Sunday, December 6, 2009

Shivrajpur (Dwarka) to be developed as Beach Resort

Just when Gujarat is heading for a Green Revolution under CM Modi's leadership, good business news continues to flow for Jamnagar.

In response to GMB's bid request for eco friendly beach development in Gujarat, two firms had shown interest. Gujarat Maritime Board (GMB) has short listed tourist beaches at Sarkeshwar (Amreli) and Shivrajpur (Jamnagar).

Two architecture consultancy firms are Hiren Gandhi & Associates and Wapcos India, a flagship company of union ministry of water resources.

The successful bidders will be involved in planning and design of tourist beach development.  Gujarat Green Beach Development Project will be first amongst the public private partnership (PPP) projects from Gujarat Govt. around Rs. 200 crore will be spent on developing these two beaches.

Shivrajpur near Jamnagar has the best view and clean blue water with potential to become one of the best beaches in Gujarat.

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