Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sani Dam Water lose - Complete Story

New revelations are made with news pouring out on many of the local newspapers about Sani Dam accident and lose of millions of gallons of water.

Priminary investigation points fingers at human error and gross ignorance for this accident to happen. this accident lost water that could fill 400 small checkdams or could fill 75% of Aaji dam. Adding insult to injury, a tide control dam on Meghal river near Chorwad has faced similiar problems.

Irrigation department accepted the fact that there was human error in checking and maintenance of the dam, Chief Er. of irrigation Nandapara did confirmed this with Gujarat Samachar & Nobat.

This accident's water lose could have provided water for 4 Lak people foe next 18 months.

People will surely start agitation against the accident and are demanding probe and action for this, they feared that dam staff just looked for getting money from corruped ways and ignored their duty, that leads to this accident.

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