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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ranji Trophy - Pujara & Jadeja Lead to Win

Saurashtra toned up victory by defeating Karnataka and entered in semi finals.

Jamnagar's Ravindra Jadeja stroke 55 in 44 ball with eight 4's

Jamnagar News

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is Jamnagar Safe From Pakistan's Attack

New Poll Announced on Jamnagar News

Topic is

Is Jamnagar Safe From Pakistan's Attack ?

You can submit your opinion by selecting appropriate option on right bar.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Mukesh Ambani's RPL Refinery - More News

Mukesh Ambani lead Reliance Petroleum (RPL) has commissioned the world's sixth-largest refinery in record time of just 36 months.

Why is this project execution so special, we should note that around 15 such projects were being executed at the time when the Global recession hit the Business world, most of such projects were in China, US and Gulf.

Among this projects are global names like CNOOC (China), CONOCO Phillips (US), Marathon Oil (UK) and KNPC, Saudi Aramaco, Qatar Petroleum from Gulf, RPL is the only company to have completed its project in record time.

An official statement by RIL states that "By commissioning the 5,80,000 bpd refinery in Jamnagar, Reliance Industries has become the world's single-largest supplier of fuels to the global market"

Mukesh Ambani, RPL chairman added that "A decade ago, Jamnagar Refinery helped break India's dependence on imported fuels when RPL commissioned RIL's refinery in Jamnagar."


Jamnagar News

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Jamnagar Business Unit's Security Meeting held

As tension between India and Pakistan rises, Jamnagar is holding tight on security.
Business estabishments across district meet up yesterday to discuss the issue, Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) organised this meeting at Reliance Refinery in Moti Khavdi.
Representatives from RPL, IOC, Essar, GAIL, district police, Coast Guard, IAF  and officials from state and central IB were present in the meeting.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Reliance - RPL Refinery Started Production

Long wait for RPL Refinery Commissioning is over On Thursday, Reliance Petroleum Ltd (RPL) commissioned its Jamnagar refinery, having crude oil processing capacity of 580,000 barrels per day,

Reliance Petroleum Ltd's Jamnagar refinery will now use RIL's first crude from KG basin. With this expansion, RPL Jamnagar complex became biggest refinery complex in the world

It is well known that Reliance Petroleum Ltd's Jamnagar Refinery is at at the Jamnagar special economic zone(SEZ) in Gujarat.

Mukesh Ambani (RPL chairman) said that  "I am extremely proud of the entire team at Reliance which has worked together and commissioned this large and complex refinery in record time, which yet again demonstrates the strength of our project management skills," .



Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Essar Cancelled Jamnagar SEZ Proposal

Adverse Financial condition has taken toll of 1125 1,125 hectare Essar Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in Jamnagar.

Proposal of creating 16-20 MMTPA petrochemical refinery at the cost of Rs 15,000 crore is cancelled.

It is to note that recently DLF Ltd withdrew a SEZ in Delhi.

Currently petrochemical complex in Jamnagar (Reliance and Essar) are contributing 40% of India's petro-chemical needs, if the refinery expansion was not cancelled then Jamnagar share could reach to 50%.



Monday, December 22, 2008

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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Brass Parts Industry Collapsing On Raised Import Tariffs

Brass Parts Industry leader asked for reduction in Customs tariff, what they got was increase in the tariffs.

This now lead to collapse of the only surviving native industry in Jamnagar.

Due to increase in Brass Part Industry raw material, more than 60 per cent of the units are closed.

Brass Part Industry in jamnagar employs nearly 1.5 lakh workers.

There are around 4,000  Brass / metal Part industry units in Jamnagar, almost 90 per cent of which runs on imported brass scrap mainly received from China.

These Brass Parts units are now in a shock when the Centre raised Customs duty by 567 dollars per metric ton on December 15, these is double the price of the earlier brass part import price, this also resulted in backlog of 300 brass scrap containers at the Kandla Port.

Brass parts industry in Jamnagar accounts for 80 % of the total brass components (electrical, automobile or sanitary) produced in India.

Thousands of many small Brass parts unit owners in Jamnagar are collapsing,
  earlier they used to earn 40-50 lakh per annum unit, now these units can not even touch mark of Rs 6-8 lakh.

Naturally this is way too insufficient.

If govt will not act soon, remaining Brass Parts unit may need to close as well.



IAF Jamnagar - Mock Hijack call

A call mentioned that a A hijacked aircraft had landed at the Indian Air Force (IAF) base here on Saturday afternoon.

However, it was only a mock drill.

ATC Informed Jamnagar district collector V P Patel of the "Hijack" incident, soon hoards of police, fire brigade personnel and army men in trucks,ambulances rushed to the IAF base airport near Jamnagar.

IAF spokesman said that there are very few Anti Aircraft firing range in India, and most important is located in Jamnagar.

When it turned out to be a mock drill, everyone got relieved.



US Exim Bank & Jamnagar RPL

Mukesh Ambani's troubles are never ending.

Few congressmen have asked the country's Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) to suspend $900 million worth relief assistance to RPL's Jamnagar Refinery, until the RIL stops business with Iran.

It is assumed that Reliance provided as much as 30 per cent of oil-rich Iran's need for imported refined petroleum products.



Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ghumli - Proposed renovation plan

Bhanvad's Ghumli is one of the oldest historical place in Jamnagar district. Ghumli was neglected till date but now Gujarat Govt. and ASI are working hand in hand to save this place of historical importance.
The renovation cost will be around 3 crore and it will be completed by 2010.

Ghmuli temple will resembled Somnath temple, marble stones for the same are bought from Adityana (Kutch). Ghumli was capitol of jethva clan and the city was at the peak from 10th to 13th century AD. Later Jadeja from Kutch invaded and controlled the Halar province, Jam Rawal made Jamnagar in late 14th century, see http://www.halar.org/history/nawanagar_jamnagar.aspx and  http://www.halar.org/history/nagmati_rangmati.aspx for more details



RPL Refinery president become additional director

Pawan Kumar Kapil , Site President of Reliance Industries was appointed as additional director , RPL yesterday.


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Essar Power Doubled Power Plant Capacity

Essar Power is working on to double the capacity of its proposed power plant in the Jamnagar

Capacity upgrade will be from 1,200 MW to 2,400 MW.  The project cost for expansion is estimated to be about Rs 4,500 crore.

It is to note that Essar Power is one of the four companies shortlisted by the Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam (GUVNL) for power purchase bids for about 2,000 MW.



Devotees offer stone for wish Fulfillment - Khambhalia

For our fulfillment of wishes, we offer many things to our gods. Like coconut, flowers, holy clothes etc.

In what could be most amazing offering, devotees are offering  Stones at a mausoleum in near Khambhalia.
The 400-year-old tomb of Ashaba Pir is famous for this extraordinary tradition.

Here devotees come to cure their illness and illness of their animals too, devotees can offer a minimum seven stones and a maximum of truckload of stones. It is said that before around 400 years, as there was nothing to be offered, people started offering stones and hence the tradition started.

This tomb is located at seven kilometers from Khambalia.


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Chevron - Jamnagar RPL Refinery stake decision on Jan-2009

By the end of January 2009, Chevron, will take a final decision on buying a 24% stake in Reliance Petroleum (RPL) and hold on to the current 5% level.

This will be a news as Chevron is among the top foreign stake holder in RPL, this decision will impact not only on RPL / RIL Pricing but over all Reliance Ind. Group sentiment. (Including RPL Jamnagar Refinery)



Friday, December 12, 2008

Jamnagar - Frequent quake like blasts heard

Frequent quake blast heard near Jamnagar,

Jamnagar - Jodia area is experiencing frequent quake , blasts

However Jamnagar Air Force confirmed that blasts are a part of a routine exercises

Retired Navy , Coast Guard may get offer from Gujarat Govt.

Gujarat government is looking for Ex-defense personnel to maintain coastal security.

Govt. could recruit retired Navy and Coast Guard personnel to keep a strict vigil on the 1,600-km long coastline along the state.

Many of these retired personnel are live in the coastal towns of Jamnagar, Porbandar and Veraval.


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Minor Fire at RPL Jamnagar Refinery

A minor fire was reported at the site of Reliance Petroleum Ltd's export-oriented refinery.

The fire was reported at the "dumping ground" of the refinery, but it could not be ascertained if the unit had been affected or if there was any casualty.



Software professionals mistaken as Terrorists

Two Software professionals were mistaken as terrorists as they were using GPS for their work.

These men are employees of Biond Software mumbai. Mahesh Parab and Anil Jagtap are under scanner of Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS) of Gujarat.

These duo was detained by Jamnagar police officials last week from near Khambhalia where they were marking the places using GPS, Laptop and four mobile phones. It is now confirmed that they were collecting data for a mobile phone software that uses GPS.

Both of them are now being grilled by ATS Gujarat.



Monday, December 8, 2008

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Friday, December 5, 2008

Narmada Canal Breach - Water Crisis In Jamnagar

For the next couple of days, Jamnagar city will not get enough water.

A major breach developed recently in the Saurashtra Canal near Hadvad in Surendranagar district, this will severely affect water distribution in major cities like Rajkot, Surendranagar, Kutch and Jamnagar.

As per Sardar Sarovar Narmada Nigam Limited (SSNNL), the breach is nearly five-metre wide.

Although water supply to the canal is stopped and repair work has begun, to fix and dry up the patch will take 2-3 additional days

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Untimely Rain - Winter Crop Damage

Recent untimely rains and high velocity winds created havoc in Saurashtra and Jamnagar farmers.

In the last couple of days, farmers of Rabi crop are feeling helpless against untimely rains and high velocity winds, these scattered showers are causing enough damage to the standing and growing winter crops.

The phenomenon known as Western Disturbance affected all the eight districts in Saurashtra-Kutch region, almost all district have recorded untimely rains for the fourth consecutive day on Monday.

In many places, the rainfall was recorded up to 1 to 2 inches.

There are also reports of significant damage to wheat, cumin, pulses and vegetables.



Jamnagar - Quick Response Team Created by Police

Jamnagar - Quick Response Team Created by Police

With recent terror attacks in Mumbai, Jamnagar police have formed a Quick Response Team equipped with AK47 rifles, bullet-proof jackets and other anti-terror gear to avert any possible terror attack on Jamnagar City.

Like SWAT Team, Jamnagar Quick Response team has six officials, team is headed by Jamnagar's Local Crime Branch police sub-inspector (PSI) Mahavir Singh Rana.

Jamnagar DSP Rajendra V. Jotangiya informed that Jamnagar is second biggest coastal line after Kutch and has maximum interaction with Pakistani Marine Agencies, he also informed that this six-man team is equipped with AK-47 rifles, bullet-proof jackets and other anti-terror gear. A special government Gypsy has been provided to the team, which will be available 24/7 at Jamnagar's police headquarters.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

New Poll - Favourite Jamnagari Place

New Poll announced on Jamnagar News

Subject - Favourite Jamnagari Place

Monday, November 24, 2008

Jamnagar IAF Personnel's wife raped in Hariyana

Indian Army's Western Command is in news now.

Wife of a IAF personnel currently deported at Jamnagar raped by two medical attendants at the Army Western Command hospital in Haryana's Panchkula district.

Victim went to the hospital to see one of her relatives who was admitted in the hospital.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Brass Parts Export Graph - 20- 60% Down

Jamnagar accounts for over 80 per cent of the total production of brass parts in the country.

This decline in demand for brass products is caused by two things, one due to price hike in raw material and fuel, On the other side export orders decline for the machine tools industry declined the exports to next 20-30%.

Eighty per cent of the 4,000 brass parts units in Jamnagar ( All small scale industries) are on the death-bed as the industry is plunging into a recession. out of total brass consumption of 50 lakh container per month, (each of 20 tonnes wight), Jamnagar accounts for 80 per cent of total brass components, this includes electrical, automobile or sanitary appliance items in India.

This year only Brass industry saw around 30 per cent decline in export revenues.



Thursday, November 20, 2008

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Whale Shark Preservation by Fishermen

Jamnagar's local fishing community will join endangered whale shark preservation.

Whale sharks can grow up to 45 feet, they weigh around 12 tonne and are known to live up to 100 years, they are docile and completely harmless to human beings and are found mainly in warm waters. The Wildlife Trust of India, State Forests and Environment Department and the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) of Goa is conducting five-year research to study whale shark habitat, map their migration, various aspects of their life cycles and genetic patterns.

This program also launches coral - reef study program, funded by Jamnagar-based Tata Chemicals Limited.

As a part of the program, local fishermen will be trained to collect samples and also be taught how to click photographs of whale sharks using underwater cameras. Later this images will be used for identification of the whale sharks.

Five year study plan is as follows

  • First Year - Hydrography and study of patterns of whale shark migration to Saurashtra Coastline.
  • Second Year - Population check and dotted pattern analysis.
  • Third / Fourth Year - GPS Tracking and Satelite Tagging.
  • Fifth Year - Experimenting and Genetic behavior study.

Coral research study might work out a new proposed research center at Dwarka or Mithapura in Jamnagar.
Religious leader like Morari Bapu many others are supporting this Gentle cause, coast guards too will be helping whale sharks to fight against poachers.



Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jamnagar - Recent News

City morning is now foggy with begining of the winter.

Dwarka -  Murali Mandir Entrance is now open.

Lohana Samaj is celebrating Jalaram Jayanti.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dwarka - Lauji promised more Lines, better station

Lalu promices long distance trains and better Railway platform for Dwarka.

Lalu prasad Yadav promised on thursday that Rs. 2 Crore will be spent on modification of Dwarka Railway Station. Looks of the new station will be based on Dwarka Jagat Mandir.

 He also stated plan for Dwarka-Diu rail line to connect Dwarka and Somnath,


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Lalu Prasad Yadav to Visit Dwarka

After Canceling his trip twice, Rail Minister Lalu Prasad Yadav will be visiting Dwarka tomorrow. He will reach Rajkot in a special train and will visit Somnath, later he will visit Jagannath Mandir at Dwarka. Jamnagar MP Vikram Madam will also join him.


Jamnagar News

Piramal - KPT : More Business in Jamnagar

Piramal will soon start its "Piramal Diagnostics" center franchisee in Jamnagar. The company has plans to set up centers in Rajkot and Bhavnagar as well.

In another business news, KPT is planning to create logistics hub at Vadinar,

Kandla Port Trust (KPT) is working on to develop integrated port facilities at Vadinar. This proposed facility will host offshore berthing, dry bulk cargo handling, liquid bulk terminal, bunker complex, ship building and ship repair activities.

In addition, KPT will install a single point mooring and allied facilities as well, this will be the first such installation in the Gulf of Kachch.


10 Dead -25 Injured in Boat Capsizing

At least 10 People were killed when a boat carrying around 50 people capsized and sank near Bedi. The accident occur ed at around 11.00 AM.
All the passengers were on their way to Pir Dargah (Khwaja Khizer Alaihisalaam) located on Pirotan Island, which is around 23 KM away from Bedi Port. Local fisherman started the rescue work which was later taken up by Jamnagar Fire Brigade and Gujarat Maritime Board.

Around 25 other were injured and are under treatment at Jamnagar's Guru Gobind Singh (Irwin) Hospital.


Monday, October 13, 2008

Essar Reducing SEZ Size to One-Fifth

In a setback news for Jamnagar industries, Essar Oil Ltd, a $50 billion Essar Group company is asking for Centre's approval to reduce the size of its Jamnagar special economic zone (SEZ) to around 200 hectare (less than one-fifth) from 1,125 hectare.

Also the company also wants to reclassify the proposed project as petrochemical SEZ Only. Reason being that the company has been facing problem in land acquisition and finance.

Although the company officials neither approved nor denied the matter, they do reconfirmed that capacity of their exiting 10.5 MTPA refinery will be expanded to around 34-35 MTPA.

Officials said ditto for the 1,200 mw captive power plant (under construction at Vadinar)

Essar's next Jamnagar venture, 1,200 mw imported coal-based power plant at Salaya had cleared all documentation hurdles, this project is under MOU with Gujarat Urja Vikas Nigam Ltd for supply of 1,000 mw on long-term basis, this plant's construction and maint. is executed by a Chinese company.



Cricket Bungalow - Diamond Jubilee Celebreations

Ajitsinh Cricket pavilion (Cricket Bungalow) will be celebrating its Diamond Jubilee, and Jamnagar is doing all to celebrate 100th anniversary of this landmark monument to Indian cricket.

ADC Mukesh Pandya announced that All India Inter School (Under-16) Cricket tournament is being organized from 16-10 to 22-10, the event is named after legendary Test Cricket Player from Jamnagar, Vinu mankad.

Around 35 team will be participating in the event, apart from the main stadium, various school grounds are also reserved for the event.

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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kingfisher - Jamnagar - Mumbai Service

Kingfisher airlines will start 144 seater (A-320) Flight between Jamnagar and Mumbai From 26-Oct-2008, this will be a relief as the Indian Airlines was the only player in market and its rates were unchallenged.

As on Today the Rates are slightly cheap as compared to IA.

I have checked the rates and its 4375/- from BOM to JAM , including all taxes. (Even in the vacation season)

Check http://www.flykingfisher.com/index.asp for Diwali bookings.



Monday, October 6, 2008

Sahara City - 50 Crore Fine Imposed

Sahara Prime City Limited (SPCL), a subsidiary of the Sahara Group is under the Jamnagar district administration Scanner.

City administration has issued a notice to Sahara to pay a stamp duty penalty of Rs 48.69 crore.

Chandrakant Pandya, Jamnagar Dty Stamp Duty Collector confirmed this news, however Sahara has denied the allegation.

Sahara is building their ambitious Sahara City project at Dhuvav village, 8 km from Jamnagar city.


Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mukesh Ambani's New House

Updated : New Photo of Mukesh Ambani's Multi-Billion Dollar House


Antilla, the partially completed home of Mumbai-based petrochemicals giant Reliance Industries head Mukesh Ambani, will stand 27 stories high and is expected to cost $2 billion. Ambani, the fifth richest man in the world, his wife and three children currently live in a 22-story Mumbai tower the family has spent years remodeling and refashioning to meet its needs.


Nine elevators dot the lobby floor: Two are designated for parking areas, three for guest quarters, two for the Ambani family residences and two for service. The lobby opens to numerous lounges, reception areas and powder rooms. Dual stairways lead from the lobby floor down to the ballroom, which is designed in an open layout with a two-story roof.


The most striking features of the Antilla ballroom are the crystal chandeliers that will take up approximately 80% of the ceiling. The silver stairways lead to a central landing, behind which two retractable doors can open to display works of art. There is also a stage for entertainment or speeches, with a projection screen behind it. A kitchen, about the same size as the ballroom itself, can service hundreds of guests.


One of Antilla's key design themes is the mix of lavish features seen in worldwide homes and elements that are distinctly Indian. The Gingko-leaf sink designs are a good example. Native to India, the leaves in the sinks are shaped in such a way that their stems guide water into the bowl created by the basket of the leaf.

Traditional Lounge

Ambani's home features countless lounges, offering Reliance Industries guests a quiet escape. Chandeliers and mirrors are a common feature of these rooms, as are finely woven Indian area rugs.

Modern Lounge

Each space and floor uses materials not seen anywhere else. The idea is that spaces will blend into one another, giving the impression of consistency and flow, while at the same time displaying different influences and traditions. This furniture, floors, lines and dark woods of this lounge have a more minimalist approach than the home's other lounges.

Entertainment Level

It's very common in large homes to have a theater or screening room, but usually they're just large projection screens with a few nice seats. The Ambani's theater is more like those seen in George Lucas' Skywalker Ranch or Frank Pritt's Portabello Estate--a full-fledged theater, indistinguishable from a cinema. A wine room, snack bar and entertaining space, including couches and tables, fill out the room.

Health Level

The indoor/outdoor health level features a lap pool and Jacuzzi that take in views of the city skyline, as well as lounge chairs shaded by trees. Yoga and dance studios, changing rooms for men and women, gyms and a solarium with a juice bar fill out the interior space. There are plans to include an ice room in the center space, where the Ambanis could sit on a hot Mumbai day to cool off in a man-made snow flurry.


The first six floors of the residence will be dedicated to parking for the Ambani family, guests and employees. Hanging vertical gardens dot the exterior. While they make for good decoration, their key function has to do with energy efficiency: The hydroponic plants, grown in liquid nutrient solutions instead of soil, lower the energy footprint of the home by absorbing heat and sunlight and providing shade that helps keep it cool.


The top floor features a covered, outdoor entertaining space with panoramic views of the Mumbai skyline as well as the Arabian Sea. On those days when it's too hot, or cold, an interior space with floor-to-ceiling windows provides the same luxury.

for Pics see :

Jamnagar News

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Japanese Water Melon on Farmer's Cultivation List

Jamnagar farmers have always been innovative and had tried various crop and fruit variety.

Jamnagar farmers are set to add exotic fruit in their list, farmers are leavin their traditional wheat and cotton crops and are cultivating "exotic Japanese watermelon", rates of these Japanese watermelon are at whooping Rs 15,000 a tonne.

The crop can fetch three times return than the traditional watermelon variety.

Jitu Patel, an Agro technical adviser had successfully bought Taiwanese papaya, American maize and banana farming in Jamnagar and nearby regions. Jitu explained that these japanese watermelon has a higher sugar content. These water melon has high demand in North Indian States.


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

RPL Jamnagar Refinery - Commissioning in Nov - December

Reliance Petroleum Ltd is keeping promices,  RPL's jamnagar based 580,000 BPD refinery will be operational by the November.

Refinery is under Commissioning Stage. The $6bn USD plant expansion id by RPL, a subsidiary of Reliance Industries Ltd. (RIL).

An existing 660,000 bpd refinery at Jamnagar is adjecent to this new refinery, this two refinery makes the site, world's biggest refining complex.

Further plans of RPL includes setting up the a 900,000-tons per year polypropylene plant at Jamnagar.

Post commissioning, Reliance's Jamnagar units, including the existing refinery, will be the world's largest single-location refining facility. with a  total processing capacity of 1.24mn bpd. The current production of the existing unit is 0.66mn bpd.

Added advantage fir this refinery will be capacity to refine heavy / sour crude (heavy in Sulphur). RPL Refinery will be one of the most complex refineries in the world with a Nelson Complexity Index of 14.

Chevron Corp. holds a 5% stake in RPL, and has the option to increase it further to 29%.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

All Women Panchayat Shows the Way

Bhaukhakharia, A Small village in Jamnagar, Shows the power of an elected all women Panchayat (village council).

Village residents elected the seven members of the village council unanimously, all Women.

Women have shed their stature of a just Ornamental Member here and are addressing the issues of day-to-day life. The best part is that Rajput community dominates this village, women used to cover their face and head with Duppatta following traditions here.

Panchayat keep track of road maintenance and other social responsibilities. In case of personal issues a women panchayat member is more accessible to other women. The Panchayat also boasts of a computer in the village office.



Hoax Letter at Dwarka Temple Created Havoc

Hoax Letter at Dwarka Temple Created Havoc

The hand-written letter was received Thursday morning at Dwarka Devasthan Samiti office.

The letter mentioned that a bomb has been planted at Jagat Mandir, Dwarka. this was a second letter threatening the Jagat Mandir, Dwarka.

Police checked the temple area and found nothing suspicious.

The seven-floor temple was built in the 16th century stands majestically on 72 pillars.
Lord Krishna's grandson Vajranabha is said to have built the original temple.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Showers Continuing in Jamnagar

Four more reservoirs in the district got overflowed today, as the rain in continued since last three days.

Here is the status of rainfall received in the season (in MM)

Jamnagar    -    670
Bhanvad        -    717
Dhrol        -    351
Jam-Jodhpur    -    608
Kalavad        -    495
Kalyanpur    -    826
Khambhaliya    -    461
Lalpur        -    854

Ranjit Sagar is overflowing today

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stray Bullet Killed Innocent

A man who was standing outside his house in Dared, Jamnagar was killed by a stray bullet.

It is believed that the bullet came from a nearby army firing range.

In the firing range army and navy personnel were practicing, the bullet hit on his chest and killed him on the spot.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Rain Cools of Jamnagar

Few parts of Jamnagar district are soaked by rain today.

City recorded almost half inch , some talukas received 2-3 inches

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pramod Kumar Jha is no more.

Pramod Kumar Jha is no more.

Pramod Kumar Jha was on life support systems in the ICU at Ahmadabad's Sterling Hospital, he was suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Jha hailed from 1986 IPS batch.

Jha's career was at its peak as superintendent of police of Jamnagar district in the early 90s.

Under the Chimanbhai government, Jha had sought to raid Rama Nakha Gadhvi, Rama was then a close associate of the chief minister and an arms dealer.

Jha confided with home minister CD Patel and CD instructed Jha to go ahead with the raids.

This was a moment of attention for Jamnagar Police in 1993, when home minister camped in Jamnagar and under his permission Jha raided Gadhvi's home and found arms worth Rs 1 crore.

Jha was the first officer who get tipped off about the consignment of RDX and weapons sent by Dawood Ibrahim to carry out the Mumbai serial blasts in 1993, to land off the Gosabara shore in Porbander in January that year.



Monday, September 1, 2008


On Monday , A MiG-29 fighter jet of the Indian Air Force (IAF) Jamnagar crashed into the Arabian Sea during a training sortie,
The pilot ejected and was safe, The Indian Navy divers from INS Valsura are deployed to the accident location to take out the flight data recorder from the sea.

The IAF has suffered six crashes this year. And this is the fifth MiG-29 crash since 2006, earlier crashes involved one MiG-27, two MiG-21s, an Advanced Jet Trainer Hawk and a Kiran trainer.
One pilot was killed in one of crash.

The MiG-29, from the 28 Squadron of IAF, had taken off from the Jamnagar air base, aircraft crashed at 50 km west of Jamnagar at about 12.00 a.m,

An inquiry has been ordered into the accident.

It is to note that this is the third MIG accident in last 3 years

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hoax Letter created havoc in Court

A Hoax Letter sent to a local lawyer created havoc yesterday, later it was found to be a hoax.

Government lawyer Vimal Chotai received a hindi letter in post, stating that extrimists will bomb the District court.
Police with sniffer dogs, searched the premices for three hours only to discover that it was a hoax.

Police is now investigating the origin of the letter.

Monday, August 25, 2008

MCA College in Jamnagar

MCA College in Jamnagar

AICT has approved new MCA College, this college is proposed by Oshwal Education Trust. This college will begin academics in 2008-09 year.

Its to note that City's only MBA College is run by Oshwal Education Trust, Haria college has started constructing a second floor on top of the current infrastructure at estimated budget of 2 Crore.

Mahindra Samriddhi Centre Launched

Last Week, Mahindra launched its first Samriddhi Centre for farmers in Jamnagar. Samriddhi Centres is new initiative by mahindra to help farmers boost crop productivity and thereby enhance rural prosperity.

Mahindra's Farm Equipment Sector (FES) is ranking high in world's top tractor brands and is currently the market leader in India.

The Samriddhi Centres offer agri-related services under one roof. These include

  • Insurance products
  • Sales and service of tractors / parts
  • Productivity demo farms
  • Soil and water testing facilities
  • Knowledge updates on the weather, crops, eradication of pests and diseases
  • Mandi prices

Along with other facilities, finance facilities and agri counselling facilities are also available via the internet as well,

Mahindra has also set up a website, Mahindra Kisan Mitra (MKM). This site provides farmers with the latest information relating to crops, weather conditions, loans, insurance schemes, commodity prices, government policies, news and events.

FES has also tied up with ETV's Annadata programme which will give farmers across 10 states advice and solutions related to agribusiness. A special toll free number has been set up for this purpose - 1800-425-4085.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Lakhota Lake - Dismal Condition

Jamnagar citizens are famous of merry making, and may be they will be equally famous for neglecting their age old heritage, The Lakhota Fort.
This centuries old monument is in dismal condition due to negligence by local authority and Jamnagar residents.

Lakhota Fort and the Ranmal Lake were constructed two centuries ago by Jam Ranjitsinh. The Lakhota fort is constructed in the middle of Ranmal lake. After independence it was converted to museum. Semi-circular bastions, turrets, pavillion and many exquisite sculpture stored in the Lakhota fort also needs renovation.

The restoration project started of in 2005 but is at stale, authorities claim that un-availability of funds is the main reason. However if someone visit the Shravan fair at Pradarshan grounds, you can easily notice huge hoardings of City politicians, and in some cases mayor and deputy mayor as well. How come authority waste money for such publicity and deny funds for heritage which is the identity of the city.

Jamnagar News

Lakhota Lake - Dismal Condition

Jamnagar citizens are famous of merry making, and may be they will be equally famous for neglecting their age old heritage, The Lakhota Fort.
This centuries old monument is in dismal condition due to negligence by local authority and Jamnagar residents.

Lakhota Fort and the Ranmal Lake were constructed two centuries ago by Jam Ranjitsinh. The Lakhota fort is constructed in the middle of Ranmal lake. After independence it was converted to museum. Semi-circular bastions, turrets, pavillion and many exquisite sculpture stored in the Lakhota fort also needs renovation.

The restoration project started of in 2005 but is at stale, authorities claim that un-availability of funds is the main reason. However if someone visit the Shravan fair at Pradarshan grounds, you can easily notice huge hoardings of City politicians, and in some cases mayor and deputy mayor as well. How come authority waste money for such publicity and deny funds for heritage which is the identity of the city.

Jamnagar News

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mayor Suffered Heart Attack

Veteran BJP leader and Jamnagar Mayor, Kanaksinh Jadeja suffered a cardiac arrest on Sunday, he was admitted to the G.G Hospital in Jamnagar.

The condition of Jamnagar Mayor Kanaksinh Jadeja is stable now.

Jadeja (54) suffered the attack at the Gandhinagar's Saibaba Temple at around 2.30 pm on Sunday. G G Hospital doctors, declared it a case of cardiac arrest.

Sunday evening, Jadeja was shifted to the Dhakaan Hospital in Rajkot for advanced angioplasty treatment.

Jamnagar News

Jamnagari Awarded with Prime Minister's Shram Award

Shri Ashok Tulsidas Gadhiya from Tata Chemicals Ltd, Jamnagar was awarded with Prime Minister's Shram Award - 2006  on Thursday at New Delhi.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shravan Fair Location Arguments

Although Shravan Fair Location case is pending in the Jamnagar court, many stall vendors have requested JMC commissioner to organise fair in the pradarshan ground. Vendors argue that the details of location was not disclosed to them when they filed the tendors.

Stall Vendors feel that the land around the Nageshwar area has loosen and not SAFE for entertainment rides, they are not bluffing entirely as last year two rides had to be shut down during "Shravan Mela" (Shravan fair). Also there are many ifs and buts quotted in the letter given to Commissioner.

On the other hand, if the fair are in pradarshan ground, more people will join as the location is in the city limits.



Monday, August 11, 2008

Bandhani May Get GI Tag

There are some traditional fabrics which can stand apart even in today's hip-hop cultured dressing.

Perhaps the first name which comes in mind of a Gujarati lady will be "Bandhani".

With the name comes bright color, fine quality and a rich history of handmade Sarees, Jamnagar is famous for Tie-Die Bandhani, which is done by hands. this is a special art mastered by a few, the art is followed by generations and new vibrant colors and designs are added time by time.

Bandhani is not just a Saree, in parts of Kutch, Jamnagar and Rajasthan it is used as a turban or dupatta, modern ladies wear dress from Bandhani as its comfortable in hot season.

To save this exotic product, now Indian Textile ministry wants to brand the item with a location tag. Textile Ministry is working on a long list of 5,000 such items across India.

Govt. is working on a GI petition. If thats gets through, Bandhani makers will get a new life. As today there are many oppertunists who sell bogus Bandhani in the name of real one.


Jam Kin won case for Royal Assets

Gujarat High Court verdicts in favour of Bhavansinh Vala, Bhavansinh is nephew of Jam.

The case was for claim in a property in his native - Hariasan village near Moti Paneli, Bhavansinh's  cousins and sisters-in-law had laid claims on this property, they also had a will of Bhavansinh's elder brother, who had transferred the property to their names.

Bhavansinh Vala won case for Jam's Property in Jamnagar



Friday, August 8, 2008

Dubai Illegal Money Transfer Racket Busted

The 30 lakh Rs Cash case has found a huge opening, the person has admitted to be a part of a huge havala racket in the Jamnagar.

Malde Dewa Chavda of Chudeshwar (Khambalia) was arrested Rs 30 lakh in cash. He worked for an angadia firm, Malde was working for a angadia firm called Vishnu Kanti.

This Angadia firm was transferring illegal money to Dubai, the illegal money laundering amount was Rs 4 Crore in last one month.

Income Tax and FEMA authorities have started their action.


Happy BirthDay - Jamnagar

Jamnagar enters 469th year today.

Jam Rawal founded the city 468 years back. As part of anniversary celebrations, the Jamnagar royal family performs pooja of foundation stone which is still seen in the Dilavar Cycle store near Wellington Circle (Darbar Gadh).

This time Jamnagar Municipal Corporation has organised a Lok Dayra to mark the event.



Monday, August 4, 2008

Air Chief Marshal - Jamnagar Visit

On Friday, The Chief of Indian Air Force - Air Chief Marshal FH Major arrived at Jamnagar Air Force Station.

Air chief is vising Jamnagar for the first time,  and is being accompanied by wife Zareen Major.

On his two-day tour he will visit Squadrons, and will address Air force staff.

Jamnagar News

Bonds Beyond Religion

A six-year old Reshma Kasai is battling for life in Civil Hospital Ahmedabad, Nathuram Dasani (41) is also spending sleepless nights in hospital to save her, there are no relation or bond between the two, Nathuram is hindu and the child is muslim.

Since almost four months Nathuram is with the kid, he is helping them in all possible ways.

The child, Reshma was detected with blood cancer some times back and was admitted to Jamnagar. Her mother explains that Reshma had fallen sick immediately after her father died. Nathuram was working as cleaner in same dept. in Jamnagar, Nathuram realized his own childhood when he was of same age and lost his father, this moved him and inspired to help the child.

Hats off to Nathuram.

Jamnagar News

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Rain showers continues

Rain showers are all over the place in Jamnagar District, although none of the Taluka had received a heavy rainfall in the second spell.

In the second spell, Kalyanpur, Bhanvad, Jamnagar and Jam-jodhpur received around 5-10 mm of rain in last two days

Jamnagar News

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rain is here, Finally

Jamnagar district is receiving "crop saving" rains since last two days.

Jamnagar the rain is not like other places in Saurashtra, only a few centers are receiving heavy rains.

Jamjodhpur and Kalyanpur recorded just 4 mm rains.

Jamnagar News

Monday, July 28, 2008

Jamnagar and Dwarka - Security Intensified

Following the serial blasts in Ahmedabad, security is tightened at Dwarka temple and all over Jamnagar district.

Jamnagar Superintendent of Police R V Jotangia and other senior officers are patrolling Jamnagar city, Jamnagar police departments have deployed additional forces at Dwarka temple. The famous Jagatmandir at Dwarka in Jamnagar is put under red alert.

In Dwarka two additional platons of SRP is deployed, leave of all Policeman are cancelled.

Jamnagar News

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Cat in hand baggage creates trouble

28 year old Belgian national Shervin Zerod had great plans, she wanted to study Ayurveda in Jamnagar, and she was on cloud nine, However at mumbai airport, just when she was about to board flight to Jamnagar, she was not allowed to check in because she wanted to carry two cats as hand baggage, the airline officials refused to let her carry cats in the hand baggage, the debate reached a heated climax, and Zerod slapped a 45-year-old duty officer.

Later she was handed over to local police, and she had to write an apology to the airlines.

Jamnagar News

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jamnagar Distance Chart

This Chart displays distance for following towns

Bhanvad, Dhrol, Dwarka, Gopmoti, Harshad, Jamnagar, Jamjodhpur, Jodia, Kalavad, Kalyanpur, Lalpur, Mithapur, Okha, Khambhalia, Salaya, Sikka

BhanvadDhrolDwarkaGopmotiHarshad JamnagarJamjodhpurJodiaKalavadKalyanpurLalpur MithapurOkhaKhambhaliaSalayaSikkaDistance
0173102205073127 199102683910513530 4262Bhanvad
01719515640100 20541387419120196 10868Dhrol
011565131132 17717959145203075 87107Dwarka
0705547 10178882320622650 6283Gopmoti
011677 1621221889859560 7292Harshad
060 4648983415116156 6828Jamnagar
0 10675956615216257 6988Jamjodhpur
07414480197207102 114174Jodia
014682199209104 11676Kalavad
010710314742 5474Kalyanpur
018519540 10262Lalpur
01096 107127Mithapur
0105 117137Okha
0 1232Khambhalia

Jamnagar News

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

RPL - Refinery Expansion on Completion

Commissioning of Reliance Petroleum (RPL)'s refinery in Jamnagar special economic zone (SEZ) is being tracked not just by its 2 million shareholders and stock market experts, but by global energy analysts as well. Jamnagar Refinery project is on watchlist as the light sweet crude is getting costly day by day and India does not have much refining capacity to extract sulpher from crude oil. Jamnagar refinery has sound capacity to address this issue and hence can grown even if the global petro-refining demand diminishes.

Mukesh Ambani recently assured shareholders at the company's annual general meeting (AGM) last month, he says that the refinery is expected to be completed ahead of schedule.

The new expansion project also marks the success debut of Mukesh Ambani owened RIL's own dream refinery, this project will serve as an example for fast low capital cost, project execution and developing high complexity solutions in India.

However, there is tough competition in world as global refining capacity is increasing day by day.

Low Capital Cost: RPL's expanded refinery has total cost of around Rs 27,000 crore, i.e. around $6.5 billion, such similar-sized refinery elsewhere would cost around 13-14 bn USD.

Fast Project Execution: Commercial production in expansion will start in Sep-08. RPL has completed 94% commissioning and the main process units are about to be complete.

Hidden gem: RPL's hidden gem is its capacity to handle oil with high sulphur crude, Mukesh Ambani foresaw the crude crisis and had designed the plant so that it can handle oil with high sulphur crude, this bring cheaper oil to RPL and hence can increase operation margins. Not to mention the Tax benefits of the SEZ location of the refinery, all profits from RPL's first five year production are tax free and for next five years, I-T exemption will be 50%.

Jamnagar News

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Shravan fair in Pradarshan ground

Unlike the usual Rangamati / Nagmati banks, this time Shravan Fairs will be at Pradarshan ground, the prices for the stalls are increased to almost 20% as compared to last year.

Jamnagar News

Lakhota Lake - Fishing net found

Jamnagar Mayor captured a "Fishing Net" from Lakhota Lake, this net was distributed from Bhujia Kotha to area near Bala Hanuman temple. many turtles and fish had died recently from this net and citizens had been complaining about the dead fish since many days.

It seemed that few opportunists had seeded the net in this area and were trying to make quick bucks from such foul act.

Jamnagar News

Central Excise Officers Raided Export Oriented Unit

Preventive staff of Central Excise office Rajkot had raided some EOU Unit in Dared area, it is believed that suspisious transactions worth rs. 50 Lakh are identified, Central Excise Officials are still on prawl and looking for more of such suspects, officials are inspecting this area since 2 days.

Jamnagar News

Monday, July 21, 2008

Brass Part Industry Fighting Coal Prices

Jamnagar Factory Owners Association recently wrote a letter to Jamnagar MP requesting him to urge Govt to reduce Coal rate.
Coal is main raw material in Brass Foundry Industry. Coal rate had grown almost 200% in 6 months.

Jamnagar Brass Industry can succumb to death if the coal price retains its current levels

Jamnagar News

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


NEW reliance retail mall is now open in city. It is located at same
location of old adani shopping market

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Heavy Rain - Crocodile Reaches Village

Rain not only bring joy in Suryadavar Village (Jam Kalyanpur) of Jamnagar District. but it also bought a crocodile out of the village lake,

Yesterday a crocodile from village lake reached to a house nearby and created panic in the village. Crocodile is 5 feet long and is of 6 years approx.

Such incidents had happened in past as well, where crocs have taken refugee in villages when there were heavy rains in the region, last year around the same time a giant croc has visited the village, Range Forest Officers are called in for capturing this crocodile.

Jamnagar News

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Satisfactory rain in Jamnagar District

It was a long wait, and Rain did not disappointed Jamnagar.
Till the last news Lalpur , Jamjodhpur and Bhanvad had received almost 3 inch of rainfall yesterday.  Khabhaliya, Jodiya and Kalavad received 2 to 2.5 inch of rain.
Jamnagar city recorded around 0.5 Inch of rainfall.

Jamnagar News

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Engineering College in Jamnagar

The AICTE - All India Council for Technical college has approved for 14 professional colleges in Gujarat (9 engineering and 5 pharmacy colleges) This will increase the 3,225 seats in the state.

The new 9 engineering colleges will have 240 seats each.

One of Such Engineering college will also be in Jamnagar.

Jamnagar News

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Lakhota Lake renovation by Guj. Govt.

Gujarat will be first state in India to have its own heritage policy.

These policy will help protect heritages, that are not protected either by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) or the state Archaeological Department.

Retired IAS officer P K Ghosh, also the convenor of the Gujarat INTACH (Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage) heads the committee for formation of this policy, Rajkot Municipal Commissioner Dinesh Brahmbhatt and Ahmedabad Joint Commissioner of Police Ajay Chowdhary are the two other members of the committee.

Initially under the plan following buildings are Identified.

  • The Karansinhji School - Rajkot.
  • The Lakota Lake - Jamnagar.
  • Upar Kot - Junagadh.
  • The Royal Palace at Lathi - Amreli.

Jamnagar News

Monday, June 23, 2008

Cairn India - Jamnagar Pipeline Project Started

Cairn India is not missing the "Benefit Jamnagar" agenda.

Cairn India will begin laying a USD 800 million pipeline to evacuate crude oil from its Rajasthan fields, Cairn India has hired Larsen & Toubro for this contract, L & T will complete the job in 6 to 9 months.

These heated pipeline for transporting crude oil from the Rajasthan fields will begin at Mangala terminal (Rajasthan) to Salaya oil export terminal near Jamnagar in Gujarat.

Jamnagar News

Mango Exhibition in Jamnagar

Recently a mango exhibition was held in Jamnagar.

Star attraction was mangoes grown in Reliance Refinery like Kesar, Malda and Langda.

This is first time in Gujarat that a Mango Exhibition was held, this exhibition displayed almost 50 varieties of Mango, out of 50, 20 were on sold as well, there were posters on information about different types of mangoes all over the exhibition.

Parimal Nathawani, Group president, Reliance told press that in Jamnagar Reliance Refinery, around one lakh plantation has been done on around 500 acres of land, this area cultivates around 25-30 different types of mangoes, out of that Kesar is the main variety.

Mangoes account for around 39 per cent of the total fruit exports from India.

Jamnagar News

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Jamnagar Rain Update

Recent rains washed Jamnagar City and District to a great extent. Ranjit Sagar Dam got 5 feet new water just after the first rain,
On Friday alone, Jamnagar city recorded over 30 cm of rainfall in a single day. Und - 1 and Wodisang dams in the district were put on high alert as it might overflow. with landmark 12 inches in Jamnagar on Friday, the city is topping the chart with highest rainfall received. on Friday the city was completely submerged. I reached Jamnagar on Saturday to find all small roads and gullies blocked with rainwater. older city areas are still under water after a day.
In total till now, Jamnagar city had received the heaviest rainfall - 17 inch, Jamnagar flood control room said that all the three major dams in Jamnagar district i.e. Sapada, Horison and Ruparel have been overflowed in just first spells of rain.

Aliabada received 5 inch in last hours of Friday, totalling that to 7 inch. Sapda Dam is overflowing (2 Feet) since last 2 days.

Total Rain received in Taluka's are as follows

Lalapur - 12 inch

Kalyanpur - 10 inch
Kalawad - 7 inch

Bhanwad - 7 inch
Khambhalia - 7 inch
Dwarka - 7 inch
Dhrol - 4 inch
Jodiya - 4 inch
Jamjodhpur - 3 inch.

-- Jamnagar News

Rains - K P Shah Vadi - Rameshwar Nagar Worst hit

As recent rains has lashed Jamnagar City, residents of K.P.Shah vadi and Rameshwar nagar were in constant fear.

On Friday water surged everywhere in this area and flooding reached the houses, many residents moved to terrace for safety.

In last 2 seasons, K. P. Shah Vadi and Ramewhwar Nagar residents had to move elsewehere for safety.

Jamnagar News

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reliance's Gift to Nani Khavdi

Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL) donated a constructed check-dam  to Nani Khavdi villagers last week.

This check dam costs Rs. 21 Lakh and its near the company's Jamnagar refinery.

Nani Khavdi's new check dam can store 240,000 cubic meters of water.

Parimal Nathwani, RIL group president and Rajya Sabha member dedicated the dam to the villagers on June 6.

Jamnagar News

Monday, June 9, 2008

Brass Parts - New Bronze Billets Unit for Jamnagar

Jamnagar Brass Parts has long been known for its business strength in difficult times.

Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry has proved its business expertize against Chinese product invasion and the fall and rise of US Dollar in recent times.

G.I.D.C. (Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation) Jamnagar boasts of exports to 29 countries and a turnover of 19 mn US$.

Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry learned and gained considerable momentum in new products, Jamnagar Brass Parts Industry is now stepping up new production operation units.

One such extrusion unit is coming up in Naghedi (Jamnagar District), this unit will be manufacturing Bronze Billets. The Bronze ingots manufactured are used for Bronze casting worldwide by Brass Copper and Bronze foundries. Till now Jamnagar Brass Parts industry was known for its production of Brass turned parts, Brass anchors, Brass fasteners, Brass hex nuts, Brass machine screws etc. This new Unit will have capacity of 300 tons/month, and will have a workforce of around 230 people. Gross outlay for this unit is expected to be 14 mn US$.

Infrastructure for the same ia already set up, machinery is imported, production is about to commence in Oct-Nov 2008 with initial target market as Western Europe.

Non ferrous casting industry (Bronze, Aluminum and other alloy) is growing at about 12% P/A thanks to demand in automotive and electrification.

Reliance Refinery-Sixth Largest In the World

Its known that upon completion of the RPL Jamnagar project, Reliance Petroleum Ltd Jamnagar Refinery will be world's sixth largest refinery, with a total processing capacity of 1.24 million barrels per day.

Reliance Petroleum Ltd (RPL) chairman Mukesh Ambani addressed company's third AGM at Jamnagar.

He said the Reliance Petroleum Ltd refinery has the ability to process heavy and sour crude and would also add value that meet the quality specifications across the globe.

Mr. Ambani also said Reliance Petroleum Ltd Jamnagar project had create a world record by constructing the new refinery at Jamnagar in less than 36 months.

Jamnagar News

Giagantic High Tide Washes Jamnagar Shores

Since 2 days its rain and sea in Jamnagar District, Giagantic Sea tide have washed fertilizers of million of rupee stored at rozi bunder.

This fertilizer was stored by C.W.C. (Central Warehouse Corporation)

In Jam-Salaya, the sea tide swapped across the Salaya Village. At Harshad Mata Temple, the sea was quite rough.

Jamnagar News

Thursday, June 5, 2008

G.S.E.B. SSC result Gujarat

G.S.E.B. SSC result Gujarat Can be Checked from


Jamnagar News

G.S.E.B. (SSC) -Class 10 Toppers - Jamnagar

List Of Jamnagar G.S.E.B. Class 10 Toppers

Sr No

Merit No

Candidate No



School Name




Vasoya Shivani Dhirajlal


Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya




Shah Poonam Jayantilal


Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya




Chandegra Bhargav Dineshbhai


The Sunshine School




Moliya Pratiksha Narottambhai


Shree Jekurben Soni Kanya Vidyalay




Rughani Keval Mahendrabhai


S N D T High School




Mehta Aditya Dharmeshbhai


Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya




Kakkad Chintan Janakbhai


Shri Muncipal High School




Kagathara Akshay Kamleshkumar


The Sunshine School




Madhudiya Rinkal Ramnikbhai


Shri Saraswati Madhyamik Vidhyalaya




Chhapia Shrushti Shailesh


St Anns High School




Gosai Bhavik Satyengiri


Shri Shashtry Trayambakray High School




Vaishnani Parin Tulsibhai


Saint Francis School




Patel Hiren Ghanshyambhai


Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya




Raval Kishankumar Satishbhai


Shri Muncipal High School




Thobhani Parth Kishorbhai


Shree Satya Sai Vidyalaya

Jamnagar News