Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hall of Shame for JMC

JMC recently decided to increase the city limits to 101 KM from existing 68 KM, JMC thought of adding few nearby small villages around Jamnagar to increase the area , ofcourse this is backed by lobby of builders who wanted to grab lucrative land and get costly benefits from it..

However JMC hit a little snag when around 6,000 villagers gathered near Lal Bunglow to oppose the move.
Sarpanch's from villages like Dhuvav, Vibhapar, nawa-Nagna, Juna-Nagna, Khimaliya, Theba, Dared, Khimrana, Khijadiya, KanSumra, Naghedi, Morkanda, Dhinchda, hapa, Gordhanpar and chela came together and submitted letter to RDC.