Monday, September 8, 2008

Pramod Kumar Jha is no more.

Pramod Kumar Jha is no more.

Pramod Kumar Jha was on life support systems in the ICU at Ahmadabad's Sterling Hospital, he was suffering from liver cirrhosis.

Jha hailed from 1986 IPS batch.

Jha's career was at its peak as superintendent of police of Jamnagar district in the early 90s.

Under the Chimanbhai government, Jha had sought to raid Rama Nakha Gadhvi, Rama was then a close associate of the chief minister and an arms dealer.

Jha confided with home minister CD Patel and CD instructed Jha to go ahead with the raids.

This was a moment of attention for Jamnagar Police in 1993, when home minister camped in Jamnagar and under his permission Jha raided Gadhvi's home and found arms worth Rs 1 crore.

Jha was the first officer who get tipped off about the consignment of RDX and weapons sent by Dawood Ibrahim to carry out the Mumbai serial blasts in 1993, to land off the Gosabara shore in Porbander in January that year.


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