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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Flight hoax call made authorities run

A hoax call to Jamnagar Airport saying that a Jamnagar bound flight from Mumbai was hijacked made authorities run to Airport.

Jamnagar Fire brigade, Special commando force of Jamnagar police and collector of Jamnagar rushed to the spot, only to find that it was a mock drill arranged by local administration.
A NSG commando team from New Delhi also reached while the mock drill was being executed.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Global Bird Watchers Conference Ends

"Excellent" was the term used by many dignitaries and bird watcher enthusiast who gathered for the first time in Jamnagar for the Global bird watchers conference 2010.

Three day long Global Bird Watchers Conference ended on Friday with Narara hiking and Pirotan excursion, foreigners were excited to see diversified flora and fauna of the Gujarat state and especially of Jamnagar. Bird watchers from far west and Europe were thrilled to see that excellent marine biology exists just beside a well maintained aquatic bird reserve Khijadia.
Khijadia was main attraction of the conference, around 400 visitors spotted more then 180 species of birds in Khijadia, many writers and bloggers commented appreciation for this wonderful place.
Conference also displayed many research papers and documents from many bird experts.
CM Narendra Modi, Tourism Minister Jai Narayan Vyas and Jam Sahib Shri ShatruShalyaji promised to declare early winter period a Bird Watching season from next year onwards to boost eco tourism.

Dwarka - Chief Office Caught in bribe

Dwarka town chief officer was caught red-handed on Friday while accepting bribe worth 16,000.

This comes as disturbing news as the rates of bribe were fixed on percent basis of total work amount, Chief officer Ashwin Pathak fixed the commission rate as 8% of total value; In this case 16,000 for an amount of 200,000.
Chief Officer is booked under Anti Corruption Laws.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Global Bird Watcher's Conference - Started

Tourism Minister Jay Narayan Vyas inaugurated the Global Bird Watcher's Conference here in Jamnagar yesterday.

Global Bird Wacther's Conference - 2010 was inaugurated at Town hall and many district dignities were present during the inauguration. This includes Jam Sahib Jam Shatru Shalya Sinh ji who is an avid nature lover and a major figure in protecting and nourishing Khijadia as a National Bird Sanctury.
This conference will be held each year; this conference is already a roaring success with around 100 delegates participating outside India. Jamnagar is host to some 400 delegates worldwide for the bird watching conference; major foreign participation is from places like China, Russia, Philippines, UK and Western Russia. The list also includes big names in bird watching like Ben King who owns a bird watching tour company.

Saraswati Sanman - Forty Plus Club

Jamnagar's forty plus Club recently celebrated "Saraswati Sanman Samaroh" for talented childrens.

Dr Mamdani inaugurated the program and club members Jyotiben Kanabar and Dr. Hansaben Rathod started the program with Ganpati and Saraswati Stavan.
Children from KG to College were honoured for their excellence in respective education levels, many cultural programs were presented by kids.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unseasonal rains brings discomfort to citizens

This unseasonal rain in full winter has caused many disruptions, speaking of a typical Jamnagar, only few drops of rain on Tuesday bought electricity distribution to standstill.
Many wedding ceremonies had to be shifted and many religious gathering including Bhagvat katha of Shri Ramesh Bhai Oza is rescheduled.
On farming, last few days of rain had lost most of the winter crops near Jamnagar, in this situation Jamnagar congress is demanding relief package for Jamnagar farmers, arguing that this time farmers had done maximum seeding as rains were up to the mark, they will have more impact of the unseasonal rains. Diseases have been spread recently among cattle and many are killed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

RIL Jamnagar - Secured by CISF

Mukesh Ambani finally managed to get CISF cover for RIL.

Starting this month a new contingent of CISF's elite commando forces will guard the world's biggest refinery. RIL's Jamnagar refinery has been the prime target for terrorist, as it's a pride of the nation's infrastructure. This elite combat commando contingent has 217 CISF personnels.
Reliance Group ED P K Kapil earlier this month hoisted the CISF flag in Refinery premises and flagged off Quick Reaction Commando Teams.
Kapil formally passed over the security baton to CISF Unit Commander S K Pandey.
CISF will be moving its units for more then 300 units; this includes very sensitive installations like nuclear, space establishments, airports, sea ports, power plants and Delhi metro. CISF will also cover all major navratna companies and host of PSUs.

150 Core billing dcam rocks the city

A suicide of a VAT officer in VAT Office unearthed a huge billing racket of around 150 Crore.

A VAT inspector named K.B. Jadeja commited suicide inside the VAT office on 08-Oct-2010, he died on 19-Oct, and police started the harassment allegations against seniors of Jadeja that prompted him to take this step.
In what looked like a case of personal harassment at workplace soon turn out to be co-ordinated racket of VAT theft, details of the scam were disclosed by victim himself before committing suicide, he handed over detailed letters to office assistant Raju, to disburse the letters to cops, CM Narendra Modi and many other vigilance agencies.
Jadeja also left a CD of his interview with a private local cable channel; a copy of this CD was also made available to Police.
It is believed that two big businessman and four prestigious lawyers are also named in this scam.

Four Drowned in district , Qawwali stopped by SP - Misc News

Four person were killed by drowning in Jamnagar and Okha town on Saturday.
Where two person were drowned near a lake at Gordhanpur near Jamnagar and two fisherman were drowned when their fishing boat capsized near Okha.
SP Subhash Trivedi is making news again, this time he stopped a qawwali program hosted by a dargah near Tin Batti, he was passing by the area at around 12.30, as per circular all event with loudspeaker should wind up by 10PM, in this case SP Subhash Trivedi went up one step further and registered a case by himself against the organisers.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Antilla : Mukesh Ambani house warming ceremony

Come November 28th and the world's richest house will welcome its owner, the richest man in India - Mukesh Ambani.

27 storey building is already under heavy preparation for housewarming ceremony, six levels of parking garage are getting arranged for more then 200 special visitors who will be attending house warming ceremony.

Residential Tower called "Antilla" is highest searched house on internet, thanks to its owner Mukesh Ambani and IPL owner Nita Ambani's levish spending; gross cost of the house is approx 2 bln USD. Total floor area of 37,000 Sq Meters will be called home for five people.

Mukesh Ambani heads the biggest company in India, Reliance Industries. Reliance is the world's biggest producer of polyester fibres and yarns and accounts for almost 15 percent of India's exports.
Reliance Petrochemical Complex’s Jamnagar refinery Unit produces 40% of petroleum need of the country and this single refinery complex produces 5% of world’s petrochemical needs.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

15 Year old hanged himself

A 15 year old youth hang himself, as he disliked staying in hostel.

Chetan (15) , a student of Delta school situated near Falla, was a Patel Colony resident , he hanged himself on Tuesday.

International Bird Watcher Conference

Jamnagar is gearing for International Bird Watcher's Conference.

Starting 25th Nov. Jamnagar administration is organising many events for the conference,

Two new bird watching tower are now ready for the bird watchers, Khijadiya - a 600 Acre wetland near the salty plains serves around 250 species of migratory birds, this wetland has speciality of salt and fresh water reservoirs. Gujarat Tourism Department has organised this conference to attract visitors across the globe.

More then 700 visitors will be participating in the conference, around 100 visitors around the world and around 450 national bird watching enthusiast from across the India will be travelling Jamnagar.

Hotels in city and highway are booked by administration, exhibition schedules and information will be presented in three languages, 100 different sign boards in various languages are also prepared, translation facilities will also be made available.

Schedule of the events are as follows

25Th Nov:

Inauguration by Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi
Film Show
3 - 4: Group Discussion
4.30 - 7.30: Bird Watching
7.30: Group Discussion

26th Nov:

6.30 - 9.30: Group Discussion
10 - 12.30: Information exchange
1:30 - 2:30: Information on major bird species.
Bird Viewing

27th Nov:
Pirotan Excursion


All major roads of Jamnagar city are patched and cleaned in view of the conference (and CM's presence), Town hall is upgraded with estimate cost of 2.5L , looking at activities of the Gujarat Tourism Board, Khijadiya and Pirotan will be developed as a major places of travel within Gujarat.

Eid Celebrations around Jamnagar

Bakri Eid was celebrated with much enthusiasm around the city; thousands took part in Eid Namaz and greeted each other.

Various Masjid like Idgah Masjid, Jumma Masjid, Ratanbai Masjid, Matva Masjid, Gowal Masjid etc hosted Namaj for the Eid.

Jamnagar News wishes Eid Mubarak to all Muslim Biradar.

Mini cyclone distrubs weather

Upper Cyclone circulation brings mini cyclone conditions in Jamnagar district, this bought a humid day throughout Tuesday and on Wednesday as well, Wednesday morning bought some light showers also for Jamnagar City.

As per MED this is due to Cyclone "Jal" and may continue for next few days, the morning rain is a worry for lot of farmers around Jamnagar, also the frequent shift in weather bring Weatherly diseases in the town.

Monday, November 15, 2010

car caught fire near Dwarka temple

A car that was parked in a no parking zone caught fire in wee hours
of monday, nearby people tried to stop the fire and later called fire

The car was parked on no parking area near the jagat temple.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Marine National Park Camp

Jamnagar Marine National Park authority will be hosting a nature camp starting Nov - 10, This camp will continue till Jan-11.

As per Marine National park incharge Mr. Sata , this form is available at Marine National Park Office near Nagnath gate.

Jamnagar News

Monday, November 8, 2010

Khel maha kumbh 2010

Jamnagar district Khel maha kumbh 2010 - a new sport initiative by
district education department will host many sport competition
starting 14 nov.

Around 6000 player and athlete will compete for a 20 day sports meet.

jamnagar city mamlatdar and staff are working hard to make this event a success.

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy diwali and Saal mubarak

jamnagar news wishes you all a very happy diwali and saal mubarak.

Check out nobat dipotsavi online edition at http://www.nobat.com/diwali

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Dwarka - houseful in festive season

seems indians have taken Amitabh bachhan asking people to visit Dwarka
very seriously, all hotels and guest house in Dwarka and also in
jamnagar are full.

Khushboo gujarat ki, an ad for gujarat tourism was marketed and highly
appreciated by the nation.

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Aaram hotel sealed - hygiene scare continues

new raids by health department shuts down Aaram hotel and many dairy
on the khodiyar colony area.

These raids will continue till the festival season ends.

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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Police action - Various arrests

In Jamnagar district, Police have acted and made various arrests within and outside city.


In a shocking incident 3 prostitutes and owner of a massage parlour were arrested from the Khodiyar Colony area, the centre was running since last one year. In another incident a Lohana businessman was caught with 16 boxes of jaggery to be used of alcohol fermentation. Outside Jamnagar city, near sikka, one person was caught with narcotics by special operation group.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hygiene Scare - Food joints shut down

In a late but effective step to ensure hygiene in restaurants, health department have asked three restaurants to shut down for next five days here in Jamnagar.


These three restaurants are located near Tin Batti area, naming Kalpana Restaurant, Madras Restaurant and Bhagodaya Rajputana Lodge, at Kalpana restaurant, clothes were washed inside the restaurant kitchen.


Along with restaurants, many dairy, food joint and street food stalls were also inspected, around 100 KG of non-edible sweets were discarded. Few shops among inspected are listed as below


  • Gokul Dairy (DigJam Circle)
  • Paavan Dairy (DigJam Circle)
  • Gatral Dairy (DigJam Circle)
  • Shreeji Sweets (Kamdar Colony Road)
  • Giriraj Food Zone (Kamdar Colony Road)


Citizens are requested to check the hygiene condition before barging in to any of the restaurants in Jamnagar.