Monday, June 23, 2008

Mango Exhibition in Jamnagar

Recently a mango exhibition was held in Jamnagar.

Star attraction was mangoes grown in Reliance Refinery like Kesar, Malda and Langda.

This is first time in Gujarat that a Mango Exhibition was held, this exhibition displayed almost 50 varieties of Mango, out of 50, 20 were on sold as well, there were posters on information about different types of mangoes all over the exhibition.

Parimal Nathawani, Group president, Reliance told press that in Jamnagar Reliance Refinery, around one lakh plantation has been done on around 500 acres of land, this area cultivates around 25-30 different types of mangoes, out of that Kesar is the main variety.

Mangoes account for around 39 per cent of the total fruit exports from India.

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