that read 'HIV Serum positive' on her forehead. it is so disturbing as labels are pasted only on foreheads of dead bodies after post-mortem examination.

On Saturday, the victim met the gynaecology department head Dr Nalini Anand. After going through her reports, the doctor told her to stay away from other patients and told the nurses about her health condition. The woman had come to the gynaecology department for a check-up on Wednesday. Tests confirmed that she was HIV positive and doctors advised her to terminate the pregnancy, which was done.

The nurse, Prafula Parmar, pasted the label on her forehead and took her around the hospital campus on Saturday, it was mid-way through the parade that volunteers of 'Jamnagar District Network of People Living With HIV' noticed her and they took the matter with hospital supritendent.

Health minister Jay Narayan Vyas instituted an inquiry and asked two doctors and a nurse to proceed on leave till completion of the inquiry.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Barda Sanctury - Mining poses threat

There was a time when Gujarat State Govt wished to shift Asiatic Lions from Gir National Sanctuary to Barda wildlife sanctuary in Jamnagar.

Information sought by RTI reveals mining activities near Barda area.

21 permissions for mining around the forest area have been granted since 2002, many NOC are issued from Forest Dept as well. There are 38 additional requests that are pending for the licenses to mine in and around Barda sanctuary. Obviously, forest dept are denied the claim categorically. Out of many licenses few were also renewed on bases of NOC from forest Dept.

Barda sanctuary is spread over 190 sq km falling in Jamnagar and Porbandar districts. According to Wildlife Protection Act (1972), mining is not permissible in 5 km periphery of the sanctuary.

Water Crisis - worsening

After many years, Jamnagar Citizens will see a sight long forgotten - water tankers.

Delayed monsoon is draging reserviour levels to new lows and many people in the region will have to rely on water supplied through tankers if the monsoon gets delayed by a week or more. Of 109 / 120 reservoirs in Saurashtra-Kutch have hit rock bottom or are on the verge of it.

Cities like Jamnagar and Bhuj cities will need to look for alternative arrangements like supplying underground water to the residents through tanker services to tide over the situation.

The situation is worst in Jamnagar as only 6.31 per cent of the quantum is left in the 30 dams in Jamnagar. Over 55 villages in the district has already started water supply through tankers. This number is likely to go up, if rains don't come within a week or so.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Jamnagar 10 th 2009 Results - Toppers List

Jamnagar Toppers List
Rank Student Detail Obtained Marks Percentage School
1 Jhaveri Diti Amit
Seat No.:C691818
607/650 93.38 St.ann's High School
R N Marg St.ann`s High School Pandit Nehru Marg
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
2 Surani Himali Narbheram
Seat No.:C688836
604/650 92.92 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
3 Rathod Nirav Babulal
Seat No.:C690052
601/650 92.46 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
3 Rimmie Duraisamy
Seat No.:C692059
601/650 92.46 St.ann's High School
R N Marg St.ann`s High School Pandit Nehru Marg
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
4 Kantariya Dipenkumar Satishbhai
Seat No.:C682113
600/650 92.31 Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Highschool
Jamjodhpur Dist-jamnagar Jamjodhpur
Dist - Jamnagar 360530
4 Gosai Surabhi Jayeshgiri
Seat No.:C691054
600/650 92.31 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
4 Shah Riddhi Manish
Seat No.:C692056
600/650 92.31 St.ann's High School
R N Marg St.ann`s High School Pandit Nehru Marg
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
4 Badiyani Shivam Nareshbhai
Seat No.:C692094
600/650 92.31 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalay
Amar Vilas Palace
Dist - Jamnagar 361008
5 Kagathara Deepkumar Dhirajlal
Seat No.:C675396
599/650 92.15 Shri B M Patel Madhyamik Shala
Vankiya Dist-jamnagar At & Po Vankiya
Tal Dhrol Dist - Jamnagar 361210
5 Pandya Madhavi Bharatbhai
Seat No.:C689589
599/650 92.15 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
6 Bhensdadiya Maulik Jasamatbhai
Seat No.:C689730
598/650 92.0 Shri Pranami High School
Jamnagar Ranjitnagar
At-po.jam Nagar Dist - Jamnagar 361005
7 Kapta Yash Dwarkeshbhai
Seat No.:C691414
597/650 91.85 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
8 Pancholi Atal Bipinbhai
Seat No.:C687948
596/650 91.69 The Sunshine School
Saatrasta Plot No 31 Walkeshwar Nagari
Jamnagar 361008
9 Yagnik Birju Rajendrabhai
Seat No.:C688145
595/650 91.54 Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya
Amar Vilas Complex Palace Road
Jamnagar 361008
9 Choksi Vishwa Pankajkumar
Seat No.:C715211
595/650 91.54 St.ann's High School
Vadinar Dist-jamnagar Vadinar
Dist - Jamnagar 361010
10 Nariya Pragati Hemrajbhai
Seat No.:C690292
593/650 91.23 Matushri Avalbahen Becharbhai Virani Kanya Vidyalaya
Jamnagar Sumer Club Road
Ranjit Nagar-jamnagar Dist - Jamnagar 361005

Gujarat GSEB 10th Result 2009 - State Toppers List

Gujarat GSEB 10th Result 2009 - State Toppers List
Rank Photo Student Detail Obtained Marks Percentage School
1 <> Dhamecha Sagar Deepakbhai
Seat No.:C653087
630/650 96.92 Deepak High School
Chital Road Amreli 365601
2 <> Chavda Jay Umeshkumar
Seat No.:C831683
626/650 96.31 Shri G K Dholakiya High School
Panchayat Nagar Bus Stop
Rajkot 360005
3 <> Patel Utkarshkumar Hiteshbhai
Seat No.:B302602
625/650 96.15 Dadabhai Naoroji High School
Station Road Anand Charotar Education Society
Anand Dist - Anand 388001
4 <> Shah Tarang Kiran
Seat No.:B513135
624/650 96.0 Alembic Vidyalaya
Alembic Colony Vadodara Gorwa Road
Vadodara Dist - Vadodara 390003
4 <> Sakhiya Parthkumar Vinodbhai
Seat No.:C832009
624/650 96.0 Shri G K Dholakiya High School
Panchayat Nagar Bus Stop
Rajkot 360005
5 <> Kagathara Urvi Rameshbhai
Seat No.:C832282
623/650 95.85 Shri G K Dholakiya High School
Panchayat Nagar Bus Stop
Rajkot 360005
6 <> Shah Yash Sandip
Seat No.:A005542
622/650 95.69 Sheth C N Vidyalaya
Ambawadi Ellisbridge
Ahmedabad 380006
6 <> Patel Rozmeen Sirajbhai
Seat No.:B592897
622/650 95.69 Rukmanidevi Rungta Vidyalaya
Bharuch Station Road
Bharuch Dist - Bharuch 392001
6 <> Vachhani Aditi Rameshchandra
Seat No.:C699175
622/650 95.69 Shri N.p.bhalodia High School
Opp Haveli Wadi College Road Junagadh Near Haweli Wadi
Junagadh Dist - Junagadh 362001
7 <> Pansuriya Darshit Mansukhbhai
Seat No.:B538018
621/650 95.54 P P Savani Vidhyabhavan
Varachha Surat Varachha Road
Surat Dist - Surat 395006
8 <> Bhavsar Khushboo Pareshbhai
Seat No.:A005252
620/650 95.38 Sheth C N Vidyalaya
Ambawadi Ellisbridge
Ahmedabad 380006
8 <> Vora Shreya Kiritkumar
Seat No.:B589172
620/650 95.38 Shree Gattu Vidyalaya
Ankleshwar Dist-bharuch At
Dist - Bharuch 393002
8 <> Shah Darsh Yogeshbhai
Seat No.:B605237
620/650 95.38 Sardar Vallabhbhai Vidyalaya
Ajwa Road Vadodara Dist - Vadodara 390019
9 <> Shukla Hardi Kamleshbhai
Seat No.:A050639
619/650 95.23 Shri H B Kapadia New High School
Plot No. 97/98 T P Skim-1 Memnagar
Dist - Ahmedabad 0
9 <> Mandanka Jaykumar Jagdishbhai
Seat No.:A075661
619/650 95.23 Sheth C M High School
Sector - 23 Gh Road
Gandhinagar 382023
9 <> Doshi Riya Kirankumar
Seat No.:B487038
619/650 95.23 Jivan Bharti Pravrutti Vidhyalaya
Nanpura Surat Nanpura
Surat Dist - Surat 395001
9 <> Mehta Heli Datteshkumar
Seat No.:B512546
619/650 95.23 Reliance School
Petrochemical Township Vadodara
Dist - Vadodara 391345
9 <> Ramani Ankitaben Bharatbhai
Seat No.:B537163
619/650 95.23 Shri K C Kothari Madhynmik & Uchh Madhyamik Shala
Varachha Surat Surat
Dist - Surat 395006
9 <> Shah Bhaumik Asitbhai
Seat No.:C660781
619/650 95.23 Shree Swaminarayan High School
Sardarnagar Bhavnagar Sahjanand Swami Marg
Bhavnagar Dist - Bhavnagar 364001
9 <> Kadecha Charmi Bharatkumar
Seat No.:C831402
619/650 95.23 Shri G K Dholakiya High School
Panchayat Nagar Bus Stop
Rajkot 360005
10 <> Patel Margesh Navinchandra
Seat No.:A002322
618/650 95.08 Shree Vidyanagar High School
Ashram Road Usmanpura
Ahmedabad 380014
10 <> Bhatt Shalin Dilipbhai
Seat No.:A005546
618/650 95.08 Sheth C N Vidyalaya
Ambawadi Ellisbridge
Ahmedabad 380006
10 <> Koladia Dipalkumar Rameshbhai
Seat No.:A010681
618/650 95.08 Sarvoday Vidhya Mandir
Opp Samjuba Hospital Bapunagar
Ahmedabad 380024
10 <> Patel Kishan Hemantbhai
Seat No.:A096777
618/650 95.08 Sagar Vidyalaya
Opp Sumatinath Prabhu Soc. Murlidhar Soc.-kathwada Road
Naroda Dist - Ahmedabad 382325
10 <> Kothari Ronil Ajaybhai
Seat No.:A110484
618/650 95.08 The H B K New High School
O/s Delhi Darwaja Shahibag Road
N H Kapadiya Chowk Ahmedabad 380004
10 <> Agrawal Gaurav Ramkumar
Seat No.:A110501
618/650 95.08 The H B K New High School
O/s Delhi Darwaja Shahibag Road
N H Kapadiya Chowk Ahmedabad 380004
10 <> Patel Chaitanya Maheshbhai
Seat No.:B512395
618/650 95.08 Alembic Vidyalaya
Alembic Colony Vadodara Gorwa Road
Vadodara Dist - Vadodara 390003
10 <> Shah Deep Jiteshkumar
Seat No.:B512427
618/650 95.08 Alembic Vidyalaya
Alembic Colony Vadodara Gorwa Road
Vadodara Dist - Vadodara 390003
10 <> Gajera Darpen Laljibhai
Seat No.:B537973
618/650 95.08 P P Savani Vidhyabhavan
Varachha Surat Varachha Road
Surat Dist - Surat 395006
10 <> Dhanani Parth Rameshbhai
Seat No.:B541251
618/650 95.08 P P Savani Vidhyabhavan
Varachha Surat Varachha Road
Surat Dist - Surat 395006
10 <> Dave Ekta Dineshbhai
Seat No.:C831543
618/650 95.08 Shri G K Dholakiya High School
Panchayat Nagar Bus Stop
Rajkot 360005
10 <> Karia Swati Jeetendrakumar
Seat No.:C833273
618/650 95.08 Shri V J Modi High School
150 Ft Ring Road Opp Telephone Exchange
Rajkot 360007