Sunday, November 21, 2010

150 Core billing dcam rocks the city

A suicide of a VAT officer in VAT Office unearthed a huge billing racket of around 150 Crore.

A VAT inspector named K.B. Jadeja commited suicide inside the VAT office on 08-Oct-2010, he died on 19-Oct, and police started the harassment allegations against seniors of Jadeja that prompted him to take this step.
In what looked like a case of personal harassment at workplace soon turn out to be co-ordinated racket of VAT theft, details of the scam were disclosed by victim himself before committing suicide, he handed over detailed letters to office assistant Raju, to disburse the letters to cops, CM Narendra Modi and many other vigilance agencies.
Jadeja also left a CD of his interview with a private local cable channel; a copy of this CD was also made available to Police.
It is believed that two big businessman and four prestigious lawyers are also named in this scam.

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