Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Donated eyes left untended for 22 days

This incident added an insult to injury for G.G. (Irwin) Hospital, just 11 days after the hospital got name in TV for a perfect wrong reason, branding and parading an HIV+ woman.

Strange things comes to picture as the mystery unfolds, Kutchhi Visha Oshwal Jain Mahajan in Bhuj regularly donates eyes to GG Hospital and many other in Saurashtra-Kutch for medical reasons, these eyes normally reach through domestic courier. This time the hospital staff did not came to collect the parcels.

A local courier operator who has been transporting these consignments regularly says that the consignment was sent on June 6. But, no one from the ophthalmology department of GG hospital came to take delivery of the parcels.

Later the delivery man delivered the nine parcels at 6 pm on Tuesday at the registration counter of the GG Hospital.

As expected, hospital Superintendent of GG hospital Dr BD Gupta puts blame on the organization that sends the eyes, saying that they did not communicate properly and the deliveryman who should have taken receipt.

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